A Full School Day At Boston University [Vlog 60]

good morning I don’t think I’ve done a raw intro like this in a while I look quite rough but this is what I look like in the morning retainers and all I have a full day of crap to do besides class I have like yoga and I also have to do this group meeting and I also want to go to this club meeting even though I don’t think I’m gonna be joining this club at all really I don’t know we’ll see I just have a lot of stuff to do today and yesterday was no different. I am exhausted already I also want to do laundry tonight I’m gonna go brush my teeth and wash my face and like get ready because this is not gonna cut it make sure it doesn’t slip I was about to leave and then I realized that put my pants on backwards I’m wearing these like adidas track pants. it’s kind of hard to tell but I literally went to put my hand in the pocket and it just went the other way and I was like what the hell I looked and I put them on backwards if this is any indication of how today will go I’m a little worried but you know what I’m gonna stay positive because I need to walking by the Charles is honestly very relaxing I’m headed back to my room now I technically had a club meeting to go to but I am tired and I honestly don’t really have the time to join this club anyways. here we are I’m gonna get dinner with Sam in about an hour and maybe do laundry I don’t know we’ll see if I have enough quarters okay I’m back in my room now I literally just spent the last 30 minutes to getting my life together often times during the day I don’t have enough time to write things down in my planner and plan for things and schedule things and I just took this time just now to really like plan for everything and write everything down oh my gosh. much crap just suddenly piled on like just yesterday and today I don’t know what happened literally the last two weeks have been a breeze I it was almost too good to be true but. many things are picking up now and I I have everything like I’ve written down in my planner but you’re looking at this thing is just giving me. much anxiety I have. much crap to do this week and like for the upcoming weeks until spring break continuing trying to answer the question of how do i balance school this is how I balance my out I just plan everything I write everything down I pick and choose what matters to me and sometimes like for example today I could have gone to the club meeting at 7:00 p.m. but honestly I know I don’t have time for it and it’s not really a priority of mine. I pick and choose what’s important to me and I make time for it obviously like meetings for a class are important. you want to prioritize that I’m just trying to balance everything out now I have people I want to see and catch up with and I’m trying to schedule that in and also make sure I leave time for important meetings and working and doing homework and just literally also giving myself time to breathe I have. much crap I need to do now and I’m just like worried obviously in case and if you guys think I actually have my together like I’m literally trying my hardest to keep it together and not everybody has to figure it out okay. just like don’t worry like I’m actually stressing I’m a human being too okay I have a lot of things going on and everybody has their own but you know what we’re gonna do our best to get through it okay we need stay positive I think that’s a huge thing when you say positive how to stay motivated make sure you’re doing things that you actually care about because if you don’t care about what you’re doing or if you’re not interested at all in what you’re doing then that is like a recipe for like disaster that is the number one way to get to become unmotivated and depressed and just like hate life okay. make sure you’re doing something that you actually care about because that helps tremendously my little rent session is over I’m gonna get dinner with Sam very soon.

I’ll see you then I actually found enough quarters. I’m doing laundry after dinner thank you I got seconds Sam about seconds as well those are just like that okay this is a public service announcement straight up do not at me if you’re not subscribed to bone Appetit what are you doing with your life go subscribe they make the best content ever okay I watched them religiously

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Afternoon Tea! | Boston University Cgs London Program Week 2

hi VIN breakfast yes delicious delicious okay no we are here for a wine tasting I’ll sell this video one day yes okay. beautiful and here we have the gentleman the only two gentlemen yes it’s different we have class there we go very Steve is gonna demonstrate thank you Steve of the scene by demonstration is gonna teach you how to open a bottle of wine oh yes [Applause] [Applause] one I would get great fantastic oh yeah you’re ready for the fashion show what rope should I get [Laughter] we just got out of class and more walking to Sainsbury’s to the grocery store around here because we need to get a lot of snacks and we also have some movie night meals planned yeah we’re gonna pick up yes we desperately need it we tried to watch a movie last night we only got halfway there but I slept through some of it. I probably got like Alicia was awake nobody else was here we are stranded with our grocery bags on the floor we thought that we could walk with two and a pack of water bottles to groceries and pack water bottles and we also forgot the ones that we already bought. we headed by two more grocery bags for no reason but we thought we could take a 15-minute walk with them and we were sadly mistaken. we called an uber and here we are waiting for it I forgot I forgot to she made tacos and they were wrong no it’s literally it’s a personal blog Oh more people care before it but somebody’s getting rich keeps getting something and then eat the left she I see homework they all see everybody we all – a doob everybody ate that’s what’s important how’s that going oh it’s not we’ll do this again just got a class second time making this just got a class we tried to work on their essays Elisha finish I did not some responsible but I’m motivating myself to finish because we’re gonna go to afternoon tea at 3:30. I have to be done at 3:00. I have an hour to get like half a page done in finish my bibliography. we’ll see how that goes I don’t know okay I’m an idiot I almost got hit but we’re going to afternoon tea we’re ready we’re talking to you okay. first thing we’re having I’ve put mine into the reef.

I can do better I mean that was stuff I they may be great I know that’s like like egg the mail now we’re getting excited [Applause] okay we’re going to the rooftop let’s go to roof that we’re going to the rooftop we’re going to radio rooftop on an adventure is this way and I’m leading the way I guess the views on anyways the room didn’t work out. we’re eating food. it’s actually eight o’clock it was a pretty chill day today I just did a bunch of homework I tried to write an essay as obvious a bunch of people went to houses of parliament today that was one of two field trips that were a lottery basically because it was high demand in them but I ended up getting stonehedge which is next Saturday. I didn’t go to this one. since pretty much everyone was gone I just signed it – I had some hot chocolate and yeah just got some work done which was super nice because that essay is due tomorrow midnight and I hadn’t started it yet but we got two out of three pages done. okay the same thing we’re back we are back we just got out the police they’re gonna know that we’re no we’re not whatever it’s helped no I’m not gonna think in Italy surrogates we’re actually just trying to get home okay wait the lighting is gold scare dangerous crossing the street

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How To Cram Essays, Projects, And Test Prep: Uchicago Finals Week + My Tips

always editing I’m gonna try to get this one up real fast and then yeah waiting for my video to export and in the meantime I’m gonna use this front camera to do my eyebrows I haven’t even had the time to even see my eyebrows for the past few days Namie bilayer Hotel fedosya one wise man was asked the question how many guys does it take to put a lab together apparently it takes three okay guys we did it no it’s. proud he’s like yes I got light it’s also taller than me happy hello everyone we just studied at the rag until it closed at least a Louisville Weaver on was closed and look outside there’s some like trees of lights you know I think the school thinks sometimes that you know create decorations will make our spirits get lifted and maybe we won’t be known as the school where fun comes to die but I think that’s a total fail because no matter how pretty this campuses everyone is in the same boat during finals week I saw Sony people other Hague even when it’s 12 a.m. in the morning would it really be college if you didn’t have midnight ramen at 1:00 a.m. in the morning I don’t think though unless you’re Yahoo’s trying to control his ramen ha ha – yeah the non-dairy yogurt not – cake oh the project – Seol Gong suicide again coconut. I said doctor sends out with a project I’m here also on Marco it’s you know why don’t you tell you got sue yeah the paper boy Ishmael Jethro Susie oh you guys also catch it. so yeah just want me. we’re sure – ooh [Laughter] that was fun just out food quite hot shoes I should soon blow a hole just oh my gosh yeah hi des El Gallo the Panchala paper draw me you gonna die oh yeah Lee uses blue tile oh that’s what I mean you have a cop shoot our tail I dropped cookie Pepin inches let’s know what’s our game you man – show yourself course it favors ding me sir what it can sit flypaper is you being Michelle gently hug this alpha zunisha Cheech and Chong Guang Ming upon us yet aho he chants all the sources patricians fresh off the practice on high for the user should he should eat can imagine bullshitting hi-oh a peon and yoshio two paper trays knowledge of yoyo self-control darshan self-motivation he went all approval and swirler Integra have legs. you need no monster sausages all kinda tease me memorize it such easy did not your horse inside all sunbathing if you’re kinda 51 in a culture let me hear you call these agencies brothers – I’ll eat you and cram leaf to the highway or even a gym battle somatic the Tamaki base our leisure Machado de cachoeira eagle-eyed. its own queries on gender connection remember Russian and to the TV section action now Hawks now I’m Tony Jones was you guys he sank aha Gigi Mao patella and I mean exactly near touch each thought what’s going on dr. Jimenez I basis here shoujo bizarro finals week the sub-point. see you haha this yummy tart is from giggle mondo oh my god time titles and now I’m going to return a bunch of stuff because I think about one of the best ways to actually save yourself some money is to return things that you think that you’re not gonna wear that often and things that are not that’s it over you. that’s why but today today I’m out it’s Olaf feel like a domestic girl going into a city for the first time ever get this Christmas tree oh god let’s think I take a zillion comu North Michigan Pamela Yager area well I teach I got you

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College Decision Reactions 2020 (Ivy Day)// Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Brown, Columbia, Cornell+More

College Decision Reactions 2020 (Ivy Day)// Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Brown, Columbia, Cornell+More

five four three two one hey guys welcome back to my channel if you guys are new my name is Chris during these times of uncertainty and difficulty surrounding the coronavirus I want to give you guys a reason to smile it was IV day a few days ago. a lot of you guys sent me your reaction videos I watched through every single video but since there were too many I had to pick the few that had the best reactions and finally a big congratulations to the class of 2020 for you guys made it. I just got a notification from Brandeis it’s like an email notification doubled results are out and this is my last decision for the 2020 season maybe I’ll get rejected but I feel like that this is still something that’s worth I don’t know okay kind of scared but it’s fine I might reject it I got into Harvard decision [Applause] let’s take it forever literally like no okay okay I’m going right now we’re now going up record you may access your status page here I’m. nervous oh my gosh it’s not the post about minds of you status update [Applause] I they literally still can’t believe I got it in like just doesn’t feel like relays I’m dreaming it just feels. good I literally can’t believe like I can’t record nollet ringing yes ma’am monsley come here status update nervous now the big shot the bullseye he’ll be sponsoring my video today was there’s a car emissions and pest prep company working with students from all over the world in the USA they specialized in emissions to elite universities in the United States this year alone bull’s-eyes clients have received admissions to Stanford Princeton MIT Harvard open and more. you guys get matched with a personal missions coach who is a top graduate from Ivy League university trained in a mission strategy you also get to work with a X admissions officer from a top school with 15 plus years of experience the team will work with you one-on-one over video chat to help develop your college and scholarship splits outline and edit your application essays maximize your chances of admission will this program covers personal statement writing sole mental essay writing application strategy scholarship applications financial aid and interview prep. click the link below in my description and get started with your free session today [Applause] [Applause] all right here we go. I just got an email from Boston University and I like I was nervous but like now I just don’t want to open it you feel like this is. scary okay click on admission all right i just opened the bladder but I didn’t watch it I’m gonna this is. scary oh my god I just got congratulations I see confetti is all oh my gosh everybody I’m gonna cry this is. I I still I think I think I’m dreaming I still think I’m dreaming like okay this is an update has been posted okay whatever happened I’m okay I’ve gotta meet some great schools and great options now tell me this is good just please please please please please [Applause] [Applause] [Applause]