A Day In The Life Of A College Student – University Of Washington (Bothell Campus)

hi guys. today is under the video of me the video a video of me and what I do in a typical day when I have school and. it’s not a kind of like a follow me around day in the life of a college student. um yeah I’m actually working right now is my laptop um I work from home. um on days I have school I work from 8 to 1 8 to 12 and then I go to school right after. um I’m typically at school from 1:15 until 7:30 7.5 and I have three classes and I’m going to take you guys with me to my 3 classes. first I’m just going to do my makeup because I mean it’s kind of scary can’t we walk around no eyebrows like am I look insane. I’m just gonna quickly do my makeup and I kind of just watch my work as I do a makeup and I watch youtube videos on my phone. I’m gonna start my makeup and I’m just going to show you guys the foundation I use I’m not going to do the whole routine if you guys want a whole routine on my makeup my everyday makeup that I wear I will leave that down below cuz I’ve already recorded it um yeah these are the two foundations I’m wearing today both the infallible this is l’oreal infallible Pro matte 24 hour foundation and then this is the L’Oreal infallible total coverage 24 hour foundation. I just I use this lighter one and the parts on one highlight and I use a dark one all the rest of my face. I’m gonna just do my makeup and I’ll come back to you guys once I’m done with my makeup. I’m gonna make us now I’m gonna eat make a snack and put that my backpack and just work until it’s time to go to school and is usually traffic on the way school because I live like 40 minutes from my school is stupid idea to go to the school but when I applied I lived closer if that makes sense. um yeah I’ll see you guys in just a bit hey okay. it’s about 10 or 12 10 and I heading to school now someone left a copy in here I’m just going to make a click hot chocolate in the Keurig and I’m taking oranges and this mango cereal bar that I got from Trader Joe’s and applesauce and let’s flip goldfish and I have these rice crackers that my boyfriend Perry button those rice crackers apparently.

A Day In The Life Of A College Student - University Of Washington (Bothell Campus)

I’m gonna pack my back and I’ll probably get a Red Bull um when I get down my first class because you drink coffee and Red Bull well you know it’s not coffee much of it. my water bottle I’m leaving for school see you when you get home from working out alright. I’m heading out my back I’m heading to school down los en retard okay. it’s about 40 minutes my school like I told you guys which is which was an idiotic move on my part for going to school and a place that solenoid. I’m there. I’m just gonna head there now and um dangerous to drive and record.

I probably will record the drive maybe I can like try to record you know once I get to a safe place but not on the freeway. we’re going to listen to some music and get out of here. I’ll see you guys once I get to my actual school okay I know it looks crazy in here that’s because I’m in a parking garage and I finally got a parking spot. it’s one all its 101 you guys can’t see that but my class starts in 14 minutes I go pay for parking and head into class. we’re gonna do let me know several I’m on campus and welcome to my first classes in this building don’t worry about this painting – looks people are gonna look at me here but now we’re adding too fast now Mike responds which it is journalism and media history or something like that don’t worry the screen looks people are gonna love to you my first time filming at school this is my canvas it’s not that big compared to the other one foot [Applause] [Applause] I’m finally outside and I know there’s like a lot of people and like the common areas. I thought I would record myself out here. now my second class got canceled my class does 3:30 to 5:30 thought Kansas school and I still have a class from 5:45 to 7:45. instead of you know being weird and sitting and type I’m we go to the bookstore to get my book and get a Red Bull that’s we’re going there’s a subway okay baby I’m here [Applause] [Applause] hey there plenty of people who aren’t struggling with depression and still are okay. if you guys can’t tell I’ve moved my car because it was way too it was way too dark where was parked earlier and plus when I come out of my class later tonight at 7:45 or whatever I’m closer to like the stairs. it’s a lot less scary you’ve been walking like through the dark parking garage. I’m like right by the stairs like you can see my school over there like yeah. it’s only 4:15 I’m still gonna I decided I’m gonna stay and go to class because all right here. am I supposed to go to class right and yeah and you’re actually on top of one of my books. I just picked up from the bookstore but this book was $30 and I long story buying books is like literally the bane of my existence um I end up ordering my books from Amazon because they were cheaper but they are taking way longer to get here than I expected. I think you better buy my shit next time and not wait until week before I should ordered them before before then but. yeah I still have like in a whole hour left I want to continue listening to podcast and maybe you try sneaking nap and I have like a little over an hour I ate snacks I had these rice rolls that marks parents gave me or if you guys don’t have long channel marks my boyfriend his parents bought me these rice crackers are really really good but I was an idiot and left them open. these are stale ones.

I ate one of those before I realized they’re scaling gross and then I started eating this Trader Joe’s mango cereal bar which is actually really good I didn’t expect it to be good but I decided I would buy some snacks to try it’s actually really good. I’m eating that drinking my Red Bull and I have my water that I’ve been sipping on. yeah I’m going to continue listening to more about come like behind on pond castle is actually a good day to just be in my color and yeah. um five 45 minutes faster. I have an hour and a half and then we run back home. I will catch up with you guys when it’s time to go into my next class officially I won’t come back to you guys until it’s time to go to my next class okay bye [Applause] [Applause] okay. it’s time to go. um don’t be stupid at school the only thing you guys missed was one class because I get told you that class that canceled my professor wasn’t here whoa. you guys only missed out on one class it 747 my last teacher kept me in class for. long my mom got her passport a. yeah I’m really excited to go home today was such a long day at school and we didn’t eat I didn’t even have one class or you know you guys I’m saying I didn’t only had two classes today but I had to be here for the entire six hours. I’m finally on my way home now guys like my highlighter Tom point huh boy would you.

I’m gonna head home now and I will see you guys when we get home okay time finding the bug mess up in smells like cigarettes in here and I don’t know why it’s not like cigarette the people aren’t supposed to be smoking. I’m actually done get my mail I should have to there’s like two mailboxes here interested District Court I think I’ve jury duty finally home let’s go family switch there we all are no boyfriend but a ton of laundry all right and my boyfriend didn’t take the trash out because I smell it all right okay normally I go home and take my backpack off and I check the nail which you guys saw it looks like I got mostly books. that’s good all the books. they needed all right thumbnail material but these are all the books that I need for class this quarter. that’s good that I finally got them all um. yeah now I’m gonna go take a shower because I’m. hot thank you. much for watching a day in a day in the life of a college student um I go to University of Washington if I didn’t mention that before which I don’t think I mean did I go to the University of Washington as you can see on my shirt says Washington um I’m a junior my major is media and communications but I hope to apply to law school next year and I want to work in government someday. that’s the plan the goal is to become a lawyer and become a you know um person and politics I’m not exactly sure yet but I know I want to go into government politics but my first step is to go to law school. all over my my next step after getting my badge was reading media communications and then become a lawyer which is actually what Hillary Hillary Clinton did she actually has a bachelor’s immediate communication or maybe majors but or maybe a major but I know if media communications journalism and then she went on to law school. not that I want to be the you know I don’t think I want to be the next Hillary Clinton but like that’s obviously hashtag goals. so if you like this video please comment like subscribe if you guys feel like I left something out please leave your questions down below or if you guys want me to do another one and include certain things please let me know down below I got this idea from someone else I saw a lot of like follow me around or a daily life of a college student I thought they’re really interesting um unfortunately my college is not as big as others and one of my classes was cancelled today. you guys only it’s all kind of like a not a real full Daniel – but yeah not yet not you know I really I love fun filming it um it’s basically how my Tuesday and 30s go I always have Tuesday and Thursday 115 to 745 is when my last class in. yeah um let me know what you guys thought about this video and I will see you at my next one bye

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