Bu Community: Diversity At Bu (Hd)

Multiculturalism here at Boston University is something that’s part of our DNA, I like to think. I definitely think that BU is one of the most diverse campuses in the United States. I found. much more than I was anticipating in terms of meeting different types of people. Being and surrounding myself in a diverse environment really… …helps stimulate and helps you grow as an individual. Ethnic diversity is important. I think that having people from different geographic regions is important. You’re looking at diversity in terms of the career paths that each person is leading. You have people ranging from doctors to engineers to business people. I just feel really comfortable here. I like have a community and I feel really at home. I feel like I belong here.

Coming here to BU, I was looking for that circle of latinos and latin friends. I went to the Howard Thurman Center and they had a latino student gathering there and I fit perfectly. My mom and dad actually met at Boston University. When I talk to my parents about BU, they talk about the effect… that Dr.

King had on the University. We’re the ones that see the legacy left by Dr. King. We’re making our own legacy everyday, with UMOJA, for instance… which is the Black Student Union. My parents were members of UMOJA. You’re definitely going to be able to find some sort of club or group where you can finally feel at home. I never would have thought that me and somebody from Japan or from Italy… …would ever have anything in common. It gives you a new language for seeing the world when you are able to experience that through your friends.

In a university environment, an environment where we want people to think… …we want people to confront big ideas. It’s important that people from all walks of life come into those classrooms. Having classes with people from different backgrounds, different perspectives… …helps give you a richer experience then what you could get in any other location. My son’s search for a university began with his idea that… …he wanted to be in an urban setting. He wanted to be surrounded with a number of different types of individuals. In my mind, Boston is not a very diverse city. Needless to say that he’s here now and I’ve been here a few times for orientation and I’ve truly changed my mind. Multiculturalism and diversity are very, very important for a university to thrive… …and to move forward and to have vibrancy.

People that you never expect to see me with are my best friends. I’m from Puerto Rico. I have a very strong Latin, like Caribbean background, but at the same time one of my roommates, she’s from New Jersey. she was raised in the United States, but her parents are from Wales, England…. she’s got this really different like taste and style to her. Then we have another roommate that’s from Singapore… …and another one that’s from a small town in California.. it’s really interesting just to see how it all kinda blends together. I have a mixture of friends and they all have different personalities but they all mesh really well. There’s no question that a multicultural campus creates… a more diverse and rich learning experience, and also shapes the individual. It’s helped me look at things from different perspectives, but it’s also helped me define my own sense of culture and my own sense of heritage as well. I’m loving it, it’s an absolute blast. Going anywhere for college is a huge life-changing decision. And I feel that I mean the right one. It has been definitely one of the most enriching experiences I’ve ever had. Oh my God, I’m. happy to be here.

Honestly, I love the entire experience. BU is probably my favorite place on the planet right now. I’m probably going to cry at graduation, I really will miss this place.

It’s an environment that captures many different perspectives and tries to mold them into one unified world and international perspective. This is a place that is about grand remix. This is a place where it going to be important for you to find your passion. Get ready, because this is awfully exciting.

You’re about to engage in the ride of your life.