. welcome to my house this is just a general overview of what my house looks like obviously right now I’m moving. all of this is like all this was in here the whole entire but casing was decorated which if you check my other previous videos you kind of get a hint of it but as you come into the house we have a couch let me stop but yeah we have this really cute section over here which my roommates had utilized as plants. they have planted a bunch of things which now they’ve all moved out they’ve taken your plants with them like who takes away plants you know I’m kidding and this is really the view of the place and then you come around here and a TV used to be here that’s upon its time but this is really my favorite section of the house all of these bookcases shelves because it’s a really nice way to decorate your house without trying or doing the most because if you put a few pieces of art in here books flowers plants whatever you have it comes together really uniquely and also in like one Accord and it brings like life and a homey type vibe to the place as well and then we come over here there yes yeah wait where’d it go there used to be two very large chairs right here like two really big like high-end chairs and then my roommate I put up a bar sign but you know disregard that cuz right back here it was kind like a bar area but not really it was a really nice way to study and a really nice place to put your stuff and then we come here we’re not like this couch then my roommate had brought and they like goes into a bed. whenever we have like a lot of guests they always have places to stay the basic 4×4 then oh I wish you guys have saw my roommate hat she’s a painter and they were like paintings that’s why I see those three things there’s a companion over here but one thing I also do like about this house is I have to say this rando brick wall in the back like it’s. random because everything is white and then you go and is like up about. I really like it brings more um more of a unique touch to the house. I do have to say in this fake old fireplace that’s like it was. big like come on um and then you enter here and then we had extra closet space and then we have a half a bath in here um yeah this is such a dry house tour but I told y’all I give you our house or. and then you come into our kitchen oh yeah this is what like no need to give me details all the kitchens are also like yeah and we have a what is this washing um my gosh what is this a dishwasher and then you come in through me backyard hello Georgetown hello your child is anyone home yeah but our houses are like interconnected other houses it’ll be funny somebody actually yelled back at me too and then this was really try you that oh my god oh my god oh that is. creepy I’m filming a video.

Georgetown University | Townhouse Tour

I was like nobody’s gonna come out here think something oh hey this is YouTube. yeah I’m a curator I don’t know what all those many refrigerators come from you know that when college students are moving out they always literally dump things. I don’t know one of my housemates went to go get those cuz that’s what you’re looking at the business I stopped my patients we used to have a basement. this board usually led to the basement but I used to get flooded all the time. they shot it down that was high key creepy oh I didn’t think anyone would respond to my call I don’t think. so now we’re gonna go up Z stash of Z’s – obviously having lots of fun here lots of fun okay now I’m gonna quickly show you a snippet of each room. this is a two bedroom house. this is where our washer and dryer is located right in here our washer/dryer which I need did you laundry one more time for you and then this was my house really quickly really quickly cause it’s a mess right now cuz everybody moved out but one thing I loved about their room was their freakin closet you see this walk-in closet cuz you walk in oh that’s not fair elected by their room and they also have that brick accent fake fireplace touch to their pleas um I also actually really liked their view which is of the backyard and really good me was actually not that good if you consider the thing and then this is same was room say hi okay yeah my roomie he says picture beyond the door but I like could it help there. this is a quick scan of our room I did that because my roommate does not like the idea of her you know her sanctuary being on video. yes I did a quick scan but obviously I’m all packed up now. there’s really not much to show I mean we had a TV we have a TV in our room we have a lot of storage space in our room. that’s one thing I like like this entire thing we used to storage it’s like guided and then we have these lights that go all over around our room and. during a night time it looks really nice and then this is my closet which is now empty and this is our bathroom which is pretty big actually yeah pretty big but yeah guys yeah yeah yeah this is not really much to it there’s nothing else really much to it you know guys for coming on this impromptu house tour but I do want to try to believe you I wanna show you guys what one of George sounds town houses look like um and not every town house in Georgetown looks like this I want to tell you this is Farley top-5 not every difference on that towns look like this a lot of them looks a mess or not gonna mess they’re much smaller. we got super blessed with this place. that’s what it looks like that but yeah thank you for coming to my another my another impromptu you please tour I will see y’all in the next video maybe I’m wearing the same clothes talk about something else who knows bye