Harvard University: Q&A

hi guys its yes or no I’m a student at Harvard University this video is going to be a question and answers video to answer all of your questions oh let’s go let’s do this okay. a phone the first one asks are you an undergrad yes of Who I am in undergrad I am currently a junior at Harvard. that means I’m in my third year junior spring. I’ll have about a year and a half left agent double-oh-seven asks have you seen Mark Zuckerberg shroom I don’t even know which rooms Mark Zuckerberg lived in but fun fact I did live in the same freshman dorm that Bill Gates lived in. I used to live in that dorm called Wigglesworth funny fact about Wigglesworth it’s named after something like old white dead dude right but the whole Wigglesworth is located right above the T which is Boston’s of Metro. every like seven minutes the trains would speed underneath of our house and wiglesworth would like kind of shake a little bit you don’t kind of wiggle like really really true to its name Oh running straight off of that shine es NS dfx poop popp asks is it compulsory to live on campus your first year at Harvard can you continue living on campus for the next few years. no it is not mandatory that you live on campus your first year but if you decide to you’ll be placed in a dorm around Harvard Yard which is like pretty much the central part of Harvard’s campus about 98% of all students live on campus all four years after you live in the dorms that first year you get randomly assigned into like an upperclassman dorm if the yard and the freshman darling is all central all the upperclassmen housing is located just a little bit more spread out for that. that’s currently what I’m doing Angie yeah yeah 3 3 3 asks how’s the food Oh thing this is this is a tough question. basically we get fed. wills asks is everyone at Harvard really stuffy and stuck-up am i really stuffy and stuck go ahead if you go enough places you’re gonna meet people who are more stuffy and stuck-up the only thing about Harvard is that yes you are drawing from you know some of the most alpha individuals in the world. you have a lot of people who kind of believe in their importance I guess is what I will say consider for a second 16% of the freshman class came from the top 1% of the socio-economic ladder. you’re getting a lot of people who are at a disconnect with reality and from that I think Harvard does proportionally get a lot more stuck up in stuffy individuals but I think it’s all about who you surround yourself with okay. this question from Miss Beauty diamond which was totally related asks are the people at Harvard boring nerds who are only interested in school stuff and can’t party yes no no okay. we do party most of it is dorm parties but you can go out to bars and also there are final clubs which are basically the equivalent of sororities and fraternities except Harvard style I guarantee you if you go out something interesting is going to happen okay. Gilberto Martinez and can use both ask what’s your major economics Russia then asks what’s the major of the majority of students studying in Harvard economics okay uh this question is good it’s from Alyssa Quinn she asks what are some weird cool Harvard traditions okay. there are three things you need to do before you graduate Harvard one is be on the John Harvard ooh another is that you need to have sex in the stacks of Widener Library and the third and I could be wrong it’s either unofficially jumping off the bridge into the Charles River or doing primal scream and primal scream is the night right before final starts right at midnight we all strip down naked and we run around Harvard Yard and you totally think it would be sexual but it’s not at all it’s just everyone releasing like all their attention and you know ah our primal screaming like that chunji oh yeah I bid asks have you met any famous Elliott House alum and I for example rashida Jones um no ton gee I haven’t met any famous Elliott alum night but I have met yo-yo ma twice the first time I met him I was wearing my pyjama pants because I don’t conform to society’s standards of what’s acceptable right tomorrow one two three asks hey there I was wondering how intense / competitive the other students are and if it’s easy to keep up with them Thank You tip-off for that question. when I first got to Harvard I felt completely completely behind coming from the Midwest and then being transported to this school where you’re with like a thousand Ivy Leaguers and people who have basically been bred for the Ivy’s since the day they were born you realize that the education you’ve gotten hasn’t exactly been is up to par as the one that maybe your classmates have gotten. in that respect I felt incredibly far behind my fellow classmates and some days I still do but as far as competitiveness goes here I feel like we’re much more of a supportive community than one that’s trying to like rip at each other’s throats for the most part I love it here and I feel the kids are. supportive and there have been nights where I’m struggling not like 3 a.m. in the morning and I ask someone will you please I’ll be on the decon problem-set and they’re like yeah sure why not they might not be the most enthusiastic elvers but they you know people aren’t competitive in that respect they’ll help you out uh dan yellow green asks me have a ever been to a finals club party if. what are they like crazy and wild and also am I even in a finals Club answer that one no I am NOT but yes I have been to a finals club party a finals Club for those of you who don’t know or basically like the Harvard equivalent of fraternities or sororities yeah they get pretty wild people are dancing but it’s basically like the final Club guys don’t want to invite other guys into the party but they will invite as many girls as they want to into the party. you see about a representation of maybe 80% females and 20% males it feels really skewed and weird and like basically what the opposite of a sausagefest would feel like I don’t know when I’ve gone to them I’ve kind of felt like prey for the guys.

I personally don’t like the parties but I think final clubs are really good for link building community and I know girls who have been girl final clubs and guys who aren’t guy final clubs and I know they find the community to be like really strong and tight knit. that’s cool okay Savannah asked me how big was my biggest class and how small was my smallest. my biggest class that I took was probably at 10:00 with Gregory Mankiw sad about maybe like 500 people in that class. that was humongous my smallest class that I’ve ever taken was probably the first French class I ever took here it had about maybe 12 people in it and the craziest thing about that class was that I found out halfway through the school year that three of the kids in that class were like famous in some way or another had like famous connections one of them was Vera Wang’s daughter and then was Steve Jobs his nephew and like the third one was like this child art prodigy would sold art to Michael Jordan and Colin Powell and stuff and when I found that out I was blown away and that that was kind of when it hit me like I’m I’m going to Harvard this is not this is not normal all right I’m gonna say a quick goodbye because my camera is flashing at me this was me being yes or no answering your questions honestly without a script. I’ve to me down below in the comments if you loved it or hated it because I I do not know what’s going to come out after editing. I will be just as surprised as you are