hey guys welcome back to Lisa study guides today we are going to be breaking down an essay question based on Madea value repartee if you’re new count then welcome I’m Lisa and I do weekly English advice videos for anyway studying vce if you are in your eleven or year 12 and you want to see more of these essay breakdowns maybe on the texts that you’re studying and just other tips based on text response language analysis and reading and comparing then go ahead and hit that subscribe button just down below and you can hit the notifications as well if you wanted to make sure that you get updates every single week. you don’t miss out before we get into the essay breakdown I’m going to tell you a really quick summary about Madea I’m going to give you the information that will be important for us to know before we actually do this particular essay breakdown. this is perfect we do especially even if you’re not studying Madea because I’ll tell you a little bit about it just. that you’ve got an idea but then when we actually go into the essay breakdown the type of information that I’ll be teaching you is information that you can use or any text that you’re studying. keep on watching and let’s go into the breakdown to cut a long story short madea’s husband Jason leaves her floor presence of Corinth the city they live in she has sacrificed a lot for him including leaving her home country and even killing her brother. they could be together Maday is completely filled with wrath and proceeds to exact the best revenge she can think of on Jason to kill their own children she acknowledges that killing his children will be the worst form of pain possible for him and. she proceeds exactly to do that commit infanticide however this isn’t enough because she goes on to kill the press’s apart and even her father the king of Corinth it’s very easy to develop an initial interpretation that Medea is a psycho lady who couldn’t bear a man leaving her but beyond this the play actually dies into the wife behind the dais we come to understand that Medea felt incredibly isolated abandoned and felt that a major injustice had occurred the fact that Jason was a man in this patriarchal society meant that he could behave however he wished and faced no repercussions meanwhile Medea was expected to just simply accept her fate be dosa and move on with that understanding we come to be sympathetic towards Medea for the society she lived in ultimately drove her to carry through with her cruel actions our essays topic today is the plain Medea shows that in justices of a patriarchal society step one as always we start with our key words. for me the key words in this essay topic would be in justices and patriarchal scepter we go on to define the key words. for in justices I’d be looking at synonyms like repression prejudice discrimination and unfairness patriarchal this describes a society when males have the power within an organization and women on the other hand are often powerless there aren’t as many synonyms. I’ll probably stick to just using the word patriarchy then once I’ve defined the key words I will head into my brainstorm. I’ve actually explored through other essay prompts that cover the idea of patriarchy. if you wanted to go and have a look at those then I’ll put that in the pod up above and also in the description below now with the other true I had rebuttals for them.

Medea | Essay Topic Breakdown | Lisa Tran

I had a yes nor but or a yes no nor. I didn’t completely agree with the prompt but today I wanted to show you something different I wanted to show you an essay topic where I completely agree the reason why I want to show you this is because I want you guys to know that your opinion is one that solely does agree with the prompt then don’t feel like you have to be obliged to put in a rebuttal you don’t have to rip out a topic for the sake of it as long as your ideas a solid and you prove your point then it’s no problem at all. let me show you how paragraph one here I’m going to agree with my first solid yes Medea sure is that in of the patriarchal society through male characters who failed to take accountability for their actions my first example for this will be Madea Madea betrayed her own father her own family but she is still the one ostracized and left abandoned and homeless Jason’s shameful betrayal which was based on eager self-interest and self-righteousness is evidence that his sacrifice was for an unworthy cause Jason’s rationalizations of providing security for his family as a justification for his betrayal illustrate his obliviousness to the lack of honor his actions have as he never takes accountability for perverting media. that would be my first main example we’d want to talk about other characters apart from Jason in order to really solidify our understanding of the patriarchal society but I’ll leave that one for you to think about paragraph 2 this is my second solid yes moreover the injustice of a patriarchal society is highlighted through the intelligence and cunningness of the women in Madea. what I was sure in this paragraph is that society is unfair because women’s skills and intelligence is far beyond what the men believe men like Jason see women as weak and feeble but we see that our protagonist is no ordinary woman through her cunning and secrecy she’s able to manipulate several men to advantage from Jason Creon and even the king of Athens through the characterization of a clever powerful and devoted protagonist who nonetheless lacked security and social status the play may be interpreted as an empathetic response to be no injustice and finally my last paragraph which is my third solid yes you rep ADIZ the author shows us the consequences of a patriarchal society a world where we fail to gear voices to women while jason is able to do as he wishes women are bound to love one partner and look no further as a result of the oppression media’s response is one with excessive passion with an anger that sees her hand and sorrow drives her to exact a horrific ly shocking and bloody revenge during the ancient Greece era and audience who watched any type of play mainly consisted of men you rep ADIZ lays his all-male Athenian audience with this warning beware of those you oppress. that’s just one way you could go ahead and break down this prompt I have tried to keep it short I didn’t want this video to go on for too long. that means that I didn’t actually go into as many examples as I would like to what I recommend is for you to have two main examples for every body paragraph this way you don’t spend your entire paragraph talking just about the one character and you’re showing your teacher or examiner that you understand that there’s a lot more than just your protagonist or antagonist within this story there’s minor characters that you could draw upon as well. I want to leave you with that in mind if you are sending Medea then I would absolutely love to see you write in the comments section below how would you break down this prompt and what would your three main arguments be. if you enjoy this video then please give it a thumbs up and until I see you guys next time have a good one bye

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