hi everybody sandy Kreisberg here the HBS guru this is our Friday Fridays with Sandy a handicapping session we've got an a very exciting candidate named Shaquille Walker Shaquille say hi to people and just intrepretation is introduce yourself to your HBS classmates in 20 seconds hi everyone I'm Shaquille Walker graduated from BYU with the degree in exercise science I have some experience in startups in the medical area and just came here from Bain in the in the Dallas office and I'm excited to be a part of this class not bad you didn't you didn't goof up that's what counts okay. what we got here is we've got a Brigham Young University graduate with a three seven we've got a 710 GMAT and then we've got a lot of pluses we've got a painting company gig in Dallas tell us tell us about we're just interested in how many people in your cohort yeah gain in Dallas apply to business school and how big your cohort is yeah. there's about 30 in the cohort in Dallas I would guess about 15 will apply and typically from what I've seen it looks like somewhere around five people will go to Harvard or Stanford out of those 15 that apply yeah. those are well classes a third full or two-thirds empty but those are pretty good odds yeah and what you've got going for you you've also got a startup could you tell us about that yeah. the startup is called mile storm it's a sports recovery equipment startup I was a hold on well what does that mean yeah. we make massage and heat devices that help with recovery. it'll help you to loosen your muscles it'll help you to speed up your can you give me some metrics on this how old is it what are your sales what's what's up with active are you in it sure. we started in August 2017 sale lifetime sales to date are around 2 million with yeah most of that was in 2019 because we we didn't really start sales until February 2019 and it's still operating I'm now more on as a strategic partner I'm not in the day-to-day since I'm here in Dallas at Maine well that's a that's a that's a real part of your story and then after during college yes yeah I I did an internship at Nielsen it was a project that focused on looking at their different trends seasonality flavor trends good that's good and then and then you were a professional runner. tell us a little about that yeah. I left college in 2016 to go run for the Brooks Peace in co-op could you tell us about your experience at Brooks yeah. Brooks Brooks is a shoe company it's a shoe brand I ran for the Brooks Peace Track Club in Seattle it's a professional running team and.

I joined them in 2016 just before the Olympics in preparation for the Olympic Trials and then the following four year cycle and I was there for about a year and a half two years what was there like it was an incredible opportunity it was something that I always thought I wanted to do I thought you know I'm gonna be a professional runner that's what I'm gonna do but it was also a learning experience because it didn't take me long to realize that I learned a lot about myself I I thought I wanted you know the running and the flaying Fame and the glory associated with it but it ended up not being as fulfilling as I thought and. I went back to college and started a company instead and now I'm in consulting you need a slightly better summary of that experience okay why you left you know just present it as something that had its own built in termination you know there aren't many there aren't many professional runners you know you know it was the great I joined matelo athletes I got to learn you know the Brooks company blah blah blah yeah okay here's one this is this is this is a way that a lot of people can get screwed up you have on your resume that one of your personal interest is listening to philosophical podcast oh yes they may say which philosopher do you really like a lot and why yeah. this might be controversial but there's a couple different philosophers are like I like Jordan Peterson I really enjoy Sam Harris they're very different they're opposites in fact you could say they're kind of enemies I like them both for their opposing ideas around some of the things that I really like about like what is why am I here was the purpose of why some of these deeper philosophical questions that sometimes people don't talk about but you did a good job of getting through that they might if they're annoying which they frequently are they might well be shifter annoying or what they would call Thoreau they might drill down on that alert yeah be ready for that this is a general lesson folks be ready to talk a lot about anything on your resume you yeah put it there you own it yeah man I you got a lot going for you yeah we got a three seven seven ten what's your first choice my first choice is HBS that's kind of the goal and in Stanford okay you should you should get interviewed at HBS and and you seem like a articulate type. yeah I predict you're gonna tee your chances at age getting into HBS are real good at Stanford you also got a lot going for you a question of just is there an x-factor that's what you need to get into is there some x-factor and you've you do have an extra factor and it's just a question of how you portray it excuse me how you portray it and are able to talk about. you I think I would I think I wrote you this before you at Stanford II I think your store your essay and your account to yourself is gonna count a little more than it does for most people during the secret you know fit Stanford the essay actually doesn't count all that much they know what they want and the essay can you only frequently hurts people if they say something well stupid which is rare for discordant which is my frequent that's your story. you know you're a strong candidate man and I wish it well I would just uh you know III think you should get interviewed at HBS and then just prepare for that in some yeah okay yeah yeah yeah okay good talking to you Shaquille and lots of luck and let us know how this turns out will do thanks Andy beginning okay adios everybody see you next Friday

  1. Vinay Dharwadker, February 1, 2018
Bainie, Byu Athlete = Harvard/Stanford/Wharton?