Wn@Tl – Disability In The Middle Ages: Five Brief Histories. Leah Pope Parker. 2021

welcome everyone to Winston at the lab I’m Tamsin and I work here at the uw-madison biotechnology Center I also work for UW extension Cooperative Extension and on behalf of those folks and our other cool organizers Wisconsin Public Television Wisconsin Alumni Association and the UW Madison science Alliance thanks again for coming to Wednesday […]

Common App Essay Word Limit (Best Word Count For College Essay)

Dr. Josie: Are you super chatty and don’t know where to stop your college essay, or do you have one paragraph and don’t know how to extend your essay? Watch this video for quick tips to cut and maximize your common application essay, which should be about 250 to 650 words. Bonus secret? Please don’t […]

Boston University- Early Decision 2 Virtual Event 2021

alright hello everyone and thank you all. much for joining us for our virtual event today wherever you are around the world we really appreciate you taking some time out of your busy schedules to hear a little bit about Boston University as well as the early decision process before we get started though my […]

Bainie, Byu Athlete = Harvard/Stanford/Wharton?

hi everybody sandy Kreisberg here the HBS guru this is our Friday Fridays with Sandy a handicapping session we've got an a very exciting candidate named Shaquille Walker Shaquille say hi to people and just intrepretation is introduce yourself to your HBS classmates in 20 seconds hi everyone I'm Shaquille Walker graduated from BYU with […]