Robert Discusses Passing The Michigan Bar Exam As An Ameribar Student

I chose a mirror bar as my bar exam preparation course because the more well-known companies just seemed unnecessarily expensive I mean why should you spend upwards of three thousand dollars when you can get substantially similar services for something like a third of the cost. I looked into a couple of less expensive companies like a mare bar and they seem legitimate I read the testimonials and I decided to try it out another thing I liked about I’m arrabar that drew me to them is that they advertise that they use past questions the questions that were actually on the exam before whereas some of the other companies actually make up their own questions a lot of the time I don’t understand why you would want to use questions that that haven’t been on the exam when you could have ones that have been on the exam and that you therefore no are going to be similar to ones that might be on your exam what impressed me the most about a Mara bar is how thorough and complete the program is unlike some of their companies they might not actually have law school classrooms rented out. everyone can watch the videos together but you don’t need that it has everything you need if you want lectures they have complete lectures the outlines are thorough and they have more than enough practice questions that you would then you would ever need I didn’t even use all the practice questions. for the value and you’re getting really everything that you need and that’s pretty impressive ameri bars starting system is very helpful in my opinion I thought it helped me to focus my study especially towards the end of the study exam period because you know if something has four starts for example it’s a subject that you better know like the back of your hand whereas if you see no stars it might come up but chances are it won’t. it really helps you when it gets comes to crunch time narrow the scope of what you’re studying on to make sure that you know of the most tested subjects thoroughly mera bars outlines were very concise and easily readable if they were in complete sentences that covered all the material that was necessary and at the same time they didn’t see him as long as you think that there would be and the starting system work can hand with this because you would know after reading them once over which were the most important parts and therefore you would know how to target your reading after you’d read it through the first time ameri bar study schedules we’re a very helpful element of the study program itself to me because I once i looked at the study schedules i could easily apply them to the time frame that i was working with as an individual because I because I knew at that time what was on my plate and how many weeks or how many days there were until the exam and I knew what I had to do aside from studying in between them. I I could figure out how many days I needed and for me that was very close to the 58 days schedule it might be closer for other people to the higher the lower but depending on that you can make out your own specific schedule and it’s something that is very hopeful for Discipline I thought I could look you know every day and see where I was compared to my own schedule and I would know when to work harder or maybe to take a little bit of time off accordingly and that’s very helpful merit bars online lectures where were excellent at least going by the ones that I listened to but on a side did not listen to all of them one of the reasons that I chose ameri bar is that seems geared towards itself studier.

I’m going to know is what their own strengths are and that’s someone who had already been through the bulk of law school I knew that going to lectures and just listen to someone talk about the law has never been the most productive way of study for me I’d rather just read the stuff on my own and then do practice questions and therefore apply it myself and see how well I understand it myself. I with a mirabar I skipped most of the lectures and because of the lower price tag I didn’t feel like I was missing out or that I was wasting money whereas with the other companies I think that that might have been the case i would tell law students that are thinking about the bar to strongly consider using a Mara bar for their bar review purposes simply because it covers all the bases it gives you everything you need and it can be far cheaper than other companies these these big companies is one or two companies that have a monopoly essentially on this industry they thrive in the count on this this environment of anxiety and fear among third year law students to make a ton of money and it’s basically a scam because you don’t need to spend a fortune on one of these companies are on a private tutor to review for the bar all that you need is a concise well written outline that covers all of the information that could conceivably be on the exam you need online lectures if that’s if that’s your thing and you need a ton of practice questions and a mayor bar gives you all of that at a third of the cost of some of these companies maybe even less in some cases I thought a Mara bars customer service was excellent from what I experienced of it but I didn’t experience much because I didn’t need to because there I never encountered any pitfalls or anything with the products the advantages of a self-study bar review course for me personally was that I was able to tailor the course specifically to my own preferences and strengths as a studier for example personally I don’t really care too much for lectures I feel that it’s more efficient to just crack open the book and do some reading and then do some problems after that and then see where you stand maybe do some more reading I don’t feel like someone talking to me is that helpful but when I look at some of these other courses that especially with the ones with a high price tag I get the feeling that a large part of that price tag is to pay for these lectures or to pay for the lectures or whatever the case they tout the lectures as a major part of their program and you’re expected to go and watch these lectures and listen to them on their schedule but with the Mara bar didn’t feel any pressure to do that not only because I wasn’t told that I had to but also because of the reduced costs because when you get the feeling that a large chunk of what you’re paying is for lectures you feel guilty when you’re not taking full advantage of the program. when you find one that’s less expensive but has everything that you might need like a Mara bar it’s great as a self-study ER because you don’t feel the same pressures and you don’t feel like you’re wasting your money when you’re not using one hundred percent of the products that they’re providing I would definitely say that a Mara bar is good value for the money one thing I’ve certainly learned through this whole bar exam ordeal is just how unnecessarily expensive these bigger bar review companies are see I passed the bar exam on the first try using a Mara bar and I passed it comfortably and I didn’t even use all their materials I don’t think it’s because I’m a genius I was a good law student not the best law student I think it’s just because I studied hard and the materials are more than adequate

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