How Much Does Gpa Matter When Applying To College?⎜The Gpa Game

hey what’s up I’m Donna and welcome back to my channel diamond star today I’m going to be answering the question I believe everybody who has apply to college and every one who it’s going to apply to college had and that is does GPA matter and answer to that question is honestly yes it matters but is it the end-all be-all not really if you know what I mean but before I get into video as always please make sure to hit the like play if you liked the video also make sure that you comment down below any questions that you may have about a college application process about college life in general or you didn’t video suggestions that you would like for me to do if you don’t want to put it down below in the comment you can always do me on my social media and I’ll be happy to answer those questions for you lastly don’t forget to subscribe to join down my family and also. you don’t miss any more videos that I’ve uploaded by everything College back to GPAs it is important that you have the GPA that you need to be able to meet the requirements to be able to apply to different colleges and universities and scholarship programs and things of that nature but other than that haven’t written the GPA looks good and that’s about it I found a lot of people have this idea GPA confused I used to think I had to do well in my classes. I could have a high GPA even though that is true it kind of misses the mark actually the mindset that we should have as students is that our GPA is high because we do well in our classes at high GPA is a byproduct of us doing really well and not a goal of ours now if I just lost you let me explain I think be mentally everything is not sitting around EPA actually everything centers around our transcript was featured our GPA among a few other important things that college admissions officers look at most importantly your transcript goes into detail or what classes that you actually took and which classes you did well in if you have a high GPA it shows that you’ve done really well in your classes but it found to show which classes you’ve done well in. you could have taken classes known to be a little bit easier over classes known to be more challenging and just look at a GPA long no one can ever tell the difference. for example if a university was looking at your transcript over another student’s transcript and they see that both you guys have the same GPA but one person will look at the pre-algebra and you went up to count for which one looks best to them and which one do you think they would choose over the other also your transcript shows when you to a certain classes and what your class load was when you were completing that course I see this be helpful in one two ways it can show that you have a heavy course load and you were still able to maintain academic excellence throughout your term and balance the workload from each of your classes also it can show and give a little bit of an explanation of why maybe one or two classes slip one semester or one Turner could it can show that you was taking a course low of demanding classes at once yes as a side note if you feel that one of your semesters or one of the grace in your classes couldn’t have been better and you feel like you need to explain and you have a good explanation behind why your grade is what it is your personal statement it’s a great place to do that just you’ve got to make sure you know how to spin your story just right. it’ll work in your favor another thing too is that class is way differently on GPA and others for example I believe like a CNA through class looks like a a or being a lower-level class and then we did misleading to admissions counselors like scholarship program officers who are trying to decide between two students who could get a scholarship to you to yourself in that niche when just looking well if they only looked at your GPA alone lastly I talked about missus counselors that one of the main things that make GPA even more unreliable it’s the fact that there are. many skills I know there are skills ranging from a four-point scale all the way up to a 100 point scale and because schools have different rules about how a class is weight into the GPAs and because GPAs can be. different from school to school and from student to student it can be hard to compare student by their GPA and because admissions council have to read through jobs applications and each year I would assume that was easier for them just to pick up a transcript and see what goes actually into the GPA that the student has versus just looking at GPA and making the decision now because EPA at least a lot of important details need it to build a strong case for accepting a student’s I as a student would not heavily rely or solely rely on my GPA to get me into the school that I wanted to go to with that being said I would put more of my focus into taking meaningful classes and doing well in those meaningful classes instead of taking unmeaning full classes just because they’re easy and you know you’re do well in dealing and I didn’t want to make sure that you keep in mind that there’s more that goes into a college application than just what your GPA there’s test scores they look at they look at your personal statement they look at your extracurricular activity look at your resume they’re. much more than they look at over your GPA that works with your GPA ting a complement your GPA and GPA should complement it well this is all that happens video please make sure you like the video if you liked the video I also like the video if you found it helpful make sure that you comment down below any questions that you may have about an application process or about college in general or any video suggestions that you have for me lastly don’t forget to subscribe. you don’t miss any more college videos and most importantly. you can become a part of the diamond family for now I am Diamond start and I’ll see you in the next one

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