How I Write A 12 Page Essay In One Night! Week 10 At Ucla!

hey everyone it is Monday June 5th and it’s 2:30 I have a paper due in that less than 24 hours. in about twenty three and a half hours let’s see how long it has to be in or 8 to 10 pages we’re going to do this in one day it’s gonna be great I already have like a really good idea and good outline of what I want to do. right now I’m in acraman which is like our Student Union here you silh it and that’s the pharmacy because I just had I just came from a doctor’s appointment he has real facts and I have a lot of things that happen but yes I’m going through medicine to move on our perfect timing. I can do some work on campus right now I’m gonna do some background research on things for my topic which we’ll talk about more once I have like a more concrete like Jesus I’ll tell you all what it’s about but I’m gonna go ahead and do that right now and I’m gonna take you on this dream scene. that’s 24 hours. let’s go alright everyone. update it’s 6 o’clock now I just had dinner and I didn’t blog die for Cobra which it’s like food food watch upstairs have some pasta some chicken parm and I’m back in my little nook here under my bunk bed and math sorority house in my room alright. I’m finishing up research and doing the outline I’m working on my thesis right here and then have some interview stuff I have notes here from reading. we’re getting all this probably gonna spend another oil on say like two hours for research and outlining outlining super important because I like to have everything like all the topics that are like bullet points written out and then after I just go to town and like write for a couple hours and then we’re done. finish up this research and get this outline going update didn’t finish my research yet slept for an hour and a half are you looking to test this she knows she thought me asleep but I’m finishing up my research now I’m almost done a couple articles I have. much research and then I’m just going to this is all I’m actually I’ve learned this but yeah and then I’m going to outline everything I kind of I have I have a really good idea for my thesis I just gotta flush it out organize take break and then we’re gonna sit for like three hours and just crank the baby out it’s 11 o’clock no I took too much contacts a shower gel that jazz now push out my paper I feel like I’ve been saying that for forever but flushed out get a good outline and I’ll tell you all my short writing and want to finish and Mick downstairs to our dining room now it’s work done update it’s 12:45 and I totally forgot to vlog when I started writing but just kind of started write anything but can what happened but I finished my introduction and thesis which is right there and then I’m start on some body paragraphs which I’m gonna start over here just.

I like to base everything out. I’m going to do that but yeah we’re one and a half patients now almost two pages done. out of eight to ten and I got this awful sick. I’m a tickle snack break I meet with bagel I’ll probably start again around one o’clock. meet to 2:45 and I spent the last 20 minutes just procrastinating I was on Twitter just you know on social media and other things like that I posted this tweet about rejection and I was Victoria friends are like totally random and like off topic and of the open up another like 25 minutes I wasn’t working on my essay back on it and how six pages in how it’s going to work for like half an hour more like really focused not half an hour and then hit sleep and then I’ll wake up early in the morning finish it revise it do the work cited and continue on with my day good morning it’s 8:45 have some breakfast continuing paper writing I’m back from class and I totally am. stupid I didn’t everyone block here I left on my bed because I was in a rush to get to class because I was finishing my paper at class from 11:00 to 1:00 it’s 1:00 now and my papers do at – well I got to bring a hard copy to class I just got printed out but finished with that I’ll show you the finished product ones like pronoun stuff but I wish I brought my camera class because we on a live performance we had like a producer come in he brought one of his artists I’ve never heard of her but in school she’s like a live performance is for my history video glass. she was like singing and she like brought in some instruments and mixers it was really cool the outside you just need to print out my paper have an hour break meet my lunch which today we had chicken nachos I got some chicken nachos a quick walk and I came late to lunch or like lunch is served till 12:30. the chefs will make you like lately okay I meet this primitive Brit I’ll get back to you all of them in my class now and here we go is what the 9th works bang you all have been waiting this moment for the finished product. we have 12 pages of beautiful la well that’s work cited page but 10 pages let’s work cited um right within my last cost or last lecture or like laughs like just cost discussion whatever for this class. we’re. close to being done guys this is crazy all right I’ll go ahead just walk out bosses as we move on to next essay I’m sorry Guga in the blog here I feel good place to end the vlog come you guys are about to see me leave turn in the paper. if y’all enjoyed this vlog and I will consolidate to make your video I want