Best Ap World Prep Book: Princeton Vs Barron’S

all righty P world students you want to know which prep book you should get. I got them all for you and went through them and reviewed them. that I can tell you which one is the absolute best and which ones that you should skip. stay tuned I’m going to show you let’s get our review on hey if we’re just meeting this is high-level history I’m Amanda and I’m helping you earn college credit for AP World History. hit the subscribe button to be notified for when I post new videos and hit the like button if you appreciate this content you want more things like this all the links for all these books that I’m gonna go over is in the description. at any point head over the description. you can get on Amazon and get your review going. let’s jump in how did I do this how did I determine which one was the best I used three different criteria. I kind of created this rubric and I looked at readability whether or not it’s actually an easy book to read I looked at usefulness is it actually gonna help you does it supplement what you already have right you already have a textbook is it just like another textbook or is it actually gonna help you review and then third I looked at visual appealing I know that students and lots of people just like I prefer looking at a book that doesn’t have too much text that has charts and graphs and images right. I kind of looked at that and considered that factor when looking at which one was the best. with that said um quick caveat you know yourself the best you know how you learn. I’m gonna tell you which one I think is the best but ultimately you’ve got to make that decision for yourself either way it’s really important that you get yourself a prep book and get reviewing make a schedule get going read the book before the test. let’s start at these two little guys these ones were like the cheap ones they’re they’re much smaller than the other ones crash course world hit P world history crash course this one is May I don’t know this one’s kinda like a cliff notes of AP World everything in it. in terms of readability super easy to read it’s all just bullet points it’s got no images it’s got you know maybe like a few maps and actually it does have a cool. much cool like comparison charts at the end but for the most part this one doesn’t bring much value to your review because it doesn’t actually give you much information about anything it just sort of says like this thing happened and kind of calls your attention to it. if you have you know a good textbook and you don’t mind going back and forth between the two then great if not skip it there also no practice questions in here. worth knowing this one this is kind of cool find I had never heard of this before it’s called ASAP world history and it is from Princeton this one is the readability of this was awesome because it is all visual the entire thing it’s just like all kinds of different like graphic organizers you’ve got the like flowcharts like this and trying to get the right lighting all right you’ve got flow charts you’ve got maps you’ve got images you’ve got all kinds of cool stuff that is just not in these other books all the other text books or prep books are all text heavy there’s just a lot of text you know and this one is just really focused on like look at that look at that nice little chart right there or this page this is an awesome page right. you can see timeline and then like a pyramid chart one suggestion for this book is to use the graphic organizers to kind of reverse engineer practice prompt. you know you can get yourself a huge list of practice prompts and answer them that’s one way to study another way is you could actually look at the answers and write the prompts yourself and then write a paragraph using that this is a really cool book to do that. I don’t know this one doesn’t have any practice you know practice exams no questions and doesn’t talk about the actual test but to be honest I think those two things what is what makes some of these other ones the weakest. forget it get this one it’s like eight or nine bucks it’s pretty cheap. all right going into some of these bigger brand books let’s start with five steps to a five this one out of all of these that I looked at is honestly my least favorite and here’s why readability pretty easy to read I mean it is still really like summarized but the problem with this book is it has for press practice exams and that is the most out of any of these books except that the quality of the questions is the lowest out of any of these books. for example in the practice DBQ in here they they literally use a document from like on this day in history history calm like that’s nothing like what you’re gonna see on college board. writing a whole practice tbq with documents that are like pretty you know thrown together is not really gonna help you if you’re just looking for a lot of practice questions like I wouldn’t spend 18 bucks on this book in or whatever it is on Amazon I would get like the practice app like Romulus or something and just practice like that don’t get a book like this. five steps to a five skip it okay Kaplan this one was like a surprise I have never used Kaplan before and. I wasn’t sure what to expect but I was pleasantly surprised with this book and I actually I would say this one was my favorite out of all of them in terms of readability it was really easy to read the sentence structure is nice and short sentences the vocab is nice and easy to understand. you know you can take complicated history and understand it easier by reading this the best part about this book is this beginning part that they have is called like targeted review and practice and. they know that you have a textbook they know that you’ve been studying this material and that this isn’t the first time that you’re reading about you know the Mongols like you probably know some things about them already. what they’re gonna do is help you figure out what parts about that you don’t know and like what do you actually need to read about you know. if you take like Period three for example there’s gonna be some topics that you know better than others and they this this beginning piece lets you kind of figure out which parts of the exam you are already kind of good at. that you can really focus on the content that you’re struggling with. that’s huge none of these other books do anything like that also all of these books say to 19 on them but this is the only one that’s actually updated for the exam the exam itself changed in 2016 and the summer 2016 and the summer of 2017 and. the rubrics are a little bit different and in this book the rubrics are correct. shout-out to Kaplan for keeping up with the changes oh by the way this one is free on Amazon right now. at the time that I made this video I don’t know they’re having some crazy deal it’s literally free. my suggestion get yourself Kaplan for free get yourself this one this is like the power couple of AP world prep books like with those two solid alright bearings Princeton these are the ones that people ask about all the time.

Best Ap World Prep Book: Princeton Vs Barron'S

Barron’s readability was the worst out of all these this is a hard read like this is a kind of no joke prep book their sentences kind of run on the vocab choice they use it’s kind ridiculous it’s just like you’re already trying to understand complicated you know history you’re already reading a textbook you know do you want to spend time trying to figure out what this one’s talking about to you or do you want something that’s just gonna be a little bit more concise. in this one I mean if you’re if you’re looking for like an alternate text book then this is a good choice but if you’re just looking to prepare for the exam and a supplement then like I think this one’s kind of doing the most the practice exams in this there are three they’re actually they’re pretty good the the questions I think I felt like the pract the practice tests at the end of this book are the most similar to what you’ll actually see on college board from any of these but they’re still not perfect there’s still issues within them and the the book itself is not updated that it’s incorrect what it tells you to do for the DBQ for the leq like those rubrics are wrong. really keep that in mind when looking at Barron’s Princeton. Princeton is way easier to read this one was pretty short sentences easy vocab and then you know the problem is though they’re not updated either. and they spend like half the book telling you how to they call it crack the AP World exam but they’re not using updated materials. half this book is useless not to mention some of the ways that they actually tell you to write the DBQ or how to write the short answer questions are kind of weird and a little bit confusing especially like you’re already learning one way from your teacher and to read this book it’s gonna confuse you even more. I would I don’t know if you’re gonna choose between Barron’s and Princeton I would choose Princeton but if you’re gonna pick of all of them I’ve got Kaplan that one seems to be the most correct out of all of them it’s also free right now. there’s that if you’re trying to just like practice a lot of questions I would say then maybe maybe Barron’s because I has three tests and they’re pretty good but you know kind of up to you. the last one that I want to talk to you about too is is am schoo I don’t have the like hard copy to show you otherwise I’d be like hey I’m Scott but am Scott is a really good alternative textbook it you know when I looked at like the Mangal chapter and all of these books am school is nine pages while the rest of them are like two pages but your textbook like Strayer Bentley your Stern’s those are all like 30 pages. am Scott is an awesome option to read kind of as a replacement textbook I know a lot of teachers are kind of switching over to am schoo because it does a really good job of being concise being clear it’s correct I’m pretty sure that it’s updated for this year I don’t have the current version but they updated the right one last time. am schoo is an awesome option and if you’re studying on your own I would say go with AAMCO and that’s that should be your textbook you know you don’t need to spend a hundred bucks on Amazon to get a textbook just get that one. but in terms of prep book you know like I said you want something that’s going to supplement what you already have that isn’t gonna be an additional amount of work. I really love em schoo like close to my heart but I’d go with the free Kaplan and then I also go with the ASAP world history like this Hackett I mean this book is just awesome I’m just like really excited to actually read this Oh. lastly just. that you also know I’m not affiliated with any of these giant test prep companies I’m just a teacher and I want you to pass this exam and do your best. you know I know a lot of questions out there about which prep books the best. that’s why I put this video together I would love to hear from you from about which prep book you are actually gonna get. drop them in the comments below maybe you already have one maybe you are loyal to one of them maybe you have experiences with one I’d love to know which one you choose put it in the comments put any questions you have if I missed any you know other books or prep materials you can drop those as well and I’ll update the description to include any other ones that are suggested. pick one no matter which one you choose pick one order it soon get going make yourself a schedule read the book practice as much as you can that’s what’s gonna help you pass the exam. good luck let me know if I can help you and check out the key concept review videos to help you study as well. that’s a visual kind of a visual prep book. enjoy and I will see you in the next video hey this is high-level history and I’m Amanda – I’m Robin you’re an AP World student tell me how that’s going in the comments below and for more AP World content and review be sure to subscribe to my channel and follow me on Twitter and Instagram at high level

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