I Got Accepted To Uci And Uc Davis!!!!

hi guys it’s your girl Miriam hider and welcome back to my channel or if you’re new welcome to my channel. before I start I just wanted to say like I’ve been really sick for the past like four days and yesterday and the day before like my voice was completely gone like I couldn’t speak I. can’t laugh it’s really bad. my voice sounds horrible now today’s Monday and I hate mondays as a lot of you can agree with me Monday’s are the worst days of the week and I can’t but today for some reason was such a good day for me literally like I woke up and I was just in such a good mood and I was. positive and I was just like having a good day and I hope that energies being emanated off of you and if you’re not having a good day today it’s okay tomorrow’s a new day let’s make tomorrow better day oh my god anyways this video is gonna be about my acceptances and we’re from like transferring and like applying because I really really like hopefully truly want to transfer fall of 2018 somewhere and buy somewhere I mean my dream school you LA but we’ll go further into that. without further ado let’s get started. for those of you who didn’t watch my last video I’m a second year college student but I went to a university my first year and right now I am in a community college and I’m hoping your transfer. it was cool side by two or UCLA UC Berkeley UC Irvine UC Davis and USC and I heard back from UC Irvine that I have my reaction recorded as was hectic and I’ll tell you guys the whole story but your girl got into her thigh and it’s a political science major. I’m like super super proud of myself I’m super happy because her vine is a really really good school especially for like political science and like law and stuff like that which is definitely what I’m looking into and I’m like super happy and like excited and I got it into Davis also ask a political science major and that I found out on Friday. I’m like super happy that I got these schools in the bag because like they’re really really good schools then Irvine I know their political science department is it really good throughout the nation and they’re pretty law program is really it was just what I applied to I probably to pretty law and then political science I’m just like. happy that I got it because it’s like now I have like a good school that I can go to if I don’t get into my top choices no UCI is I could really go to. going into depth about that the way I found out literally I was having like the worst possible day I think it was uh it was a Wednesday I was at work and I was just having that issues on issue that was I’m really a really bad day I was like really freaking out because it was like three two weeks before UCLA acceptances and if you guys know me you know like UCLA’s my top choice and UCLA is my dream school and it’s like and I’m just like. nervous for acceptances to come out for them but I was just having like a really bad day and I was at work and I was just like honestly I was like. done I go in my car and I’m just like my last hope like on the line like some thread of like hope before I like gets cut off like I need something like I need something you. I was like whatever I had no idea that they had their decisions out. I open up the app and I like click on it and I look at all like I was like oh my god like finally something good like something that brightens my day like I was. happy and like texting my best friend texting my mom I texted and I was like this I got into UC Irvine as a political science major you know and then with David found out on Friday just this passing Friday today’s April 23rd.

I found one on Friday and it was actually really funny because I was in the car and I actually went to visit my friends in Riverside and randomly like checked my phone I like literally I got an email saying from UC Davis saying you got in congratulations I was like I was like oh my god and my friends I was like you guys I just got into Davis and they were like oh my god sorry hey boys back even though they’re not my top school it still feels good to like be able to be like wow I worked hard enough for these people to like see and for them to like acknowledge it and want me to go well and. I’m definitely like super proud of myself I’m super happy and. I told my parents my candles are burning they were happy for me but they’re still not used to the idea of me moving out because you know Afghan parents still have to like work on that a little bit but they they don’t you know but they’re like super duper happy my dad loves Irvine obviously he loves UCL anymore but he really likes providing my mom likes Davis as well and she loves are trying to they just don’t want me to go I think it is what it is if you guys want to know I’m going to be talking also like mentioned a lot about the process of how I got like what I what classes I took and what I did is like a political science major and how like pre-law works and stuff like that I feel like I’ve worked. hard like I’ve worked. hard this these last two semesters I’ve taken six classes both semesters and then I didn’t have a summer like 2017 summer did not exist for me because I was taking three classes in the summer also. I’ve been at school literally from September of 2016 until now without any breaks and to like know that all that hard work and all those like those moments of like math like breakdowns and like sleepless nights and all of that like at the end it’s one day because I’m getting into these schools I really really want to go to anyways oh it’s like a tough choice between Irvine and Davis until I found out but UCLA you already know if I get UCL I’m gonna go to UCLA Berkley is amazing USC is amazing but UCLA is my dream school I’m actually really nervous about that because the acceptance letters are coming out on Wednesday and it’s like only two days away I’m. nervous it’s one day away I’m just like. nervous because it’s like I’ve worked. hard to get this and at this point I just there’s it’s not up to me anymore like I did my part I did what I was supposed to do. now I’m just like laying back like I’m nervous but I’m just like there’s absolutely nothing else that I could have done to make it better for me or to make my chances go higher or anything. it’s like I’m kind of just sitting back waiting for it to happen see what happens.

I’m definitely planning on making a video exactly like right when I find out and recording my reaction once I find out the decision whether I got accepted or rechecked and hopefully accepted and I’ll let you guys. at the end of this accidentally deleted the ending of this video. I just wanted to quickly say thank you guys for staying here and if you have any comments concerns anything just comment down below or you can DM me on my social medias and I’ll see you guys next time