What You Cannot Forget To Bring To College (Clothes Edition) | Boston University

hey guys welcome back to my channel um my name is Katie if you’re new here welcome. I’m a new video on stuff that I forgot to bring to college and I didn’t think I really really needed or just stuff that I just totally like didn’t think about and this is just like the close edition I’ll also do like dorm room essentials for college and like other stuff like that. yeah let’s get into it. I made a long list on my notes of like all this stuff to bring you can’t really see because of the Sun. I’m gonna start off with shoes I’m sorry the lighting. bad yeah.

What You Cannot Forget To Bring To College (Clothes Edition) | Boston University

I’m gonna start off with shoes. you need a comfy pair of sneakers to wear to class I know you might think like oh yeah like I can wear like sandals or something to class you need sneakers like I can’t stress this enough you walk. much in college if you have like a larger campus um but you need a nice pair of sneakers to a walk or a bed or like not even nice like just a comfy pair and then also you need a pair of shoes like a slides or even just like flip-flops that you can just walk to your friends room in because you don’t want to walk barefoot in the dorm. you just want like a quick pair of shoes that you can just slip on and like go to someone else’s room in um. I had a pair of rainbows they’re just like like leather flip-flops and those worked perfectly for me but you want a different pair of shoes for walking around that aren’t your shower shoes. yeah also bring showers shower shoes are key okay if your school has frats which you does and I go to bu you need a pair of sneakers that you can ruin like an old pair cheap pair my sneakers are trashed that I wore and like you might not believe me when I say like they’re trash like like a little bit on it they’re actually like crusty because they have dirt all over them it’s disgusting. get in pair of sneakers that you just don’t even care about because you don’t want to ruin your like nice pair of sneakers yeah protip oh also don’t wear expensive jewelry to frat houses my friend Claudia lost her hair may spray slit out of fried and like the first time we went out that’s happened and like I don’t know how but she found it um of our friends was like oh my god some guy like gave me this her mates hair makes bracelet like he was like yeah I just had it on the floor of the frat like of course the guy doesn’t know that these bracelets cost like five hundred dollars um. she was like I was like the girl was talking to me and I was like Claudia you’re a bracelet this is your bracelet cuz it’s like a blue like a very unique color. I was like that’s Claudia’s and. she found it but just don’t wear expensive jewelry two frets like you never know what’s gonna happen um okay also if you live in like a city or just an area if your college is in an area where you go out like into town a lot or out to restaurants and stuff I would definitely recommend bringing like a pair of booties also bring leggings if you like to work out in leggings um I would definitely bring leggings like I would wear a lot of my workout outfits to class if my classes ended late usually my classes would end around like 4 o’clock most days. on my way home from class I’d stop at the gym because it was like on the way back from like where I have my classes like to my door and I just like stop at the gym put my backpack and stuff in the locker and just work out and like sort of like just get it over with and I recommend like having leggings or like I honestly think that’s the best thing to wear because you’re not gonna want to wear shorts walking to the gym like in the winter it’s. cold. yeah I would wear leggings seekers in the sports broad class every single day. that I had no excuse like to skip the gym that day I’m like I’m wearing my clothes I need to stop at the gym before I go home. yeah that’s just like a pack that I have um like fact I guess we’re like on a routine that works for me okay um now we’re on to party clothes.

I would say that you need a pair of black jeans to bring to college it goes well with everything in the winter that’s like all people wear like black jeans are the thing in the winter like usually you don’t wear like denim jeans out to like a restaurant or even like I wore bought jeans to like frat party sometimes like I just think they look the best that’s just the style right now I don’t know what it’ll be like next year but usually black straight black jeans will stay in style um okay bring a strapless bra oh that’s nude color because you don’t know what you’re gonna be wearing and you’ll usually borrow a lot of your friends clothes and stuff if you you have like a black strapless bra you need to wear like a white shirt it’s a it’s like a whiteout or something a white themed party and you need to wear a white shirt you know my black strapless bra like you need a nude color strapless bra also like some outfits that you’ll wear to like parties and stuff it just looks. much better with strapless bras then like seeing the straps especially if you’re wearing like a tube to like tube top you know what I’m saying. what I didn’t know this before I went to college I don’t know why I didn’t know this but there are. many themed parties at college if you go to UM a college with frats like. many themed parties and my best friend Claudia at school like who I just mentioned before she brought. many like costumes and stuff and not first I was why do you have all these like crazy like mesh fishnet things but you actually wear them like some of the themes are crazy like one was like a wig party like another ones like black out white out what else also you can just use like the random costumes that you have for like Halloween because you don’t want to spend too much on your costume for Halloween especially when you’re in college and you’re kind of broke um but anyways um oh. there’s a lot of neon themes like you want to have like bright colors I think for like the themed parties or at least I wanted bright colors um. yeah I brought like a lot of like neon tube tops and yon tank tops neon skirts and stuff like that to college because um there was actually got amount of neon parties there’s actually like one party out of fry it was called like bright and tight of course but yeah. I like got to college and actually it was my mom who told me you’re gonna need like um stuff like this like neon tops and college like you might have a neon party and I was like okay mom like whatever and first college party I had it was a neon party. thanks mom listen to your mom everyone next oh. when you go out like around town or like into the city with your friends I would recommend bringing a black belt like a belt to put around your jeans or like whatever pants you’re wearing out because I think like a black belt brings your whole outfit together really well really it doesn’t have to be black but I think black is like the most versatile color to wear but like if you’re wearing a body suit and jeans I think like we’re adding a belt to that just adds. much and completes the outfit. well um that’s just me though but I would bring one okay now comfy clothes. after I get home from the gym I like shower and I got into my pajamas and usually you like when I get in my pajamas I don’t wear a bra but since I’m like doing homework with other people and like going down to the dining hall for dinner or whatever like hanging out with friends like I wanted to have like a comfy bra to wear that with. I recommend bringing like a Calvin Klein like one of those bras like just like a Calvin Klein sports bra um and then also and then right before you go to bed you just like take it off and then you’re still in your pajamas like you’re chilling I bring sweatpants baggy sweatpants just like just sleep in and stuff and the sweatshirts sweatshirts sweatshirts sweatshirts that is all I wore in the winter because it’s. cold like especially at BU I would have to wear a sweatshirt underneath my like big jacket my big puffer parka thing that I’d wear um just cuz like the hood is. cozy and I would like pull the strings as tight as I could. that um my like face wouldn’t get too cold cuz it’s freezing I forgot a raincoat. I forgot to bring a raincoat and of course it rained and I just had to wear like a sweatshirt and it was a super hot day and just like sucked. bring a raincoat please learn from my mistakes also even if you go to a warm school I would still bring a puffer coat just because like there are gonna be days or just like a light puffer like because there are going to be days where it’s going to get cold out um especially since you’re like usually used to the warm weather if you go to a warm school like 45 degrees it’s gonna be cold for you. on days that it gets to 45 or if you have early morning classes and it’s 45 degrees like you’re gonna want like a little puffer coat to wear to class um socks you cannot have enough socks. you most people are least I wear a pair of socks every single day and I like throw them in the wash like after at college I throw my socks into the hamper. I need seven pairs of socks for every single day of the week because I only do laundry once a week. have at least seven pairs of socks maybe even more if you like don’t wear the same socks that you wear like working out as you do with like going out shoes like you know what I mean like oh also it can get super bright in the dorms especially in the morning because the shades that they have for you like really don’t block out the Sun enough in the morning.

I would definitely bring like an eye mask to like wear while you’re sleeping um or just to have on your nightstand like to throw on like if it gets bright in the morning and you want to like space asleep just like the Sun comes up by like 7:00 you on the weekends you don’t want to get up at 7 I promise you or at least I don’t okay. for the bathroom bring bring bring a headband to wash your face with her do face masks with I actually got this one and this one’s. cute I love it. much it’s like super soft I was like years on it it’s like it’s just a nice headband like this I like put it around like my head you know how to put on a headband but yeah. I use this to wash my face in the morning and do face masks and I love it. much also it looks. cute um bring a water bottle a nice water bottle with like preferably a handle like a little like handle oh. you guys mine like I have a Hydra flask that I have at school yes I’m a basic girl um. like I just walk to class and I like carry it like this. it’s nice to have a little like carrying thing to like carry your water bottle when you’re walking to class but I didn’t realize how much I would use my water bottle but like you’re not going to have at college I never bought plastic water bottles you just like don’t have time or money for that you don’t want to like carry that up like five flights of stairs when you’re at college um. yeah definitely bring a water bottle like a big one. it lasts for like most of the day and then you only have to refill it once in a while okay oh. if you plan to self-tan at college brewing exfoliating gloves I forgot to bring exfoliating gloves. then I had to go to Dollar Tree and get a pair umm but yeah. just bring them like when you’re going also bring the tide stick removers if you I guess makeup on your shirt right before you go out you like tide stick in it also bring like shout or like just stain remover because I actually had to use stain remover. much. I was a vampire for Halloween and um I got fake blood all over my duvet cover all over it looked like a crime scene this like actually looked like someone thought killed my dorm um. I had to wash it like the next day and if I didn’t have shout like my bed would have looked. gross for the rest of the year like you need to have stain remover it like it helped me. much and I didn’t think I would need to use it I’d be like finally never use this but you honestly spill. much in college like and it’s always going to stain something because like it’s not like you have hard work like you might have hardwoods in your dorm or no you wouldn’t but like or like hard floors but I had a carpet in my room um. like if something spills teeth are going on my carpet or like some something of my stuff like. you just want to have like stain remover stuff to get it out um I think that’s it feel like I’m forgetting something oh bring hair elastics a lot of hair elastics you can never have enough. just bring like one of the big packs with like 50 hair ah sticks I think that’s it I hope this video helps you guys um with like if you’re really going into college next year or something and you like need to pack I hope this helped just like learn from my mistakes I’m like the stuff I forgot also in college Amazon is your best friend because it stuff comes. quickly and if you learned about like a theme party last minute you can just like order something like a wig last minute to come in the mail and. you’re ready for the themed party but yeah I’ll see you guys next time like and subscribe if you haven’t bye

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