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Inside Admissions

hi I’m Imogen I’m married and it’s two freshmen we know exactly what you’re going through right now we know you guys been working really hard on your application. we thought we would take you inside the admissions office follow us. this is where we’re going to have you guys meet some admissions officers and […]

Boston University- Early Decision 2 Virtual Event 2021

alright hello everyone and thank you all. much for joining us for our virtual event today wherever you are around the world we really appreciate you taking some time out of your busy schedules to hear a little bit about Boston University as well as the early decision process before we get started though my […]

Students Address Rumors About Stanford University

everyone gets mono I got a shot maxima takes a break imagine all of your problems except you live in California okay our first rumor is that somebody today. a few videos ago I asked you guys to send me in rumors that you think are true about Stanford and we’re just gonna like go […]

How I Got Into The University Of Michigan || College Of Engineering

hello hello okay anyways hi guys my name is paulina and today I’m gonna be talking about how I got into the University of Michigan . before I begin I just want to say that this is my experience and why I think I gots University of Michigan but obviously every individual is different and […]