How I Take Notes Using My Ipad Pro And Apple Pencil 2019

How I Take Notes Using My Ipad Pro And Apple Pencil 2019

hi guys what is up welcome back to my channel I used to worry if you guys are new here and I would love if you’d stick around for the rest of this video. today I’m gonna be doing probably my all-time most requested video like literally ever I recently posted a what’s in my backpack and I mentioned to you guys that I could do a how I take notes on my iPad video if you guys wanted and I think I got 50 to 100 requests to do this I’m not even kidding you you guys blew me up. I was like ok I gotta do it for I’m like you guys deserve it. I have the iPad pro just the newest one and the 11 it just got face ID and all that and then the second generation Apple pencil. yeah I’m gonna kind of give you guys like a little tour of my notes and then also provide like an example of how I take notes and stuff it’s just gonna be a little walkthrough it’s not gonna be too professional I’ve seen some videos like this that are like really like professional and I’m like I’m just not that professional it’s gonna be a little bit more chilled but I hope you guys like it also I want to thank you guys. much for 6 K we are well over 6 K right now as I’m filming this but just thank you guys. much like I don’t know what I’d do without you honestly. thank you guys. much for all the love and support recently. if you want to see what’s on my iPad Pro and kind of like how I take notes let’s go ahead and get started. really quickly I’m going to tell you guys a little bit about my iPad I’m just gonna put the pizza on there because like I said this is the newest one with the face ID this is my background right now uh literally everybody was asking me where I got this iPad case from and it is Apple and I got it online at Apple but I think it’s in the pinks and color I think is what it’s called it’s really nice it’s called a smart folio. like it turns on when you open it you could have your iPad like set up like like this or however I really like it’s really nice and thin and then my pencil can just slide right on a lot of you guys were saying that you have this iPad or have I by pros or have iPads with the pencil but you weren’t sure how I’ll really take notes. this video is going to be for you and if you are like me and want to become like a paperless student if you will then I would definitely invest in an iPad I believe it’s a little pricey I’ll put all the prices on the screen right here for what mine cost it is a little bit of an investment it cost as much as my MacBook no not really a lot less than my MacBook but it is very expensive for a little iPad but I love it and like I said in my past few videos I don’t carry notebooks anymore I’m completely like paperless in that sense I used my binder with a little division like pocket folders and I have paper in there cuz like college requires you have paper but they’re like okay get out of these paper like you yeah if you got to turn something you gotta have these paper. I do use paper but for the most part I just take all my notes on this baby. yeah. a lot of you guys were telling me to use good notes and trust me I have been using a good notes ever since I got my iPad which is about three weeks ago and I’m obsessed. yes good no this is. so good and that’s you know taking app that I use currently. no this is not sponsored I’m gonna be talking about them a lot but that’s just that that I use. now we’re gonna go ahead and switch angles. you guys can get a better look. like I said it’s not gonna be too professional I hope you guys can see I’m gonna have to like hold it up maybe like that normally with a stylus if you put your hand down on the whatever you’re using like a Kindle or an iPad or whatever it may be whatever device you’re using it’ll write way your hand when your hand moves like it’ll like smear it on the screen or whatever but the Apple pencil only picks up what your pencil is writing. you can have like rest your hand because I know most people that you stylus you have to go like that but for this you can just put your hand on it and I really like that. this is the good notes app this is what it looks like when I go in and on the side right here it has that categories and my categories are in categorized which comes on the app schoolwork and trash.

I only made two categories school and work and work I’m not gonna show you guys because it’ll go videos but I basically organize my videos that way I do like if I’m mentioning something in a hall I’ll write it down just. I don’t forget it. you guys would see all my different notebooks that have the videos in them I am gonna go into school and this is what right here now I know a lot of people that for the categories they have like different they have their different subjects. they’ll have math religion film economics right here on the side and then they will have all their assignments for that class in that folder. that’s just too much for me I really just do school and then I have every single subject in a notebook because it’s like endless you can put as much paper as you want in here. are you guys are gonna like. you have my lip yeah. that’s kind of what I do. for math um I don’t really take notes I usually do that in my binder just because we are in a computer lab and she doesn’t want us like having like laptops or anything like that. I don’t really feel comfortable taking notes on this for that class.

I do have like a few notes on my binder but I’m gonna transfer those over here later but I was just doing math homework and it’s just like just little scribbles that I did. yeah that’s math film we don’t take notes he has powerpoints that he just gives us. this is what it is and I what I do is that one of my school’s not website but where we get our assignments from and where the teachers and professors like post things and you press the download as PDF or I think yeah or then I press copy into good notes and it put it right in here and you couldn’t write whatever you want all over it. I can just like write whatever it doesn’t like matter. I’ve only had this class twice cuz yeah and he hasn’t added the other notes yet but I just added the PDF or the slideshow and I can just write on it as I’m going but yeah. that’s for film religion is online.

I take notes like while I’m reading and the quiz questions and things like that sort and then economics I’ve only had this class once because last Monday was MLK Day but here’s a little bit inside of what my notes look like I didn’t get to finish that but he says he uploaded upload to them online I have to check and upload them into go notes and then if you click right there you can kind of get like an overview of what your notes will look like I don’t know it’s really cool and then I assume is my computing class I don’t take any notes in that class yeah because it’s literally a computer. I am going to give you guys an example of what I do. what I want to create a notebook I press the add right here for us to create a notebook and you can choose from all there’s like. many different kinds I normally go for the plain ones and let’s do pink. then you can type what it’s called. I’m gonna do at YouTube and then okay. right here is where you can write like I can write YouTube by the way in my handwriting it’s not pretty. I’m sorry about that but I’m not gonna do that to use the eraser at all I gotta do is double tap on the pencil and it erases.

I can add a text box right here usually I go into the app over and do it but I think I’m just gonna do it right here for time sake but I’m just a little text but over has a lot more better fonts like prettier fonts I like use over but for the sake of time I’m just going to do this. then you swipe to the right and you can add all these different papers. I could do change paper template you do ruled square plane cornell music landscape and like it’s. cool but. for like economics and math I’ll use graph but for normal I just use some really really awesome things about this is. if I wanted to our box you know normally you’d go like that and it wouldn’t be perfect but you can press this little emblem these little shapes right here in the corner and it’ll make the box for you and it’ll make it even. it’s really really nice and helpful it just I use that all the time and then of course like I said to erase you just double tap super simple and easy but what I normally do for taking notes is I will go oh you’d normally use black and I use the second to last one you can do it custom and do whatever but I normally just use one of the presets and. alright like I said sorry my handwriting is literally not the best. I’ll write YouTube’s example then I’ll go right here and draw a box over it and then I’ll press on the highlighter and it’s really cool cuz as all these different colors and normally just pick like a pink or whatever color I’m feeling and then just kind of go in nothing too crazy just something very simple and that’s normally what I do. if I mess up and when I erase all that completely I pressed the back button and if I didn’t mean to do that I press the forward button like it’s really cool in that sense I can also if I want to move this text down here I press this button right here draw a line around it and I can move it like that. that’s really really cool. normally for notes like I said I’ll just outline it in a box and highlight it and all that fun stuff that’s my heading obviously I’ll put the date over here and then I’ll just begin writing my bullet points and highlight in all that fun stuff it’s nothing too crazy and it’s super easy it’s just like writing on paper. super easy just like that and that’s pretty much all I do and then to make a new page like say I run out of room I just pull over to the next page and I can also change this to whatever kind of paper I want the opportunities are endless with this app I absolutely love it you can add text box like I did earlier I can add image book more also another really cool feature is if I want to write really small what I can do is move this over here and I want to write on line and it’s like super small and defined. I really really really like that but that’s pretty much it you can do it by dater name it’s really cool and if you have a lot you can just search for documents up here you can print these off and put it in a binder if you want if you don’t like reading notes from like a screen like this but you want to take notes on an iPad I would definitely recommend printing it to a wireless printer or whatever and then putting it in a binder you can also type like I said you enter the text box and you could just type your notes but I really like writing it because it’s just like writing on paper it’s a really really smooth and nice and easy the opportunities are endless and I absolutely love it also to put the pencil and to charge it you just just clicks right to the side like a magnet. guys that is pretty much it for how I take notes on my iPad I just wanted to do a quick little demo for you guys and give you a tour of my notes even though I haven’t been in school but for only two weeks and I haven’t taken that much notes and then kind of just show you what it’s like writing notes and all different kind of tricks and stuff I didn’t want to do too much and like just showing you guys like what I’m writing if you would like and in depth like we copied in my notes over or like a way more in depth one than just let me know but I just thought for the sake of time and simplicity to just make it short. you guys can get the idea you know you know what I mean I really really hope you guys enjoyed this it was. requested and I’m going to give it to you guys because a lot of you guys were curious how I take notes if you enjoyed it make sure to give it a thumbs up subscribe to my channel down below if you are new here make sure you click the notification bell. you get notified every time I upload a new video which is there Wednesday and Sunday don’t forget to follow me on my social medias always linked in the description box below and I’ll put them on the screen right here I love you guys. much thank you again. much for watching I will see you very soon in my next video Wow