Inside Admissions

Inside Admissions

hi I’m Imogen I’m married and it’s two freshmen we know exactly what you’re going through right now we know you guys been working really hard on your application. we thought we would take you inside the admissions office follow us. this is where we’re going to have you guys meet some admissions officers and hopefully get some tips on your applications Meghan Trevor who graduated in 2010 and Eddie are all assistant directors of admissions the we for a wide variety of countries and states emily is an associate director of admissions who works with engineering applications along with dan who is also an associate director of admissions who graduated in 2006 and works with international applications justin is an admissions counselor with the website along with Meredith graduated from Tufts in 2011 and this editor of jumbo magazine this is a long process for everybody involved I know when I was in high school I was very worried about where the application was going in particular like whether somebody was actually physically touching it whether it’s on the screen the entire time how many people read it what physically happens to it after I press submit. we wanted to ask the admissions office to give you a little bit insight into that to hopefully persuade some of this fierce I’m a lot of us read from home and. we’ll sit at home in my desk in my pajama pants and my hoodie sweatshirt which are awesome and pull up your file online a lot of summarizing of everything we see everything in your essays and sometimes how we feel about them but in the context of how we feel about them being a part of Tufts every few files when you get one that you’re like this was like I am going to go to committee and I’m going to fight like tooth and nail for this kid because I love them and that sort of makes it all really worth it. I know when I was writing my application I’m sure you agree um it was really easy to kind of obsess over what the app of the breeders were actually looking for in our applications and kind of thinking how do I come off in this application. we really wanted to ask them just what are they looking for what is your goal when reading my main goal is to unpack the story that’s inside that’s the goal is implicit admit absolutely that’s the goal and which is like a weird and very counterintuitive thing to talk about because the emigrated toughs is one that a five now it we’re denying fortify which is four times as many kids as where it been and. that I think is really counterintuitive for a lot of our applicants to hear that like my goal when I’m opening up I mean I read Baltimore and I read Bangkok and like if I’m opening up an applicant from either of those places the goal is the same build the best possible case I can to admit a student who are you and. being reflective about your life about your experiences about what you’re doing I always tell students is not the what you’re doing but the how and why you’re doing them because I can clearly see what you’re doing but how and why I can’t see that I can’t jump into your mind. when I put down your application I want to feel like I just stepped out of your life um is okay here’s what’s. awesome about the student yeah this is great like here’s four different sides of this person oh my I have a good grasp of what’s happening um the students don’t do. well the students who think there’s something we want to read there’s nothing we want to read I just want to know who you are is this the kind of kid that’s really excited about ideas right to be able to take a stand and express something because I mean I think that’s what part of what makes a community like this dynamic and interesting to be a part of is that you’re surrounded by people that are pushing you just a little bit to think about things differently we’re not asking for answers that are like the campus is pretty the tour was awesome and the academics are hard we want you to be specific and that can be anything from you know Tufts makes me smile to specifically mention classes and professors we just want to know that you’ve done your homework and then the other essays are meant to draw you out a little bit you can’t create new knowledge by saying well how do I not make a mistake and. the group of students you’re looking to enroll in to bring to a place like this that can further than academic mission are the kind of students who are capable of making mistakes and at the same time capable of not making mistakes right and but if you it looked to admit the kid instead of looking to deny a kid you end up with the students that will expand the sphere instead of the students that will turn in their homework and get A’s without ever actually forcing their professors to consider their ideas. you don’t just want perfect grade a get cigarettes you want someone who’s a figure who will challenge ideas yeah I mean you know the kids in your high school who got the best grades some of them were probably the ones that you would be the most excited to sit in a class with and some of them were also probably horrific ly boring people does the word count matter. the word count the worker only matters if I notice that you’ve really gone over you know I never ever ever count but if we say you know write a 250 word supplement and I’m reading five paragraph that’s obviously that 250 words and. it’s more of a guiding the guiding principle but not like a here’s the law do the admissions offices actually check Facebook when reading applications do you check facebook after reading thousands of applications in the season from people all over the world with different backgrounds we wanted to know whether they actually learn anything from what they’re reading I have learned that pogo-sticking is a sport it’s just doing sounds like an extreme sport books that students will reference or talk about movies that I don’t necessarily know and I can get what I need to know about them from the essay. it’s not as if I need to go find them immediately but um there are often times where it’s like that’s where my summer book list comes from is things that students have talked about learn. many words one like synesthesia the last year I had maybe 10 students who talked about um seeing things as colors and the numbers colors or words as colors I was like that’s really different oh that’s interesting and no idea what a 4-h club was until about three hours ago when I googled it even a year out of high school I know there’s. much advice I would still give myself and do give a lot of my senior friends but we wanted to Aussie emission services if they’d have any advice they want to give themselves this is an incredibly personal process and you’ll see that even their answers differ I would have given myself. much advice to be empowered to think of the things I was doing we’re cool because it seems like when you’re not doing the most unique thing you’ve ever heard of it seems less important but I think that couldn’t be farther from the truth what makes it interesting is what you do what you pair it with and the attitude you take to it. they are interesting and what’s interesting about is what you bring to it as opposed to how it defines is my colleague justin has a really good piece of advice he always says I love your list and he told me that after I started working here and all of a sudden it was like click like of course I knew that anywhere I got him from safety school to a reach school and anywhere in between would be somewhere I’d be happy and that made all the difference. that’s sort of like when I get asked about advice if that’s the best human-to-human advice I can give. we hope that that gave you guys some things to think about while you’re writing applications good luck with everything and we really hope to see you next fall

The Harvard College Mission Of Discovery

[MUSIC PLAYING] JULIUS WADE: I think what Harvard is really skilled at is bringing people together. CAT ZHANG: I have definitely learned a lot about how to be a person in the world. There is like this infinite sense of possibility. MADELEINE LAPUERTA: Being surrounded by all these people that are pushing themselves inspires me to then push myself. STUDENT: One, two, three! TEAM: RVL!

BRAEDEN FOLDENAUER: Pretty much everybody I know is pursuing what they’re pursuing because they desire to have an impact. ELSIE M. SUNDERLAND: They’re on this mission of discovery of really their own passion and how to be an engaged citizen in society. LINDEY KNEIB: When you’re here, you’re here for a reason. Just hold on for the ride, because it’s fun and wild and crazy. [CHEERING] ROBERT REID-PHARR: Can you read that last sentence for us? STUDENT: Yeah. "No one, I read somewhere a long time ago, makes his escape personality black." ROBERT REID-PHARR: That’s amazing. I mean, that’s a stunning sentence. STUDENT: Yeah. ROBERT REID-PHARR: Can I ask you, is that true?

Hold on one second. Is that true? STUDENT: I think it is. ROBERT REID-PHARR: Why? CLAUDINE GAY: What’s. wonderful about a liberal arts education is that it’s powered by a commitment to truth. LAWRENCE S. BACOW: Truth is something which needs to be discovered. It needs to be uncovered. STUDENT: You want it to be true,. you’re willing to suspend your belief. ROBERT REID-PHARR: Everybody is on board with this– that she’s right about this. What do you think?

RAKESH KHURANA: We really hope that students learn to have an inquiring mind, to always be asking questions and actually question authority. STUDENT: It’s useful in relation to some of the things that have been missing from the other texts that we’ve read. ROBERT REID-PHARR: What’s been missing from the other texts that we’ve read? STUDENT: [LAUGHS] A lot of has been missing from the texts that we– [LAUGHS] –that we’ve read. ROBERT REID-PHARR: You’re in the classroom learning from students in ways that’s just shocking. It’s just shocking. Because they’re asking questions that are. practical and. concerned with how it is that they’re going to take charge. CAT ZHANG: I went to a large public high school.

My graduating class was I think the largest in America. And. I wanted to be part of a concentration that was more intimate but also offered a lot of room for skepticism. BRAEDEN FOLDENAUER: My favorite class. far was taking my freshman seminar. You know, we would do a bunch of readings. And we’d talk about some kind of free speech topic. And then we would show up to class every week. And we would just argue with each other. I craved that challenge. And I think that it was also really valuable, because it forced me to step outside my comfort zone. JU YON KIM: One great thing about the liberal arts is that it really kind of opens the world in new ways. They want the students to begin questioning certain assumptions that they might have. [BLOW HORN SOUND] ERIC HELLER: If you can figure out why that happens, you’ll beat me by about a year after I first saw this.

JULIUS WADE: One thing that I cherish about Harvard is that every person I’ve met is like curious in some way about themselves or about the world or about each other. CAT ZHANG: I just found people like really interesting and funny and unique in their own way. And I think it made me feel like I didn’t have to be the person that I was in high school. MADELEINE LAPUERTA: You know, three years ago, would I imagine myself studying computer science? Probably not. And. I think just the way that Harvard has kind of shaped me says a lot about how this environment promotes growth. JULIUS WADE: All of that does nothing to band-aid the simple fact that there comes a time when the world stops rewarding potential. STUDENT: I think the first way you read it was like the other way around. JULIUS WADE: Yeah. I came here without a clue about what I wanted to do, no idea that I wanted to do theater. And I just did it.

That made me very proud. But also, it was like really terrifying. STUDENT:. it’s– oh yeah,. it’s like the first one counterclockwise. [VOCALIZING] Yeah. BRAEDEN FOLDENAUER: Coming to Harvard was terrifying, especially being the first my family to go to college and stuff. I was definitely in uncharted territory. JULIUS WADE: The fear that I think a lot of people that I felt coming in, it’s like a fear that you’re the only one that feels that way. And when you discover that like, well, that person feels that way too, and that person, and this person, this like whole club of people, there’s a strange solace. (SINGING) RAKESH KHURANA: We recognize that talent is everywhere. There’s nobody here who doesn’t deserve to be here. BRAEDEN FOLDENAUER: When I was applying to college, cost was really crucial for me.

One of the things that I discovered when applying is just how generous Harvard’s financial aid is. JULIUS WADE: The thing that I tell people who have insecurities about their backgrounds and stuff, was that none of that stuff matters. The only thing that really matters is like who you are and the kind of person that you want to be. (SINGING) [VOCALIZING] My kind of love. STUDENT: Hey, nice run through. [LAUGHTER] STUDENTS: One, two, three! (SINGING) OH LEV, OH LEV, OH LEV, OH LEV! RAKESH KHURANA: We want the place to feel alive. JULIUS WADE: Aah! LINDEY KNEIB: (SINGING) I’m. excited for Harvard and Yale. FOOTBALL PLAYERS: One, two, three, CRIM! [CHEERING] CLAUDINE GAY: There is no one way to characterize the community here, because there are. many communities. STUDENT: Yo, Siva, can we get some real South-Asian music? [CHEERING] CLAUDINE GAY: What’s common to all of them is how incredibly vibrant they are. LINDEY KNEIB: I love working with the Special Olympics. Coming here, I feel that I’ve received. much.

It’s just that sense of giving back. STUDENT: Let’s do some fractions. MADELEINE LAPUERTA: Being a woman in computer science is actually pretty awesome.

The Harvard College Mission Of Discovery

You’re setting a huge example for girls that they can do this, because you’re doing this. ELSIE M. SUNDERLAND: It’s very important for young women to be able to identify women who are in positions that they might aspire to someday. LAWRENCE S. BACOW: When we recruit great faculty, we offer them the opportunity to work with great students. When we recruit great students, we offer them the opportunity to work with great faculty. They love each other. DUSTIN TINGLEY: I came to Harvard to be in an environment that emphasized the liberal arts but also was a major research institution. I get. excited when I work with a student all the way up to a point where it becomes really clear I need to be co-authoring with this person. JU YON KIM: And they’re actually doing what we’re doing. And by the time they get to the end of their project, what they have is a real intellectual contribution.

CLAUDINE GAY: We tend to attract students who already see themselves as agents of change in the world. STAFF SERGEANT: Good afternoon, sir. SECOND LIEUTENANT: Good afternoon, staff sergeant. ROBERT REID-PHARR: You have to rethink how you are actually helping to educate them for what it is that they want and what it is that we need as a culture. BRAEDEN FOLDENAUER: We’ve got our different goals in different parts of the world. And we can all take what we have experienced and bring those back to our home communities. MADELEINE LAPUERTA: You’re learning. much from the people around you. It’s an environment of always being able to learn and from that always being able to grow. LINDEY KNEIB: My biggest accomplishment here is I finally figured out who I was. JULIUS WADE: Harvard cares deeply about who we are as people and the capacity that we have as human beings to affect a new and better world. CAT ZHANG: I feel like my life coheres more, that I have like a very clear purpose and mission, in a way that wasn’t apparent to me when I was in high school. RAKESH KHURANA: One of the most gratifying things in my life is to be able to be around these amazing young people, who are idealistic, who have a strong sense of urgency of making a difference in the world.

Every day, my heart is renewed with a sense of possibility and hope. Because each day, in my job, I get to look into the eyes of the future.

I Got Accepted To Uci And Uc Davis!!!!

I Got Accepted To Uci And Uc Davis!!!!

hi guys it’s your girl Miriam hider and welcome back to my channel or if you’re new welcome to my channel. before I start I just wanted to say like I’ve been really sick for the past like four days and yesterday and the day before like my voice was completely gone like I couldn’t speak I. can’t laugh it’s really bad. my voice sounds horrible now today’s Monday and I hate mondays as a lot of you can agree with me Monday’s are the worst days of the week and I can’t but today for some reason was such a good day for me literally like I woke up and I was just in such a good mood and I was. positive and I was just like having a good day and I hope that energies being emanated off of you and if you’re not having a good day today it’s okay tomorrow’s a new day let’s make tomorrow better day oh my god anyways this video is gonna be about my acceptances and we’re from like transferring and like applying because I really really like hopefully truly want to transfer fall of 2018 somewhere and buy somewhere I mean my dream school you LA but we’ll go further into that. without further ado let’s get started. for those of you who didn’t watch my last video I’m a second year college student but I went to a university my first year and right now I am in a community college and I’m hoping your transfer. it was cool side by two or UCLA UC Berkeley UC Irvine UC Davis and USC and I heard back from UC Irvine that I have my reaction recorded as was hectic and I’ll tell you guys the whole story but your girl got into her thigh and it’s a political science major. I’m like super super proud of myself I’m super happy because her vine is a really really good school especially for like political science and like law and stuff like that which is definitely what I’m looking into and I’m like super happy and like excited and I got it into Davis also ask a political science major and that I found out on Friday. I’m like super happy that I got these schools in the bag because like they’re really really good schools then Irvine I know their political science department is it really good throughout the nation and they’re pretty law program is really it was just what I applied to I probably to pretty law and then political science I’m just like. happy that I got it because it’s like now I have like a good school that I can go to if I don’t get into my top choices no UCI is I could really go to. going into depth about that the way I found out literally I was having like the worst possible day I think it was uh it was a Wednesday I was at work and I was just having that issues on issue that was I’m really a really bad day I was like really freaking out because it was like three two weeks before UCLA acceptances and if you guys know me you know like UCLA’s my top choice and UCLA is my dream school and it’s like and I’m just like. nervous for acceptances to come out for them but I was just having like a really bad day and I was at work and I was just like honestly I was like. done I go in my car and I’m just like my last hope like on the line like some thread of like hope before I like gets cut off like I need something like I need something you. I was like whatever I had no idea that they had their decisions out. I open up the app and I like click on it and I look at all like I was like oh my god like finally something good like something that brightens my day like I was. happy and like texting my best friend texting my mom I texted and I was like this I got into UC Irvine as a political science major you know and then with David found out on Friday just this passing Friday today’s April 23rd.

I found one on Friday and it was actually really funny because I was in the car and I actually went to visit my friends in Riverside and randomly like checked my phone I like literally I got an email saying from UC Davis saying you got in congratulations I was like I was like oh my god and my friends I was like you guys I just got into Davis and they were like oh my god sorry hey boys back even though they’re not my top school it still feels good to like be able to be like wow I worked hard enough for these people to like see and for them to like acknowledge it and want me to go well and. I’m definitely like super proud of myself I’m super happy and. I told my parents my candles are burning they were happy for me but they’re still not used to the idea of me moving out because you know Afghan parents still have to like work on that a little bit but they they don’t you know but they’re like super duper happy my dad loves Irvine obviously he loves UCL anymore but he really likes providing my mom likes Davis as well and she loves are trying to they just don’t want me to go I think it is what it is if you guys want to know I’m going to be talking also like mentioned a lot about the process of how I got like what I what classes I took and what I did is like a political science major and how like pre-law works and stuff like that I feel like I’ve worked. hard like I’ve worked. hard this these last two semesters I’ve taken six classes both semesters and then I didn’t have a summer like 2017 summer did not exist for me because I was taking three classes in the summer also. I’ve been at school literally from September of 2016 until now without any breaks and to like know that all that hard work and all those like those moments of like math like breakdowns and like sleepless nights and all of that like at the end it’s one day because I’m getting into these schools I really really want to go to anyways oh it’s like a tough choice between Irvine and Davis until I found out but UCLA you already know if I get UCL I’m gonna go to UCLA Berkley is amazing USC is amazing but UCLA is my dream school I’m actually really nervous about that because the acceptance letters are coming out on Wednesday and it’s like only two days away I’m. nervous it’s one day away I’m just like. nervous because it’s like I’ve worked. hard to get this and at this point I just there’s it’s not up to me anymore like I did my part I did what I was supposed to do. now I’m just like laying back like I’m nervous but I’m just like there’s absolutely nothing else that I could have done to make it better for me or to make my chances go higher or anything. it’s like I’m kind of just sitting back waiting for it to happen see what happens.

I’m definitely planning on making a video exactly like right when I find out and recording my reaction once I find out the decision whether I got accepted or rechecked and hopefully accepted and I’ll let you guys. at the end of this accidentally deleted the ending of this video. I just wanted to quickly say thank you guys for staying here and if you have any comments concerns anything just comment down below or you can DM me on my social medias and I’ll see you guys next time

Robert Discusses Passing The Michigan Bar Exam As An Ameribar Student

Robert Discusses Passing The Michigan Bar Exam As An Ameribar Student

I chose a mirror bar as my bar exam preparation course because the more well-known companies just seemed unnecessarily expensive I mean why should you spend upwards of three thousand dollars when you can get substantially similar services for something like a third of the cost. I looked into a couple of less expensive companies like a mare bar and they seem legitimate I read the testimonials and I decided to try it out another thing I liked about I’m arrabar that drew me to them is that they advertise that they use past questions the questions that were actually on the exam before whereas some of the other companies actually make up their own questions a lot of the time I don’t understand why you would want to use questions that that haven’t been on the exam when you could have ones that have been on the exam and that you therefore no are going to be similar to ones that might be on your exam what impressed me the most about a Mara bar is how thorough and complete the program is unlike some of their companies they might not actually have law school classrooms rented out. everyone can watch the videos together but you don’t need that it has everything you need if you want lectures they have complete lectures the outlines are thorough and they have more than enough practice questions that you would then you would ever need I didn’t even use all the practice questions. for the value and you’re getting really everything that you need and that’s pretty impressive ameri bars starting system is very helpful in my opinion I thought it helped me to focus my study especially towards the end of the study exam period because you know if something has four starts for example it’s a subject that you better know like the back of your hand whereas if you see no stars it might come up but chances are it won’t. it really helps you when it gets comes to crunch time narrow the scope of what you’re studying on to make sure that you know of the most tested subjects thoroughly mera bars outlines were very concise and easily readable if they were in complete sentences that covered all the material that was necessary and at the same time they didn’t see him as long as you think that there would be and the starting system work can hand with this because you would know after reading them once over which were the most important parts and therefore you would know how to target your reading after you’d read it through the first time ameri bar study schedules we’re a very helpful element of the study program itself to me because I once i looked at the study schedules i could easily apply them to the time frame that i was working with as an individual because I because I knew at that time what was on my plate and how many weeks or how many days there were until the exam and I knew what I had to do aside from studying in between them. I I could figure out how many days I needed and for me that was very close to the 58 days schedule it might be closer for other people to the higher the lower but depending on that you can make out your own specific schedule and it’s something that is very hopeful for Discipline I thought I could look you know every day and see where I was compared to my own schedule and I would know when to work harder or maybe to take a little bit of time off accordingly and that’s very helpful merit bars online lectures where were excellent at least going by the ones that I listened to but on a side did not listen to all of them one of the reasons that I chose ameri bar is that seems geared towards itself studier.

I’m going to know is what their own strengths are and that’s someone who had already been through the bulk of law school I knew that going to lectures and just listen to someone talk about the law has never been the most productive way of study for me I’d rather just read the stuff on my own and then do practice questions and therefore apply it myself and see how well I understand it myself. I with a mirabar I skipped most of the lectures and because of the lower price tag I didn’t feel like I was missing out or that I was wasting money whereas with the other companies I think that that might have been the case i would tell law students that are thinking about the bar to strongly consider using a Mara bar for their bar review purposes simply because it covers all the bases it gives you everything you need and it can be far cheaper than other companies these these big companies is one or two companies that have a monopoly essentially on this industry they thrive in the count on this this environment of anxiety and fear among third year law students to make a ton of money and it’s basically a scam because you don’t need to spend a fortune on one of these companies are on a private tutor to review for the bar all that you need is a concise well written outline that covers all of the information that could conceivably be on the exam you need online lectures if that’s if that’s your thing and you need a ton of practice questions and a mayor bar gives you all of that at a third of the cost of some of these companies maybe even less in some cases I thought a Mara bars customer service was excellent from what I experienced of it but I didn’t experience much because I didn’t need to because there I never encountered any pitfalls or anything with the products the advantages of a self-study bar review course for me personally was that I was able to tailor the course specifically to my own preferences and strengths as a studier for example personally I don’t really care too much for lectures I feel that it’s more efficient to just crack open the book and do some reading and then do some problems after that and then see where you stand maybe do some more reading I don’t feel like someone talking to me is that helpful but when I look at some of these other courses that especially with the ones with a high price tag I get the feeling that a large part of that price tag is to pay for these lectures or to pay for the lectures or whatever the case they tout the lectures as a major part of their program and you’re expected to go and watch these lectures and listen to them on their schedule but with the Mara bar didn’t feel any pressure to do that not only because I wasn’t told that I had to but also because of the reduced costs because when you get the feeling that a large chunk of what you’re paying is for lectures you feel guilty when you’re not taking full advantage of the program. when you find one that’s less expensive but has everything that you might need like a Mara bar it’s great as a self-study ER because you don’t feel the same pressures and you don’t feel like you’re wasting your money when you’re not using one hundred percent of the products that they’re providing I would definitely say that a Mara bar is good value for the money one thing I’ve certainly learned through this whole bar exam ordeal is just how unnecessarily expensive these bigger bar review companies are see I passed the bar exam on the first try using a Mara bar and I passed it comfortably and I didn’t even use all their materials I don’t think it’s because I’m a genius I was a good law student not the best law student I think it’s just because I studied hard and the materials are more than adequate

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