Thoughts On Naomi Klein’S Essay, “Let Them Drown: The Violence Of Othering In A Warming World”

Thoughts On Naomi Klein'S Essay,

hey everybody. I was going to try to figure out how to do this on an audio version because I kind of blows being on camera but unfortunately I I was not able to do that. I’m pardon my awkwardness or nervousness I apologize in advance and I am mildly dyslexic. reading off paper is kind of hard for me but I gotta do the best I can and forgive me if I’m looking down at my notes um. I decided to do a presentation on IME Klein’s paper which is titled let them drown the violence of other in a warming world I picked this one because it’s something that just really interests me quite a bit the combination of other ring which will go on to kind of discuss with which he means by that but and the concept you know of tying that together with environmentalism and in the environmental crisis that we’re experiencing now and how people in marginalized societies definitely take kind of a heavier brunt a heavier portion of the results of our dependence on fossil fuels. in this paper she ties together two seemingly unconnected subjects which really are inherently connected this essay that she wrote was actually kind of a transcription of a speech that she did a talk that she did in London from recalling correctly and it was at a kind of a function that was an honor of Edward Sayid and just for some background Edward Sayid was he he passed away not too long ago but he was a very active the world is suddenly escaping my mind he was a big supporter of I was an activist for social justice especially for the palace Janene people and she begins the you know talk by basically saying that you know he was not really an environmentalist and that’s true he had a very negative look on environmentalism in general and considered it to be an indulgence and Klein points out that kind of the reasoning for that is that the areas that are heavily impacted by global warming in the Middle East you know they definitely do have a big impact from climate change but there are. many other issues in that area that kind of take the forefront in political action and activism of course we we know what those are in our modern society here with you know the war in Iraq and of course the conflict between Israel and Palestine. she she definitely points out that his his perspective Edward Seitz perspective was a not really one of negligence. much as that there are other issues that are also very important there which he tended to focus on more. one way that she shows that is she discusses the state-run environmental program in Israel which she says kind of has and this is my air quotes for Givi air quotes but no other way to really quote. she considers it you know a green veneer and she discusses the Jewish National Fund which according to her is the largest private landowner and they you know actively sponsored the planting of trees oftentimes trees that weren’t actually you know native to the area as a way to green up the desert but the kind of other side of that coin is that the Jewish National Fund does not rent or support the they refuse to support the Palestinian people they won’t rent land to them. it’s kind of like they’re they’re cutting off they’re cutting off kind of a fundamental human right is basically what she’s trying to say and she says that green colonialism the conversion of the land you know for conservation purposes oftentimes winds up having that unintended or sometimes possibly intentional effect native native inhabitants are cut off of the land that they really should have had access to you all in that attempts to you know create mm-hmm an environmental benefit. anyways back to her papers. she talks about the separation barrier in Israel and she discusses how you know that also kind of created a trigger for I think a lot of Palestinian people because when the you know the barrier was first discussed and was first put up some people in Israel environmental activists in Israel got upset about the barrier but they kind of did it for for a strange reason it was that they were reared that the animals that were living on one side or and others of the fence would not be able to freely move back and forth which would be you know an environmental disaster from their perspective but what they kind of skipped over was that it was also an environmental disaster for the palestinian people who were being kept from their livelihoods from their jobs from their family members. that’s kind of a really poignant way I think of her basically saying and making her point Edward Sayid focused on the people not. much the environment but nonetheless she goes on in her paper to explain how those two things really are tied together. let’s get to that. she speaks about tying social justice environmentalism together and how they really are kind of two parts of the same whole as we discover the potential effect of climate change not some of the world’s most marginalized communities there really is a connection those who will be most impacted by climate change our Dustin’s really to become refugees and a new the concept of you know of climate refugees. much like Palestinians many people are being forced to leave their homes and are trying to decide whether or not they should leave or stay in low-lying coastal regions they have to choose whether or not to leave and create a new home somewhere else where they very well may not be welcome yet again another concept of other ring you know if they if they leave and go to a new land a new country with a different culture to live you know they’re oftentimes going to I imagine and definitely according to cry and you know be facing other hanging in a whole new way which she goes on to discuss they can either choose to leave or they can choose to stay and fight a battle that you really it looks like we might not win. she talks about a term that was made very popular and used frequently by Sayid in that in the term is that an Arabic world called salud which means according to client to stay put or to hold on. the fight for one’s right to stay in their ancestral land their ancestral home despite attempts by external forces to make them leave. an example of that would be the Palestinian people being forced on one side of a wall when in the past they’re there people live you know in the whole region. that’s the way that that that’s ií’d édouard site used that phrase and she’s going to kind of talk about using that phrase that word in a different way. when it’s applicable to climate you know she uses examples Louisiana the Marshall Islands Fiji and Tuvalu you know all of those different areas are in low-lying areas where they’re going to experience flooding first that’s where we’re really gonna see the effect of climate change in that particular way. she’s basically saying that that is climate. moved that’s that’s an option of do we do we choose to stay in fight and a lot of those nations and a lot of those regions are making you know at least for some people that decision you know we’re not going to give up just because you know it seems like the world might be against us we’re gonna stay and we’re gonna fight and we want your help you know. and this I mean this whole paper really is a rallying cry for for action not just for the places that are going to theoretically you know experience the worst of it at the beginning but for those of us who have this kind of illusion that that it won’t affect us. how why should we act you know. other inge you know is a concept that Syed was very passionate about Edward Syed and you know he did a lot of research and and speaking about the concept of Orientalism which basically is making another core culture seem foreign to make them the other you know them versus us and that’s a talk that’s been used for a very long time in human culture and it’s a way of kind of making an unjust action towards them or the other somehow excusable you know oh it’s okay because it’s not us it’s them. Klein says this is a quotation the other doesn’t have the same rights same humanity as those making the distinction. I think that that’s a very important point that she makes nations and their political forces have used with this whole climate change discussion have used now you need to take kind of as an excuse for their lack of action we saw that a lot in you know the 2000s when research really started to come in and for a long time many governments were just like oh yeah but that’s just theory it hasn’t been proven yet and we’re past that point is basically what she’s saying in this next section of the paper this excuse is no longer applicable it does not work it’s not legit client sites institutional racism as a form of uttering that really is a main contributor which enables this inaction and she discusses you know that we do that now and we used to do that we did that when we first started digging up fossil fuels and continue to do that you know the places that the fossil fuels are the richest the Middle East obviously being one of those places that’s definitely a place that at this point most of Western civilization has other dinh some way or another and you know she says that fossil fuel extraction has historically been in places with marginalised citizens people of color people of different race people of different religion. she talks you know in the states in the United States the concept of national sacrifice areas and the first thing that she cites is the Appalachian Mountains and that’s actually where I live my whole extended family is from this region and I did not grow up here but I definitely have kind of a connection to it I had a lot of in my past you know my great-great-grandfather and into people from his generation they were all coal miners and you know Appalachian West Virginia. I definitely feel this part for sure she discusses you know that those people that’s that’s a really good example of uttering in American culture not just like you know it’s not just it’s not people of color that are being targeted it’s not people from completely outside cultures it was really just like Hillbillies the concept of the hillbilly was was created kind of almost as an excuse you know oh it’s okay if we go and cut the tops off these mountains and and use these people to extract this extremely toxic you know clogs up your long substance and destroy their their whole you know region environmentally because they’re hillbillies they’re not that bright who cares you know and that’s still something that’s still it still happens here it’s still kind of a it’s a concept that even now we can’t seem to get away from generations later. it’s it’s a great example chooses a lot of other examples as well she talks about how power plants and refineries in the states or other areas are oftentimes you know in the poor communities which are often places where there are a lot of people of color that live and it’s that whole concept that you know like we don’t want it here we’re gonna put it over here with with these marginalized communities instead and that reminds me personally of a great example of that I don’t know if any of you recall this but there was this whole thing this whole community kind of like backlash I saw it a lot in Vermont where I’m from about 10 15 years ago the whole not in my backyard campaign that basically said like you know we don’t want these nuclear power plants or we don’t want you know these these not-so-pleasant things to be here in our backyard we wanted our people to put them in their backyards but we still want to gain from them we still want that power it’s still our power we just don’t want it here where we have to deal with it and that’s a perfect example honestly of other hanging in the u.s.. Chuck’s a lot about indigenous peoples rights which of course does tie in you know to you know what something that’s very close to her heart and also Edward cite there were you know treaties that were made a long time ago the one that she uses as an example is you know Canada they have you know the right the indigenous people of Canada had the right same here in the States according to you know the English government the English crown to hunt and fish and inhabit those lands and we’re still saying that those are legitimate but yet at the same time if you look at Canada the example she uses is that the tar sands those are on indigenous lands a lot of the time and if you destroy the land you’re robbing those people of what right you originally promised you would give but you know of course the issue is that what what value is the land if it’s been destroyed by fossil fuel extraction because you’re leaving nothing to live in. people in these places she also talks about the Niger River Delta diamond mining they’re given the the choice to either stay or leave and she explains that in order for there to be sacrificial and sacrificial area there have to be sacrificial people that’s the concept of other ring and there are lots of intellectual theories throughout you know the last few centuries that have kind of backed that up like I guess the one that comes to mind which I bet we’re all familiar with is manifest destiny and then of course or you know Orientalism which you know she also uses as an example because that was something that Edward Sayid was very passionate about and she says that the the things in modern day society that still back those old concepts up are capitalism colonialism and patriarchy and she says that you know. long as we keep those systems in place those old things that came with it are gonna continue to to happen and she says that you know climate change is not really the result of human nature I think my interpretation of what she’s saying is basically that it’s the result of human inaction and it’s our decisions conscious or not to uphold you know these backward belief systems kind of as a way of enabling other ring. back to fossil fuels she says in her next section that the more desperate we are to extract fossil fuels the more destructive methods we’re going to continue to use fracking and tar sand extraction are the two ones that she mentions frequently throughout the paper and she explains that you know even people who thought that they were safe from that you know it doesn’t happen here we’re fine she cites you know the rural UK as an area that is experiencing more and more areas are experiencing tracking and more and more people are finding themselves somehow and surprisingly other in their own way and she wants to really you know make that point that there is no environmentally safe clean way for human existence to rely on fossil fuels there’s there never was one that there never will be one and I really think that’s the heartwood of what she’s trying to say here and it’s no coincidence you know there’s biggest richest concentrations of fossil fuels and other countries there there are other countries you know they they’re not here they’re not in Canada they’re not the UK and those are really three nations that she tends to focus on you know as kind of like that us part of this equation um. I guess the big question has always been and is still today how do we us how do we get access to their resources and what she’s basically saying is that you know at this point in in the game it’s war you know we have to take control and wage war if our interests are compromised and she kind of ties that into you know the unrest that’s happened in the Middle East and the war that’s happened in the Middle East over the last few decades she also uses as an example specifically with regards for IO I don’t know if I’m saying his name right or possibly her name Eyal Weisman the book is the conflict shoreline and basically what this person is saying is that you know the aridity line where it’s just enough moisture to farm just enough moisture to grow food it moves you know as as climate change progresses and it moves you know through the seasons and this book basically one of the things that they point out is is there’s this map that’s that you can see in her talk that she has there and the drone strike concentrations are almost all along that aridity line which you know she was saying in her in her talk that you know water is a resource that’s just as valuable really as oil is in that area of the world and she says you know that the that the this is a quote the bombs follow the oil the drones followed the drought. all of these actions that have happened in the Middle East are creating huge numbers of refugees who are trying to leave the region and then they wind up coming up against powers that are you know almost just as challenging you know we’ve got political forces and government kind of like this nationalist attitude and lots of different nations she specifically mentions you know the EU with people that crying across the Mediterranean you know refugees political refugees and then also you know in Australia one of the things that she mentions is an island called now Roo I think I’m pronouncing it right I sure hope. where people are actually setting themselves on fire to try to just be like hey see what’s happening here you know human injustice there’s not there’s not enough resources for people that are on these islands they haven’t actually been brought into Australian society they’re on the outskirts literally on an island and the thing the point that she makes at the end of that one section is that you know now not only have they faced the effects of you know the political crisis which she directly ties to fossil fuel extraction and the desire to control the oil in the Middle East now it’s not only that you know they also have been put on an island that is now you know one of many of the areas in the you know Pacific that is likely to flood very soon according to scientific studies. it’s a new source of other Aang that you’re trading in you know for your old one which is actually quite tragic um. she goes on to say you know yet again she’s hammering it and that the connection is clear if we can commit other Aang to people to steal their resources then we shouldn’t think that it’ll stop there you know people that are facing climate change are going to fall that’s you know they’re gonna fault that same fate. she talks a little bit about the Paris agreement towards the end of her speech and she talks about how you know the goal basically that was set at the Paris agreement was two degrees Celsius or less and a lot of those nations with you know the very immediate threat of sea level rise their slogan is 1.5 to stay alive and what she’s pointing out and that this last section of the piece is that you know even with the two degrees it’s still not enough and we’re still not even taking actions in many nations that agreed in the Paris agreement to actually stop fossil fuel extraction that’s still happening no matter how liberal or how progressive governments may seem she actually talks about the new prime minister in Canada and like think she refers to him as hunky which is pretty funny but you know even she says even he’s still pushing for tar for tar sand extraction. the actions that are being taken our not enough and I agree with her um let’s see. she talks quite a bit about the UK towards the end as well and explains you know how they’ve had quite a bit of flooding recently and people are saying hey you know if we don’t have enough resources here in the UK to deal with our own flooding why would we put all this money and time and resources into fixing other people’s flooding far away across on the other side of the planet and and she she brings it all back full circle and says you know that you know the UK has been burning fossil fuels longer than any other nation creating the burden of climate change and kind of starting that that spark that has led to all of this in the first place. yes you know we are responsible the whole point that she’s trying to make here is that we are all responsible regardless of whether or not we’re going to actually face any immediate impact we all still have an obligation to do something to fix it um and she says you know that there’s an option for climate change to be a catalyst and she says that it can go one of two ways it can either be a catalyst that creates even more conflict and more evil or it can be a catalyst that creates healing and that creates solutions and action and I think that that’s a beautiful way of her putting it and then the very last section of her speech she just returns back to Edward Sayid and says that you know even though he wasn’t really known as being an environmentalist before he passed away he did make that connection that she makes here in her paper and says that you know it really is all tied together that the that the fight of social justice and human rights is also the fight of environmental justice they’re the same fight.

I think that she’s spot on I mean I think that her perspective and the way that she went about you know this this speech I think it’s poignant and I think that it’s very effective because it’s very easy for us we sit I know maybe not all of us live in the States but I imagine a lot of us you know in our classes to you you know we sit here and we think to ourselves hey you know everything’s cool everything is okay it looks good where I am. I’m not too worried but really the point she’s trying to make is that we’re all in this together we all need to realize we’re in it together and we may not be confronted with the actual reality that many people face in places that are going to create that are going to start not create that are going to experience a much heavier burden of climate change right off the bat you know soon like within the next few decades as opposed to centuries but you know she’s really making that point that it’s it will affect us in one way or the other and we are all responsible for taking action to stop it. anyways that’s my talk thank you for being. patient for 25 minutes I apologize it’s. long and thanks. much guys all right I

My First Year At Boston University / Bu Cgs Boston-London Program Experience

hey old my name is Caroline for those of you who are new I’m a sophomore at Boston University studying political science in this video I’m gonna be talking about my experience at BU my first calendar year as a view student and my experience in the CGS Boston London program. you don’t know the CGS Boston London program is essentially a two-year Entry Program for you students the first year starts in January after your senior year. you take a semester off and then you finish out your freshman year the same summer by doing a six-week intensive semester in London you have sophomore years well where you take more liberal arts classes that you also take more classes koryagin towards your major i’m vu class of 2022 it’s been about a calendar year since I started at vu I started in January of 2019 and it’s now January 2020. I’ve been through first semester freshman years the london’s term fall semester sophomore year and now I’m about to finish my last semester here in the CGS before I transfer in to CAS College of Arts and Sciences oh and if you don’t know CGS stands for College of general studies in this video I’m going to be breaking down my experience the entire process from applying through this past semester as a sophomore here at BU I applied to you my senior year of high school I graduated in 2018 by the time that I was going through my college applications I knew video was probably one of my top choices I toured it this summer before my junior year I’m pretty sure and I really loved it even the college or the admissions officer that I talked to that was like specific to my range and he even said that my experience at wine proved that really be it was the place for me one little story is that daily natori it was the summer. it should have been nice to be warm and sunny but it actually poured rain and I was wearing a white shirt and they spilled coffee on it and they still look the school. clearly I still loved it this is important because winter in Boston is super long. the fact that I didn’t find that it’s pouring rain in July shows that I really did love it I applied all of my junior senior year at C’s I wanted to apply ed2 but I had applied ei to like five schools and gotten in already. my parents wanted me to keep my options open since I already had some acceptances in retrospect I do wish I had applied 82 because I knew I would have gone and clearly because I went even though I got accepted to CGS not my major I clearly wanted to go because of a lot I mean CGS students is whether or not you click the button to say you were interested in CGS I remember personally that I did because I had a college admissions counselor and she recommended it saying that it would increase my chances of getting in I always wondered what would have happened if I didn’t check the box if I would have straight gotten any to CAS in my major which is political science and then at the time I didn’t know about CGS London when I toured we talked about CGS as a whole but we didn’t talk about CGS London not to my recollection those of you who don’t know there used to be a program just like CGS. you would enter in the fall and there was no London it was just a two-year liberal arts curriculum and my year. like the class of 2022 is the last year that had fall CGS. I won’t really be talking about it in this video because it’s not really important anymore and no I’m not even in the program. yeah that was my experience applying it to be you I heard back from bu and I believe March in my senior year which was crazy considering I’d submitted all of my college apps by probably like December 1st but you know that’s how it goes I was like really excited to hear back because it was one of my top choices it was one of my top choices if not my top choice and. yeah I was excited to hear back you’d read on what was that college forum the irony is I don’t remember there was some forum that we were all used to like hear about like the date that stuff is going to come out. here it was coming out at 8 a.m. Eastern Time and I’m from California if you didn’t know. that was 5 a.m. I was actually a debate convention debate conference I literally could not sleep before I kept waking up or just like not falling asleep just waiting for a 5 a.m. to come around but 5 a.m. came on. I took my phone my email I didn’t get anything. I finally just like waited until I had to be up at like 6:30 checked my portal was excited to hear that I got in yeah like ecstatic I like screamed I know oh yeah. I read I was to GS boss Melinda program and I was like oh it must be like the enuine program because I also applied to Northeastern and that program you study abroad your first like fall semester and then you go to school at Northeastern. I thought it was like that like you go to Northeastern spring semester but after reading about it I realized that you didn’t start school until January and then you studied abroad in the summer instead I figured ok that sounds cool but I’ll have to compare it to my other options because you know I did want to go in as a Poli Sci major ultimately I ended up choosing vu just because I felt like it was the best of my options it was definitely the best school that I got into and like I knew I loved it I still wasn’t sure about CGS originally I plan on taking my dad semester here at home taking a community college class and having continuing my internship from high school but things did take a big turn over the summer and yeah I ended up doing something way different with my god semester July rolls around after I graduated I’m getting the feeling that I do not want to stay here in California for my job semester mostly because all my friends were. hyped up about going to school and you know having their freshman experience and at the same time in my high school boyfriend would be breaking up we plan on doing it you know beginning of August before he left for school. I was kind of feeling like maybe I needed to get away from home to kind of get over that.

I reached out to my summer camp that I attended when I was in middle in high school because they have school year programs and I asked if I could work there sent a resume and a cover letter we go back to me that in fact I could work there. I decided to live in my godson this year and worked in outdoor education I had a fantastic time I’m. glad I did it I honestly wish I could have been there for more time for an entire year at least I even considered deferring halfway through my gap semester but then I realized that I would have to wait until January of what would be my sophomore year. right now where we are now and that just didn’t sound like what I wanted to do I would have rather have just deferred for one semester but I couldn’t do that yeah I had a really great house for me then. many amazing people I’m. glad that I had the experience that I did that was basically my gap semester. that ended at Thanksgiving and then obviously I didn’t start till after MLK Day. I came back over to the internship I had in high school which I was planning on doing during my gap semester and then go my current job at his ski shop which I absolutely love. overall and I get semester was really good and I’m really glad I had that time and I think that it definitely prepared me for college and that I came into college a lot more mature like most people thought that I was not a freshman if they met me like they thought that I was a sophomore and I think that’s true for a lot of people in CGS as well Emily we can rolls around – me and my mom fly out to Boston stay in a hotel it’s time to move in I was. excited I found out I was living in rich riches in West in a triple with two girls that seemed super super nice and yeah I was really excited to like finally start humming my college experience unfortunately my moving weekend did not go smoothly at all and there’s actually a huge storm. my mom had to leave early which means I did not get like a ton of help moving in and if you live in West or you’re going to live in with you know it’s super super hot. even though it was like 16 degrees outside we don’t feel of like for the run felt like it was like a hundred degrees. like it was miserable but whatever that’s a fine how-do-you-do as to plan and at the first couple of days I just felt super lonely because I wasn’t really meeting anybody didn’t really know how to meet anybody and like my two roommates had together the previous semester. obviously they were already friends and I had no idea how to like try to get make friends you know it’s hard it’s transition and colleges have my heart finally I started meeting people in CGS like on my team spring semester I took three CGS classes and that was social science rhetoric and humanities yeah they were fine I thought social science was a lot like 80 euro if you took that in high school. I thought it was pretty easy overall since I took AP or a senior year of high school and then I took the fourth class which was for my major which was intro to American politics where po1 11 highly recommend that class although again I think it’s pretty easy. I ended up designing to pressure sorority my first semester because we do deferred recruitment here at new to do recruitment in the spring semester and mostly as because my two roommates were rushing and they were super excited about it both of my roommates were from Texas or are from Texas and. obviously that was like something that they were definitely going to do I am really glad I decided to rush however the week before rush my two roommates moved out not because of me and I hold it against them at all I still think they’re super nice but they just wanted to live in a double and a double up opened up in the room next to their best friend’s room. it worked out for them and that’s fine yeah I see them all the time were. nice whatever it no beef I for awhile thought that since it was after like the direct swap deadline that nobody was gonna move in and I was really looking forward to having my single that was actually a triple but I ended up getting two new roommates mehar and Abby who I love and I’m. glad that I got the opportunity to live with them last year and Abby was rushing to and she was the truth and we’re moving in the B end of rush. it was absolutely crazy because I was only in the room for an hour here and there and like they were trying to move in and II got was crazy but through rush Abby and I really bonded and became really close. that’s good and then of course that weekend I trying to theta my sorority which I love and I’m. glad and I made. many friends and that’s really like the main reason why I do have friends at school.

I am glad that I rushed for sure I also was inspired by the because of my sorority to Joe to go on an ASB trip which is alternative service breaks if you’ve been watching my blogs you know that I’m actually be doing an ASB trip this year but. last year I went to Asheville this year I’m gonna do a trip to Harpers Ferry West Virginia and I definitely made fun to do that as well and that really motivated me through the rest of the year which was really good and by the end of the semester I was deathly starting to make closer friends and I was like outside of CGS mostly like I had very few friends in CGS. I was kind of dreading going to London because I was going to London week after school and did mostly because I feel like none of my friends were gonna be there I didn’t like have people to hang out with and I just really liked my school life at school a lot and I didn’t want it to be over I was really dreading it and the only thing that I was really looking forward to is that I would be rooming with Abby again. I knew that I would have someone there for me. the time to meet for London cons and it was really hard to leave I didn’t want to go I definitely kicked off on a bad note because my flight got in at like 2:00 p.m. in London we had orientation at 3 p.m. and I was exhausted because my flight took off at like midnight and I barely slept and then there was just no opportunity to sleep and I’m super jet-lagged and then I basically had to be with people Intel like 9 p.m.. that and like fine dinner and stuff like that. yeah that kind of sucked. in London you take 3 CGS classes also social science humanities in rhetoric in class with all the same people as you were in spring semester with the same professors which is definitely one of my challenges to see chance of also pretty nervous about London because and you would be heard to make new friends because you know everybody already knows each other the other thing about the classes is you get 14 credits in six weeks. you’re basically in class all day four days a week and then on these extremely long field trips on Mondays which are technically your off day. like you’ll go to like Canterbury or Oxford all of which required you to drive for like a total of like 8 hours in one day kind of miserable but whatever it was fun and it was good to get out of London to see things overall I really did like London as a city and I’m. glad I got to spent six weeks there yeah it’s just a beautiful place I do definitely want to explore it more if I get the opportunity that being said I hated being abroad like it was a horrible experience for me and that was like all on me too and like my personal interest and my cohort of folks that I was with my cohort was super into clubbing and I just wasn’t interested in clubbing I didn’t want to go to clubs I was like down to go to pubs or bars or restaurants and whatever I just did not want to go clubbing it seemed like everyone else wanted to go club all the time like the six nights a week and I also wanted to keep my grades up and it seemed like a lot of people in my cohort didn’t or like they would rather go adventure than keep their grades up which I can understand but you know my priority is only school especially when you pay. much money to go to school editing Caroline here to say that I totally understand that my experience in London has a lot to do with my perception of both myself and my classmates and I’m sure there are plenty of people that were not interested in going clubbing all the time and did prioritize school and that I could have found those people but I just didn’t and I also definitely put myself in the mindset where I thought that it was everyone I wanted to do what I didn’t want to do and I if I know means think that these people that did go clubbing all the time or didn’t prioritize school as much are bad people I totally understand why you would want to do that I mean you’re in a country where you can legally drink you may just be visiting for the first time and there’s. many things to see and. many things to do I totally understand that’s just not where my priorities route at the time. that was pretty challenging and then also like because you were in class. much of the day and then how to kind of work on top of that I just found it really hard to like explore in one day and explore Europe in general luckily I did get to go to Brussels while I was there because one of my sorority sisters was studying abroad in Brussels.

My First Year At Boston University / Bu Cgs Boston-London Program Experience

I took the Aerostar and I would our weekend and that was a really great experience I loved Brussels and I would love to go back there too I did make some good friends towards the end but again like that didn’t happen towards in towards the end that was basically my experience I don’t think that CGS London is like horrible for everyone I just thought that it was really hard and challenging academically and also socially for me however I also didn’t have a ton of friends in CGS. if I did I can give it a bit a lot easier and I’d also definitely feel at home safe because I hadn’t been home since I left for school in January and then I do get back from abroad until July 4th. you’ve been a really long time for me and then once I did get home I didn’t really do much I worked on my blog for the rest of the summer and I realized my website which was super exciting and I also took an online class which I think was really good it helps me get ahead in my major and I really took out these I didn’t feel behind in my major just because of CGS because I’d only take it one major class at the end of my freshman year. I’m really glad that I did that anything he thought was a very good choice for me yeah. that was my experience during summer time and yeah it did kind of suck when I reflect on it like I am really glad that I had that experience and I think it made me definitely a more motivated student and I got to see a part of the world that I never been to before. that was really awesome now we get to basically where I am now I just finished up my fall semester and yeah I had an amazing semester I am. grateful that I’m a DUI of this school I love all the people that I go to school with pretty much and I’ve just had like really fantastic professors you can either take three classes to classes or one class in CGS but you have to take a total of four classes in CGS your sophomore year. I took two this semester and I’ll take two in the spring.

I took natural science and humanities you do have to take Natural Science each semester but then you only have to take one humanities in one social science. it’s really up to you when you do those I hate Natural Science it’s. hard I’m not a science person that’s okay I still got out of it with the B which is good much as I don’t wake natural science I’m sticking through it it does help satisfy some hub requirements that I definitely did mean if you like at this semester I really found my groove I found friends and even though I found like new friends that I had been friends with before and I’d say overall my relationships did change a lot but all for the better I still don’t have a lot of friends in CGS but at this point I don’t really care it because only two of my classes are in CGS. besides us classes the semester I took two major classes. to enjoyed comparative politics which i think is 151 and I highly recommend that class fantastic I loved it I also took a common one because I briefly thought it was gonna be an advertising major I do regret taking that um because I realized I do well okay I don’t regret it because I learned that I don’t want to be an Ag major because of that class yeah I definitely got into the groove I found places that I really love to be on campus I love the community center and my ASB family and yeah I don’t know it was a good semester for me I mean Stephanie academically challenging and he definitely had to push myself but it was really rewarding I also didn’t get my best grades I don’t like care that much because I’m proud I learned. much and I’ve been in my blog on the side and I really feel like got flourished as well. I’m really proud of what my semester was like that’s what a year in CGS looks like on your first year in CGS much as I talk about CGS to my friends and stuff I’m really glad that I chose to juicy GSA’s it means I get to be a BU which is more important to me than CGS yeah every one of you I feel like there’s a big like work hard play hard attitude which I personally really enjoy because I think it’s really motivating everybody wants you to work really hard and everybody wants to have fun with you when it’s all over. um I am kind of glad are looking forward to it being over I do have capstone this semester which is like a research paper that you do in a team of seven to ten I think which is really daunting to me I don’t like group projects at much. you let soon be a challenge but I’m really glad I must be you at the end of the day I am glad that I’m gonna say yes. if you ever have any questions about video or about CHS feel free to leave them in the comments down below or DM them to me on Instagram I’m always happy to talk to you guys about my experience and if you like this video and want to see more like it feel free to like comment and subscribe and of course you can always follow me on all of my social media which are always linked down below and I’ll see you guys in the next one

Rejected From My Dream College.

my GPA was a lot more on the stronger side really on top of their shed I got my results back and they denied to me they rejected me hey guys it’s Healy sunny and today I’m gonna be talking about a topic that you guys probably don’t see a lot here in the beauty guru community I’m gonna be talking about college because as a youtuber I actually did take my studies very seriously throughout high school and I actually did apply to college I got into college I got rejected from college I was a completely normal high school student I went to traditional public high school I did the normal application process as a student I just want to share my process with you guys and I also asked you guys to ask me questions on Instagram and I’m gonna be answering all of those and a lot of you are really curious about the end results. I’m also going to be revealing those if you’re not a student in the United States or you’re still pretty young and you don’t really know how the college application process here works basically around the first semester of senior year and senior year is 12th grade. it’s like the last year of high school you start applying to colleges the second semester you start getting answers back I’m from California. we kind of have like two different types of colleges we can apply to we have the UC application process which is the University of California schools. they’re like public schools here in California and I applied to a couple of those and then there’s also the common app and common app is generally for private schools correct me if I’m wrong I’m literally not a college counselor I’m a student. I’m currently a senior and I only have a week of school left not even like I graduate in four days. I’m almost there and I did the whole thing girl I literally went through every single step. don’t worry you’re gonna get answers to all your questions the first thing I want to share are my stats and my stats is basically like GPA and SAT or ect score I took the SAT SAT has an English portion a math portion and then an essay portion which is optional but I had to take the essay also for like some of the colleges that required it that I was applying to. I took that my GPA. my like grade point average throughout I think they only take into account your sophomore and junior year grades I had a 3.87 unweighted. it’s out of four it’s out of a 4.0 if you’re unweighted and I had a three-point 87 but the thing is I don’t believe I took any AP classes sophomore junior year. I guess my weighted score wasn’t that different I took a couple honors classes but my grade point average was a three-point 87. like basically a 3.9 which it was a pretty good GPA my GPA was a lot more on the stronger side compared to like other students obviously there were like people in my grade who had like a 4.5 GPA because they took a million APs and they were just really on top of their for me I just preferred to kind of take regular classes and just do really well in those senior year I did challenge myself I took two AP classes AP French class and an AP calculus and ap basically means it’s a lot it’s like college level. it’s a lot more difficult and then at the end of the year you take this test if you get a 4 or 5 out of it and it’s graded out of a 5 you get college credit. you don’t have to take that class in college I recently did take my ApS but I don’t find out my scores till this summer. I can’t really give you information about that but basically I did not take ApS all throughout high school and my situation is kind of different because I did let’s start like an American public high school my sophomore year. I was kind of like still trying to like figure out where I kind of was on the American level. that’s kind of what happened with me on the SAT I got a 13 90 which is still like an okay grade but it definitely was not as strong as the people I was competing with going into the colleges that I applied for. I got a 13 90 it’s great out of the 1,600 on the SAT it wasn’t okay grade but I should have worked harder I honestly did not study for the SAT I was just kind of pretty late like everyone around me was taking SAT prep courses and I was just doing YouTube I wasn’t really thinking about the SAT um I still was like working hard in my classes. I kind of just went into the SAT with the knowledge I had gained from high school I hadn’t like done special SAT training. those are my stats I had a 3.9 GPA and then 1390 on I applied to six colleges in total throughout high school I never really had a college that I was like head over heels for that I was like I see myself here like I want to go here I guess I should have done my research a little earlier on because those people who really were in love with a school I guess there’s goods and bats too it worked really hard like the fact that they really wanted to go there and motivated them to work harder to get there throughout high school and they some of them actually did get in but those people who really were obsessed with the school and then ended up not getting in were really hurt at the end. I was just kind of in the middle like I was like yeah I’d love to go there but I never like fell in love with a school I applied to for UC University of California blank. there’s a bunch I think there’s like 11 of the an ayap I do see Berkeley UCLA UC San Diego and UC Santa Barbara UC Berkeley and then UCLA are definitely more of the more challenging ones they’re all really hard schools to get him to like I didn’t apply to any schools that were like safety schools your safety schools basically you’re guaranteed to get into just because your stats are a lot higher than their average stats and then your target schools which are the schools that it looks like you can probably get in and then your reach schools are schools that your stats are a little bit lower or like their acceptance rate is pretty low and it’s kind of like a reach to get there. you’re supposed to like apply to these three types of schools I completely crossed out safety school it didn’t really affect me at the end because I did get into colleges that I applied to and then on the common app the common app is like this completely different application process that you use like your essays are different I applied to to private schools. I applied to USC which is the University of Southern California and NYU which is New York University obviously NYU kind of was the one school that I was leaning more towards it was the only school I applied to that wasn’t in California and towards the end of my college application process I kind of realized that that’s where I really really really wanted to go I never really like became obsessed with it where it was all I thought about but I just really saw myself there I had a lot of trouble seeing myself at these other schools. for you sees the application process is you write four essays and they’re kind of like mini essays and I put a lot of effort into these essays I worked on them for around four months just a long amount of time to write like four essays that are like two paragraphs or some and yeah I literally put my heart and soul into these essays sent them my SAT score my transcript with my GPA I talked a lot about like my YouTube and the fact that if I were to get into college I would be a first-generation college student and my family I talked about the fact that I moved a lot.

Rejected From My Dream College.

I just sent my UC applications and bam I was done with my you see applications for the common tab it’s a little bit more different on the common up like I said I was only applying to USC and NYU. you only send them one essay which is one long essay and then sometimes they ask you questions like why do you want to go to NYU and you have to like answer like in a paragraph. I also sent them my transcript my SAT score and by the end of December all my applications were out and I was just in this like Melrose chillin oh there is no chilling cuz like they’re like okay financial aid deadlines okay like housing deadlines and all these deadlines March and April rolled around and I got my results back which is the exciting part I get I feel like you guys are the most excited for that I was the most excited for that obviously. I’m gonna go in order of me receiving each decision and then I’ll get to the last one. like I’ll start off with the first one the first decision I found out was UCLA and they denied to me they were like sorry girl they rejected me they didn’t want to go there I guess which I knew cuz new feeling was definitely a reach in my stats were a lot lower than their average stats that they accept and I never really was in love with it I mean it would have been cool to go to UCLA because it’s just such an amazing school and I would be here in Los Angeles. I wouldn’t have to move um but they rejected me and then the same day I think I found out about UC San Diego and I got accepted there when I was hey like that’s cool it was like my first college acceptance I was like I got into a UC. it kind of gave me a little bit of hope and then I found out about USC it was actually the funniest thing I was literally sleeping my mom comes in and she hands me this letter and she goes they rejected you at first I was like I’m dreaming like what the and then I got up and it was actually like my rejection letter I guess that one was kind of sad I kind of did want to get accepted there ah they rejected me also which whatever I got accepted into UC Santa Barbara a couple days later I think and I was like whoa like that’s. cool you see Sina Barbarella I heard amazing things about that school like everyone that talks about it just seems to love it it’s not too far from home and I was like UC Santa Barbara I got accepted that’s good and then NYU I was really looking forward to I remember being super anxious super nervous logging into my portal because you login into the website and it like tells you your application status and I logged in and they were like wait-listed waitlist basically means we can’t accept you right now but if some of the people that we did accept decide not to go here and there’s extra space available we’ll let you come in that’s what we get list me. you’re kind of like they’re Plan B I had positive vibes I was very like wow this is better than a rejection it’s not good as being accepted but I wasn’t sad or happy I was just kind of like okay the last date to find out about weightless is August first. there is still okay I guess this is like a spoiler alert I haven’t heard back from them. I’m still on their waitlist but they did put out this update a few days ago being like we accepted most of the people that we are going to be accepting off the waitlist already. it looks like we’re not gonna be accepting any more people into the fall semester here at NYU and I was like dad but they’re like but we still might be accepting a few more people into our spring semester stay tuned we’re gonna be calling a few people off the list throughout the summer for me it was very like okay I don’t think NYU’s happening hopes shattered and then finally UC Berkeley came out they didn’t accept me didn’t want to go there anyway I don’t know why I applied I they have the highest dropout rate in California. yeah I wasn’t trying to do that. that left me with UC San Diego and UC Santa Barbara I kind of like already knew I really was leaning more towards UC Santa Barbara just cuz usually San Diego was a little bit farther than home like I knew as a it’s they’re both amazing schools UC Santa Barbara is a major party school it’s voted like the happiest College in California it’s literally on the beach I went I visited it was really pretty but when I visited I didn’t get that gut feeling where I was like wow I belong here and I visited the dorms and I was like whoa like I I never really like put college life into my hand applying didn’t make me realize that wow this is gonna be my reality if I actually do get accepted it was kind of like a dream almost once I got accepted they were like okay your decision is due by May 1st you either have to commit or you have to be like I’m not going there I ended up committing. I sent in my statement of intent to register I found a roommate to stay in in a dorm. that’s where I’m at right now right now it looks like I might be going to UC Santa Barbara unless in the summer I get this like ultimate change of heart or like NYU accepts me whatever the case may be and I decide not to go there I don’t know if I actually do want to go there for all four years I don’t know if I want to go there at all just because it’s a very very small town and I’ve always been raised in the city.

I’ve always been in like really really big cities my job also it just I don’t know I still don’t know I’m still trying to figure that out but that’s where I am right now I always have my plan B which is Community College here in Los Angeles Santa Monica Community College is awesome if you’re kind of like in my situation or if you feel like your stats aren’t good enough for any of the colleges that you do want to go to it just gives you like an extra year or two to take more classes get more credits and then apply to college as a sophomore a junior can always do that a lot of my friends are doing that like me if you didn’t get into a school you really wanted to go to in my case NYU I could always go take classes there for a year and then transfer because getting accepted into college as a transfer student is a lot easier than just coming out of high school and going in as a freshman they’re a lot more selective with their freshmen acceptances now I’m gonna be going into some of the questions that you guys ask me Laura and asked what do you want to major in obviously depends based on the college but for me it was mostly communications I truly wanted to do business but I just freakin I’m done with math like I’m. done with math I really want to go to NYU because they have communications media culture which is just perfect gaining a lot of information about what I’m already doing are you going to do any online school if I do end up wanting to go to like SMC like I already picked my classes there just as like a backup if I do end up going there I don’t want to be stuck with shitty classes. I am gonna be doing a few online classes. that means I do some on campus some online and save time what was the hardest year of high school for you honestly it’s freaking senior year it’s a myth everybody always want me senior year as a blast like it’s. easy everyone. chill honey I guess it was my fault for taking like to AP’s AP Calculus cannot even imagine going back like i’m. glad it’s over worst time of my life it was supposed to be junior year apparently but for me senior year was. hard just because I had to like they don’t gave you free time to apply to college you’re freaking have to do your work and then come home and work on your college admissions like it’s it was such a struggle for me were you involved in any school clubs organizations no and this was a mistake because even though I had a lot of extracurriculars here like based around YouTube like the campaign’s I did the work I did I never really like was a part of school organizations which I should have been it would have shown that I had things going for me in every area do my school work do good at school work come home do my YouTube do good at YouTube I feel like I should have branched out like there’s some sports there like volunteering had a little club going on I just didn’t have time how did you know what schools to apply to interesting question for me I kind of like eliminated like geographically where I want it to be I read I either wanted to be in LA or New York I guess like in California or New York I regret. many things I can’t tell you enough how important it is to do research like I wish I applied to other colleges in New York City I wish I did early decision early decisions basically when you apply you only get to apply early to one school and it basically shows you really really want to go there and I didn’t do early decision for any schools I feel like if I had done that for maybe like NYU it would have hired my chances of getting in there when college counselors come to your school from different colleges go to their freaking meeting they should have gone to. many more than I did yeah I wish I applied to more colleges what are you most excited for in college it’s crazy because I still like I can’t be like oh going here and I heard this is really good here if I do go to Santa Barbara I like I’m. excited to like be by the beach and people that are really fun like partying all the time but at the same time like everyone’s really good at school. it’s like this really good balance if I do want to say in a background what I’m excited about is just being independent for the first time in my life I’ve always had a really close bond with my family and not having that and like being my own mom and dad that’s gonna be. crazy for me like staying in a dorm doing like college student things would be really fun if I go to like Community College I get out of school at like 10:30 which is. early I’d have. much more free time to focus on YouTube to do other things I wanted. there’s pros to like both side wherever I do end up going what classes do you recommend taking throughout the years if you want to look academically like really strong I definitely recommend you take some APs and honors classes especially like in your younger years of high school just take a couple honors classes because they’re literally GPA boosters take a bunch of like random easy classes that can just like boost your GPA but at the same time take like challenging classes that make you look like a strong candidate for school don’t go overboard where you’re drowning under work if you get a C in AP class it does not look good you’d rather go to take the regular version of that class and get an A what I’m saying take as many classes as you think you can handle and do well in that’s the end of my video it’s kind of a long video but if you have any other questions about college or anything I’d be more than happy to answer them in the college section in the college section in the comment section I don’t think I would have even been able to get into college if it wasn’t for my friend Sarah who literally guided me throughout the whole process because she like is obsessed with the idea of college it’s really cute and she was my friend and helped me out with almost everything and showed me like how to apply I was literally clueless like I was a little baby I was like how do you like college and she took me out throughout the whole process I definitely comment and I’ll be there for you and if I don’t know the answer for something I’ll ask her and she’ll know the answer for it and yeah I love you guys. much all the way to put it out and back you

Essay Crisis | How I Write My Essays Oxford Uni Vlog // Oxford Diaries #13

hello everyone and welcome or welcome back to my channel if you’re new here my name is Kailyn I am a master’s student here at the University of Oxford joining history and today I wanted to start a little weekend in my life I’m currently writing an essay. I figure this would probably be a good time to take you guys along. I can kind of walk you through the process but I also wanted this to be a little bit more of an interactive slog I’ve been trying to change up my editing style. that way none of my vlogs are like entirely the same some of my videos are going to be more b-roll heavy to show you guys a little bit more what I’m doing and then videos like this are going to be a little bit more interactive and I’m going to be talking to you guys about certain things that I’ve been asked on Instagram or in the comment section of my videos and today I’m going to be talking particularly about how I am writing my essays and how I prepare my essays and on top of that I had a comment on my last video asking for me to talk a little bit about journaling I currently use my supplied by Lily astrology notebook or journal I’m going to link it down below I love this notebook I love the supplied by Lily stationery line. I’ve been really enjoying this and what I’ve been trying to do is every couple days I will pull out my journal and write some things that I’m thinking about and sometimes there’s the pressure to write a full page and I think what you need to do is just read the things that are on your mind less. feeling like you have to fill out a full page like today I only filled out a half page and then perhaps my next entry will be a full page or one and a half pages or more I think journaling is a great way to kind of assess where you’re at and that’s why I really enjoy doing YouTube as well as having my journal because it’s a way for me to catalogue the things that I’m going through especially when I meant this kind of pivotal moment in my life I have applied for PhD programs that I’m currently waiting to hear back I should start getting decisions back as early as next week. it’s a very nerve-wracking time for me and my future is rather uncertain I have a lot of responsibilities here as a graduate student there’s a lot of things I want to do with my YouTube Instagram and eventually hopefully start a podcast. there’s just a lot of things that I want to do even while I am a graduate student to help other students including building up my counseling business I offer consultations I offer free consultations for thirty minutes to anyone who wants help with undergraduate admissions as well as masters admissions at Oxbridge just keep that in mind if you guys ever want some help just shoot me an email and we can schedule a consultation but overall I have a lot of things on my plate and a lot of things on my mind therefore.

Essay Crisis | How I Write My Essays Oxford Uni Vlog // Oxford Diaries #13

I have been using my journal as a way to write that down as well as using YouTube as a way to also flesh out my experiences and what’s on my mind I also use journaling as a form of self talk. what I mean by that is that I will use my journal to kind of give myself advice sometimes it’s helpful if you can try to remove yourself from your own circumstances and your own reality. if my friend were in the position that I am right now what advice would I give them and. what I try to do in my journal is give myself that advice that I would have given a friend and that has really helped me and has really helped me get through some really tough times. that’s something I would suggest about journaling I don’t really have a super set schedule it’s really just I try to do it in the mornings every couple days and sometimes it’s every other day sometimes it’s everyday sometimes it’s once a week I’m trying to do it a little bit more than I used to and the way that I do that is instead of doing in an evening I’ve been doing it first thing in the morning currently in the process of beginning work on my essay and once I have a solid idea of where I’m at with it then I will show you I’m pretty much going to start with the outline and I’m also going to start thinking about what I want to use as my hook I had a particular 17th century quote that I was using before but because I want to shift the focus of my paper just a little bit I think I’m going to use a different example. I typically start all of my essays with a quote I’m with a primary source and. that’s what I’m gonna be looking for right now alright. let’s get into it all right. I’ve been working for a couple hours I think I have a general structure for the SI y si that I’m currently writing it as an expanded version of a previous essay that I had written but there’s certain sections that I want to add to it. I’m looking at the origin of slave laws in the British Atlantic. looking at the British American colonies and the British Caribbean primarily during the 17th century and looking at what historians have said about the origins and kind of which legal precedents the colonists were borrowing from if they are borrowing from it at all I want to also add a discussion about the difference between the establishment of laws and using precedent but also how economic factors play into that and kind of what is the point in which laws are then enacted because human beings have been enslaving others since pretty much the beginning of humanity and. establishing a legal code for slavery basically is taking it a step further but that’s not to say that all colonists kind of follow a law or that they even needed laws in order to enslave others. anyway it’s kind of difficult to explain but the general gist is I’m adding a section kind of explaining why laws were enacted and how they were enacted and then I want to go into different precedents I just went down to gales I picked up some lunch I just have a mozzarella sandwich. I’m gonna eat it take a little bit of a break watch YouTube video or to eat some lunch and keep working by the way if you guys have any interest and what I do when I take my breaks I’m currently watching a lecture or a book talk with David blight and Tony he see Coates about Frederick Douglass and I was a lecturer put on by the Gilder Lehrman Center. I’m watching this or listening to this lecture while also digging through footnotes and that is how I know I am meant to be an academic [Applause] [Applause] all right. I’m back from the library and I have been doing a little bit of work and I’m actually making quite a bit of progress I was looking at some of the feedback that I got from one of my professors on my original essay and he said try to see if there’s a way to track historiographical trends within the particular like subsets of argument. in order to kind of track that I what I do is that I brain map and. what I’ll do is I will write out a kind of diagram of the central argument and then kind of what I think the arguments around that are and those will act as my body paragraphs. for example the middle says the origin of slave lost in the brush Atlantic which is the title of the paper and then looking eyes I based on Roman law borrowed from France or Spain economic factors in colonial invention or that there was basis in common law I also put other but there didn’t really seem to be any other particular arguments and then what I’ll do from there is as I go and read the articles as historians make arguments that I could use in the paper I will then write their name and the date of that paper and then I will then make a timeline to show kind of where they fall and that kind of helps me just visually map out how the paper is going to kind of be organized that’s kind of that kind of acts as my outline if and then I will go into my essay notes which is where I pulled quotes and pulled sources and then I will kind of have that next to where I’m writing the essay. that way I have something to kind of go off of and also typing out all the quotes from the books is super helpful because then all you have to do is copy paste it over into the essay. just just a little hint for you guys as you write your own essays but now Mike HOF for some reason is really bad. I’m actually gonna take a break because I’ve actually made a lot of progress and and I’ll see you guys in a little bit good morning everyone. this is the next day I got it this morning a bit to eat did a little bit of work and then honestly was just. tired for him staying up really late last night that I decided I would just take another nap before brunch. that way I could power through and I’m really glad I did not because I feel a lot better now and I’m about to head off to brunch in Hall with my friends then I’m gonna go get a coffee go to the graduate study space and then I have to make a quick trip to the vir Harmsworth library I have to pick up you have another book. that is the plan for today I need to get my paper fish today I’m I have about say about 2,000 words left which I’m not too worried about. far the draft is coming along pretty well I’m but I just want it to be as perfect as it can be because obviously it’s my first graded mark here at Oxford and I would like to graduate with the distinction since hopefully I’m starting my ph.d program next year and I’m sure that’s going to be contingent on me doing well in this program but I don’t think said I went out with my friends last night too well the MC are here at Somerville had a bob last night which for Americans is basically just a party or a kickback there was music and dancing and there was alcohol but I didn’t really drink because I am still getting over being really sick and. I thought all it takes this one bad night to send you back spiraling and I cannot afford to be sick anymore I just I can’t handle it.

I decided to abstain from drinking alcohol and drink lots of water and just stayed up late and hung out with my friends which was honestly really fun I’m really glad that I did that because I honestly would have regretted missing out on it I think it’s really important to have a balance between your academic work but also creating memories and having personal experiences and be MCR events or something that I don’t want to miss out on especially because I’m only here for a year and although I never brought I never went out I never partied when I was at UCLA there was also not of events that I really felt like I was missing out on whereas here they’re quite tame and quite wholesome I’m especially for graduate students. I try to attend as many events as possible like welfare teas and bops and wine and cheese exchanges and formal dinners and that kind of stuff because it’s all part of the Oxford experience and I don’t want it myself. that all being said I’m gonna go ahead and pack up my bag because I’m going to grab brunch and go straight to the study space because if I come back to my room then who knows how productive I’d actually be. I think it’s important to change up your study space as much as possible even though I need to actually listen to my own advice a little bit more because I tend to just stay in my room I’m gonna go to the graduate study space today and we’re have a good for docu today that is my plan. into it all right. it’s now been a little while and I am still working in the study space everybody has left or at least for a little while inside the room to myself. I just wanted to check in really quick I am about a thousand words into the essay out of about five thousand and that doesn’t necessarily mean that there aren’t pieces that haven’t already been written I’m just kind of rewriting to make sure that I’m getting everything that I need because I’m adding two whole new sections but I picked up some of the books that I thought would be helpful from the veer Harmsworth and I’m just gonna keep chipping away on it’s slowly it’s going well I just one of my one of the comments when professor made was to add a little bit more context as to what sources they are using. I’m trying to write a whole section about the methodologies that the historians are using but also making a clear differential between social and legal historians as well as legal scholars because I’m also trying to track historiographical trends and if you guys don’t know what that means that basically just means that there are certain like schools of thought within the scholarship that we try to follow. that all being said I think somebody’s about to walk in the room. I’m going to keep working all right. it is about seven o’clock I went out to grab some pizza with my friends as a little treat in between finishing my essay. I’m just packing my room because nobody else is studying in the study space. I figured I would come back to my room and I’m just gonna keep working . I decided to take a break because I feel brain-dead and now I have zero motivation to get up and finish because I have honestly put in. much effort into this essay and I’m actually really happy with it it seems I feel like it’s some of the best work I’ve actually ever done but now I just don’t have enough to keep going. I’m not quite sure what to do I think like everything in me is telling me that I want to go to sleep but then I’m not gonna have enough time tomorrow unless they woke up super early and you know the game where you tell yourself you’re gonna wake up early to get work done and then you wake up in the morning and you reason with yourself as to why you’re allowed to sleep another hour to like I know that’s what’s gonna happen. I do need to actually get this done tonight I just want to sleep maybe I’ll nap maybe I’ll take a nap and then I’ll keep working it’s not that late.

I could probably nap without falling asleep like entirely right all right. by some miracle I managed to pry myself out of bed I lay down for like 45 minutes and just tried to do anything that wasn’t thinking about this paper but I’m now back on a roll and I am actually really happy with how this paragraph is turning out feel like I’m like close to being done I’m it is currently 11:45. I’ve basically been working since 11:00 this morning I’m I mean I taken breaks obviously but I am about I would say about a thousand words from being done I’m it’s about 3500 words currently I’m but my plan is I’m going to finish this paragraph I’m gonna wait to write the conclusion in the morning I also have to write up an annotated bibliography which shouldn’t be too hard I’m but I need to get that done before my meetings tomorrow this is what happens when you are a perfectionist and also somebody that works really well under pressure I for one will just keep reading and will keep doing research up until the moment when I really do need to get my work done but then I get into these situations where I’m up really late but I honestly wouldn’t have it any other way I don’t think I could do it any other way I’ve tried to get assignments done early and I just don’t they don’t turn out as well I’m and that’s not to say that I just like leave everything to last-minute I do research I write sections I do my notes and everything. that way I have everything that I need and then I’m just a just massive perfectionist about my prose and I just want it to flow really nicely I’m really critical about the way that I write especially because I had a really good supervisor an undergrad and he really helped me make my writing better and obviously it’s all a long way to go but I I feel like it has come a long long way. I’m just really picky about my writing and I just want it to be the past then it can be but I’m gonna go ahead and finish up this paragraph and go to bed and then wake up early and finish up the conclusion and the annotated bibliography and then I have to go to my meeting and then I still have to edit this video and get that up before I have to decant all my readings done for Tuesday. time management people it’s important I think it’s ironic that people ask me about my time management skills and here we are but that all being said I have been working on this for like months and now I’m going to be quiet and get to work all right I did it I finished my essay it is 1:00 in the morning but I finished everything I wrote the conclusion I am done I’m gonna proofread it once more in the morning before I send it in but I’m really happy without turned out honestly I’ve been feeling a little bit of like imposter syndrome I guess were like kind of self-doubt as I’ve been waiting for these PhD decisions and I’ve been writing as I say it’s been having the hardest time I or at least when I was writing it before because I get these moments where I feel like perhaps I am not quite equipped to be writing this kind of research and that I am not prepared for a PhD but writing that paper and getting to focus on it today really reminded me that I’m doing the right thing and I have to say like the most rewarding thing in the world is getting to write about the scholarship that I just find. interesting and seeing that there’s room and that scholarship for you to also kind of make your own addition to it it’s not 1:00 in the morning and I’m exhausted. it is time to go to sleep and I’m gonna go ahead and sign off of this video I wanted to take you guys through an essay crisis with me I am NOT one of these videos before but I want to know if you guys enjoyed it I would love to see you guys comment down below and if you guys made it all the way to the end of this video leave me a comment down below of a TV show you’re really liking at the moment and I’d love to see what shows you guys for watching but I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you guys did please give it a thumbs up if you guys are not yet subscribed please hit that subscribe button and I’ll see you guys the next video [Applause]. she loves you sure