Applying To College In California?

hey everybody welcome back to my channel it’s me Katrina Marie I’m here to make sure that you become the very best possible applicant before you click Submit and today I want to talk to you about California why because I just got back from there that’s why and I had an amazing time and if any of you ever visited or currently live in California you’ll know that it’s pretty cool it has a lot of variety and it has a lot going on there. let’s just kind of talk about California did because it has a unique higher education system and I was brought up there I was born there and I kind of just want to share with you a little bit of information on how to get started and the four different options you have applying to college or university there. let’s just jump right into it there are four tiers of colleges and universities in the state of California it’s quite unique and the first tier is community colleges community colleges literally do not have any crazy hard core requirements simply it just requires that you either graduate it or taking your GED there is really no major deadline process like there are with other types of universities there’s no essays there’s no SATs or a CT requirements there are no GPA requirements there’s no interview requirements it is pretty straightforward and in the first two years you’re getting your general education done it’s a little bit more of affordable option for those of you who maybe can’t afford it or or can’t afford going to college and it’s a good option to get your first two years done it’s the same kind of curriculum you would be doing as if you were going to go to a four-year institution and the great thing is is that you can get an associate’s degree and then also transfer to a four-year university and finisher last two years. the Community College route is actually a really great option for people and a lot of people that have done it they they feel that they’ve saved quite a bit of money and if you just stay focused and you meet all the requirements you can transfer pretty smoothly with your transfer counselor at the Community College all right the second is CSU California State University there are 23 campuses. the campuses are all over the state of California depending on what kind of environment you’re looking for there are a variety of different campuses that have different things that they offer I personally went to a California State University they are a liberal arts type of institution however they’re growing in offering master’s degrees and PhDs and there are research opportunities as well but traditionally they are a liberal arts style institution they are a little bit more affordable they are a four-year institution and their application deadline is from October 1st to November 30th and that is a universal application window it is every year it it’s been like that for all the time. the CSU’s are a great option they are pretty straightforward they do have certain GPA requirements or maybe SAT requirements you’ll have to look at each University but they have no essays and they have no interviews they are pretty straightforward it is very numbers focused it is not holistic. if you want to know more about that you can look up to each CSU website and see how to apply to that particular campus now the third tier is you C’s University of California. there are 10 campuses but none of these campuses have undergraduate degrees okay the tenth one does not. if you are interested in going to a UC the application process is universal and their window to file the application is November 1st to November 30th and again it is a universal application timeline and that deadline is a hard deadline. make sure that if you’re thinking about applying to a UC you only have a month to submit the application that window from November 1st to November 30th now it is a lot more holistic yes they want to know a little bit more about the school you go to your grades your GPA your SAT or a CT results they want to know more about you as an applicant and they want to have you write some personal statements their short answer and they want to know a little bit more about your extracurriculars and what you’ve been doing while you were in high school. again it is a lot more in depth the application process and that kind of leads us into the fourth one which is private schools private schools there are about 75 and in California and they vary from you know maybe just arts or maybe just tech or maybe they have a liberal arts education California private universities vary and the application varies. you’re gonna have to look very closely at what they’re asking of you their application window depends on their their schools. you’re gonna have to figure that part out and research to see when their applications do you may need to submit your grades your SAT or a CT scores your personal statements or essays you might have to submit letters of recommendation you may have to do an interview it really depends on the school there is no universal centralized system of applying to all these schools now there is something called common application the school might be on Common App or you might have to apply it through their personal website. again each private school varies there you have it there are the four tiers the first tier is community colleges the second is CSU’s California state universities third one is UCS University of California and the fourth are private universities. if you feel that this information has helped you or if you are interested or you know someone that’s interested in applying to college or university in California make sure that you like share subscribe to my channel and I’ll catch you guys on the next video