Inside Admissions

hi I’m Imogen I’m married and it’s two freshmen we know exactly what you’re going through right now we know you guys been working really hard on your application. we thought we would take you inside the admissions office follow us. this is where we’re going to have you guys meet some admissions officers and […]

The Harvard College Mission Of Discovery

[MUSIC PLAYING] JULIUS WADE: I think what Harvard is really skilled at is bringing people together. CAT ZHANG: I have definitely learned a lot about how to be a person in the world. There is like this infinite sense of possibility. MADELEINE LAPUERTA: Being surrounded by all these people that are pushing themselves inspires me […]

I Got Accepted To Uci And Uc Davis!!!!

hi guys it’s your girl Miriam hider and welcome back to my channel or if you’re new welcome to my channel. before I start I just wanted to say like I’ve been really sick for the past like four days and yesterday and the day before like my voice was completely gone like I couldn’t […]

Robert Discusses Passing The Michigan Bar Exam As An Ameribar Student

I chose a mirror bar as my bar exam preparation course because the more well-known companies just seemed unnecessarily expensive I mean why should you spend upwards of three thousand dollars when you can get substantially similar services for something like a third of the cost. I looked into a couple of less expensive companies […]