A Full School Day At Boston University [Vlog 60]

good morning I don’t think I’ve done a raw intro like this in a while I look quite rough but this is what I look like in the morning retainers and all I have a full day of crap to do besides class I have like yoga and I also have to do this group meeting and I also want to go to this club meeting even though I don’t think I’m gonna be joining this club at all really I don’t know we’ll see I just have a lot of stuff to do today and yesterday was no different. I am exhausted already I also want to do laundry tonight I’m gonna go brush my teeth and wash my face and like get ready because this is not gonna cut it make sure it doesn’t slip I was about to leave and then I realized that put my pants on backwards I’m wearing these like adidas track pants. it’s kind of hard to tell but I literally went to put my hand in the pocket and it just went the other way and I was like what the hell I looked and I put them on backwards if this is any indication of how today will go I’m a little worried but you know what I’m gonna stay positive because I need to walking by the Charles is honestly very relaxing I’m headed back to my room now I technically had a club meeting to go to but I am tired and I honestly don’t really have the time to join this club anyways. here we are I’m gonna get dinner with Sam in about an hour and maybe do laundry I don’t know we’ll see if I have enough quarters okay I’m back in my room now I literally just spent the last 30 minutes to getting my life together often times during the day I don’t have enough time to write things down in my planner and plan for things and schedule things and I just took this time just now to really like plan for everything and write everything down oh my gosh. much crap just suddenly piled on like just yesterday and today I don’t know what happened literally the last two weeks have been a breeze I it was almost too good to be true but. many things are picking up now and I I have everything like I’ve written down in my planner but you’re looking at this thing is just giving me. much anxiety I have. much crap to do this week and like for the upcoming weeks until spring break continuing trying to answer the question of how do i balance school this is how I balance my out I just plan everything I write everything down I pick and choose what matters to me and sometimes like for example today I could have gone to the club meeting at 7:00 p.m. but honestly I know I don’t have time for it and it’s not really a priority of mine. I pick and choose what’s important to me and I make time for it obviously like meetings for a class are important. you want to prioritize that I’m just trying to balance everything out now I have people I want to see and catch up with and I’m trying to schedule that in and also make sure I leave time for important meetings and working and doing homework and just literally also giving myself time to breathe I have. much crap I need to do now and I’m just like worried obviously in case and if you guys think I actually have my together like I’m literally trying my hardest to keep it together and not everybody has to figure it out okay. just like don’t worry like I’m actually stressing I’m a human being too okay I have a lot of things going on and everybody has their own but you know what we’re gonna do our best to get through it okay we need stay positive I think that’s a huge thing when you say positive how to stay motivated make sure you’re doing things that you actually care about because if you don’t care about what you’re doing or if you’re not interested at all in what you’re doing then that is like a recipe for like disaster that is the number one way to get to become unmotivated and depressed and just like hate life okay. make sure you’re doing something that you actually care about because that helps tremendously my little rent session is over I’m gonna get dinner with Sam very soon.

I’ll see you then I actually found enough quarters. I’m doing laundry after dinner thank you I got seconds Sam about seconds as well those are just like that okay this is a public service announcement straight up do not at me if you’re not subscribed to bone Appetit what are you doing with your life go subscribe they make the best content ever okay I watched them religiously

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