hello hello okay anyways hi guys my name is paulina and today I’m gonna be talking about how I got into the University of Michigan . before I begin I just want to say that this is my experience and why I think I gots University of Michigan but obviously every individual is different and I’m gonna be looking out my notes here you’re just saying what I attend the college of engineering at U of M and I just completed my first year I guess well taken and completed cuz I finals in like three weeks but I’m almost done with freshman year. I’m gonna talk about the essays that my extra Coker’s and then my statistics. if you’re honest could tell you part the video I think the essays are the most important part because from the research I am done a lot of colleges want to maximize their yield I guess you would say they don’t want to send out acceptance letters to students and they don’t think that first year that student is going to accept going to that college. for the University of Michigan they’re looking for students who are specifically interested in them who they know if they give an acceptance like let her out they’re going to specifically choose U of M I think the why u of MSA is probably the most important one because that shows how much interest you have in the school like specific professors or classes or clubs that interested in me and talked about specific traditions talk about specific details like give as many specifics as possible try not to be big at all don’t oh also with essays recommendation letters if you are a student like if you’re watching this and you’re just starting high school or something try to make relations with your teachers as soon as possible because the better and more personal teacher knows you the better and stronger your recommendation letter is going to be and I think those recommendation recommendation letters are. important because it shows how other people view you and it’s giving the admissions counselors another perspective from like who you are as an individual which is super important now moving on to extracurriculars um I think a lot of colleges are going to be looking for well-rounded individuals. specifically for the College of Engineering I didn’t do a lot of science related things like in high school I don’t think you’re necessarily like if you’re nervous then you’re not involved in a lot of science related or STEM related fields some related clubs it’s okay I think you want to focus more on leadership. the clubs that I would or what I wrote on my resume I guess was I was the vice pres president of Key Club which is the high school version of Kiwanis and it’s a service club. that was one of the main things I was committed to another position was National Art honors society treasurer and that was something I was really committed to my junior and senior year then I was also on the diversity Club board which was a club that started I think my freshman year and I was really involved in it from the kind of like I think my second semester freshman year maybe be any software and then I was on that board from junior to senior year I was also a math club co-leader basically math club was tutoring underclassmen and then I was also in the school play um I played just like an extra for two years and then I did have one role my software as Betty from the crucible and then my two other things was I played soccer for three years from my high school team and then I was a varsity cheerleader I cheered for six years and I won a lot of awards my senior in junior year which I was able to put on my resume as well. any kind of rewards or any things do have any kinds of things you have there’s like a specific section on most applications ask for them. I would try to keep track of all those and make sure you put all those in your application okay. finally getting to the statistics I don’t thinks standardized testing is a good way to gauge how qualified a candidate for school but that’s just how it goes and. here are mine my SAT was a 14 20 which that took me like four tests to get it. it did take a minute um I took one test with the actual school and then I took I think like two more tests after that and then I took that a CT once and I got a 31 on it um I don’t really know like I took both by Fisher those like equivalent to each other and then my GPA I think my GPA also really helped me I had a 3.97 out of 4.0 because our GPS were not weighted on my school in addition I did go to an IB school in Michigan and.

How I Got Into The University Of Michigan || College Of Engineering

I didn’t take ApS or anything like that but I took IB exams and. I think you if I was also looking at the kind of classes I was taking and like maybe recognizing they were all I be. just taking more like difficult classes definitely helps boost your likeliness to get in. those are just some of the ways that some of the things I did to get to University of Michigan obviously things are different for each candidate but I think that just being genuine in your application and putting your biggest effort remembered that your standardized test scores aren’t everything and that being a well-rounded candidate participating in various clubs activities are really gonna help you stand out. good luck to everyone applying crazy times okay I