Students Address Rumors About Stanford University

everyone gets mono I got a shot maxima takes a break imagine all of your problems except you live in California okay our first rumor is that somebody today. a few videos ago I asked you guys to send me in rumors that you think are true about Stanford and we’re just gonna like go around and go over them and say oh thank you you’re not what we’ve heard but remember we are just like in our freshmen hey guys thanks for watching you just want to say that this video is. friggin long that I had to springe in two parts. make sure you go check out part 2 also the editing is kind of choppy in places because somebody would be saying something meaningful and important and then somebody else would start talking at the same time and say something like wildly inappropriate and that I would have to cut out the whole thing and yeah just work with me a little bit okay enjoy it I love you hi I’m doing and I’m major science accomplished and I’m Atlanta Georgia oh I’m covenant I’m majoring in human biology I’m Eric I’m majoring in computer science and linguistics and I’m from like California Nortel I’m Eleanor I’m I’m – we know Oh Cisco and ya know maybe anthropology maybe product size may be nice technology Society yeah I am I am Tucker I am from one side California as well and I am not sure what I’m majoring in but maybe English was creative writing and some other social science wildly undecided you need to remember your majors know your identity okay our first River is got their eyes like no teachers or anything in the room well you know what [Laughter] everyone just look like all right rolled out together to to to check like who wants to go get a car next rumor is that forward on the quad is a real thing it’s not would explain what whole movie is in a room. basically when everyone goes out on the quad and like there’s like this has to be there like they’re like in ABS yeah. I think most people will go like really should act and then. it’s really fun apparently but basically divided into groups based on link sexual like preference now if you divide with your dividers yes yes okay well yeah and then that consent is a really big deal. you always have to ask there’s no hookup Erichs him up. it’s not true I know I know what you guys Michelle’s joining us okay our next rumor is that everybody here has perfect test words my test course my time tickets together slow to the square as possible I’ll get in like a 580 on the Italian but marry no one to each Italians like no one knows like no one will come here you Italians are like prioritize here and given more attention Eric you can start there’s just a lot more people doing steps. it seems like that’s what the whole school is and they’re just louder about it I feel like there’s not a lot more but they are just okay. personally I took low level stem classes in high school and plan take like zero actual 75 maybe I might really be just like this oh you never know. don’t wait don’t show yourself awfully the thing is like when you are humanities like I’m English like creative writing like people like will shit on you like about like stem like all day long anyway people always climber like I’m like oh I like like a bunch of essays right they’re like well I have one pset I’m like okay well your Pisa isn’t like the most important thing in the history of the universe yeah I’m also creative writing like poetry type actors people think it’s wrong when other people have and like I don’t know it actually most he’d would say I’m very like ha like understand that like like there might be a guy next to me who’s like in CS whatever the [Laughter] [Laughter] okay our next rumour is that there is no party scene here because everybody is studying all the time we would transfer on the first mysoline to UC Davis and they’re surprised at how many parties are here because there’s like no party scene at Davis I’m just not like a party school with like friends I’ve brought here from other schools are like this is not hardly know like you guys can’t party and I was like next rumor is that life at Stanford is perfect like still life I feel like when you expect like four things like just magically work out for you know about your mindset yeah imagine all of your problems except you live in California different location but yeah. I guess the leather makes everything a little bit better but if you’re from the area your problems are just as bad it’s like perfect in high school but if you have a good attitude you can really use one bathroom I know when she’s in there it’s like blog for like five like takes like the most beautiful shower our next up rumor is that every all the students here are like super wacky and nerdy and like general like no one is like really like you think not just here but you know what yeah I mean obviously like Silicon Valley has an effect because a lot of people go on like work there but I mean it’s just like any other college like can we talk about the bubbles we’re talking about to be over one of the members is the Stanford bubble Israel’s. first like what’s the bubbles like everybody here like not you don’t know who’s your class man yeah and like a super like stratifying like along like the straw glass like what I know this is like four on campus like places like Stanford like every party you can go to for free yeah that’s true yes it’s super friendly accessible to literally everyone and then really like always going into town like that apparently cost money oh yeah I also forgot that like children exist okay our next rumor is that being around everyone who is a quote-unquote overachiever hurts your mental health like be in an environment where everyone leg goes Sanford hurts your health