The Stats You Need For Umich, Uc'S + More!

hey guys. don’t mind my voice I’m a little bit sick right now but I wanted to still get this video out a lot of you guys have been asking over on my college decision video what my stats were to get into University of Michigan UCSD and I was also wait-listed at UCLA in Boston I am currently waiting on UCLA I will update you guys on what ends up happening with that but yeah. I’m just going to be basically telling you guys like my standardized test scores like a CT SAT AP test scores and my rank and GPA. that you guys can kind of get an idea of where you fall in those categories for these schools quick disclaimer though you don’t need these scores to get into those schools because there are plenty of other people who have totally different stats that get into these schools most applications if not all applications are you holistically. they’re not going to view your stats and say oh well they don’t have the right stats for this like they’re not going to get in they take a look at everything that you have to offer besides just your scores or your GPA or whatever. don’t get discouraged if your stats don’t look like mine or they’re better or worse a minor or whatever they don’t want everybody to be exactly the same anyways they weren’t a diverse class anyways let’s just get into my stats and yeah my unweighted GPA was I believe a 3.97 I don’t think I actually submitted an unweighted GPA anywhere like not even to you C’s I think they kind of have their own algorithm for that type of thing my weighted GPA was a 4.3 and I did submit that basically everywhere except for you C’s. what basically if you guys don’t know how that translates into grades I got all straight A’s except for 1b but it was in an honors class and that was my junior in honors chemistry. it technically at my school at least counted as an A because it was weighted. for my class rank I had a super super small class all extremely intelligent with GPAs like 4.0 and above my ranking was a 17 out of 81 when I apply for college I’m not sure if it’s still the same because a lot of people like dropped AP classes and stuff after the first semester or like right before some new year. I’m not sure got me what it is now but that is what it was when I applied to college 17 out of 81 which is top 20% I think I only took one AP test up until senior year this year I’m taking 4 AP tests but obviously when I applied to college I didn’t have those scores because I still haven’t even taken them yet but I put down the I was planning to take them I just haven’t received my scores yet but the only score I actually submitted was my AP Lang score and that was 84 but clearly like that shows that you don’t even have to take tons and tons and tons of APs obviously that’s not the biggest factor in your application. for my standardized testing which is what most of you guys asked about I took the PSAT which somebody wanted to know about. I will talk about my score for that. what do you know forgot to talk about my score that I’m a great youtuber okay I go on a 1250 on my PSAT not sure how grave predictor that is for what you’ll actually get on your AC’s here SAT but the people want to know. I’m giving the people what they want and I took the a CT I did not take the SAT but I will talk about how my a CT score converts in that scale and if you guys want to know how I prepped for that and figured out what test was better for me I could definitely do a video on that too because they test on some different things besides just having a smaller mass section or whatever like the math is different and that’s the way it’s formatted it’s kind of different my a CT I took twice I took it once in June before my senior year and once in September of my senior year the first time I took the a CT I got a 32 my English score was a 35 my Renu score was 836 my math score was a 24 and my science score was a – and then my writing score wasn’t eight. obviously my math section wasn’t super strong. that’s why I ended up retaking it hoping to get a better math score the second time I took it I got 33. my score went up by one point and I got the same reading in English scores a 28 in math 31 in science and a 7 in my writing. my math score went up a couple things went down by one point but not too significant and inverting this over to the SAT this converts to about a fourteen eighty on the 1600 scale. this is toward the top end of the average at University of Michigan and the two UCS I applied you something that I forgot to mention that I feel like it’s pretty important especially if you are a minority is how your standardized test may be viewed differently depending on your race. I will put a table right here. you guys can kind of see how it is if you’re mixed I’m not really sure how that translates like I’m Asian American and European. I’m not sure how it’s viewed because I am biracial um.

I’m not completely sure about that but this is just to give you kind of a general overlook of how it may go for you hopefully that’s helpful I saw this in a couple of different places including la time. I feel like this is pretty reliable information but again this may not even apply to all colleges this may just be a few colleges or whatever. yeah take it as you will but yeah if you guys want video on how I prepped for my standardized tests let me know and I will definitely make sure to get that out to you that is all my stats I hope that was helpful to you in some way but yeah don’t don’t compare yourself to me too much because there’s some really a wide range of people and wide range of scores and tons of people who have very different numbers let me know if you guys want some more college videos I’ll definitely be making more about like the classes I took extracurriculars that type of thing what my application look like essays ba ba ba ba ba but if there’s any other you guys want to know let me know and I’ll be sure to put that out and if you are not here for the college videos and you’re just like what the heck why is she making. many college videos don’t you worry I will make normal videos as well this is not gonna turn completely into a college channel just make sure to give this video a thumbs up if you liked it or it was helpful to you subscribe and you want to comment you should comment and also my social media is in the top bar on my channel if you guys want to follow it I took it out of the down bar because it just took a lot of room but if you go to my channel it’s in the About section. yeah I love you guys bye