Harvard University: Q&A

hi guys its yes or no I’m a student at Harvard University this video is going to be a question and answers video to answer all of your questions oh let’s go let’s do this okay. a phone the first one asks are you an undergrad yes of Who I am in undergrad I am […]

The Stats You Need For Umich, Uc’S + More!

hey guys. don’t mind my voice I’m a little bit sick right now but I wanted to still get this video out a lot of you guys have been asking over on my college decision video what my stats were to get into University of Michigan UCSD and I was also wait-listed at UCLA in […]

Medea | Essay Topic Breakdown | Lisa Tran

hey guys welcome back to Lisa study guides today we are going to be breaking down an essay question based on Madea value repartee if you’re new count then welcome I’m Lisa and I do weekly English advice videos for anyway studying vce if you are in your eleven or year 12 and you want […]

Accepted Risd Portfolio + Application Process

I’m sitting on a lot of rocks hello today I’m going to be explaining my entire art school application process and it’s long and I’m going to try to get through it as clear and concise as I possibly can obviously there might be things that I leave out I might go back and edit […]