Wwu Writing Studies Program

do you know what writing studies is nothing at all no no idea at all maybe the study of writing no I do not okay thank you no we mean no way those are writing studies is writing just used to be thought of those words on the page it’s now thought of as almost any kind of communicative activity writing helps you do your major better being able to sort of tailor my interests in my needs to the classes that I want to take has been really helpful for me with our 40 to class we’re actually pairing up with businesses throughout bellingham and. we’re learning what it actually takes to make clients happy I how to enter into the professional field I would definitely say the writing studies minor opens up. many jobs because. many jobs involve writing in whatever form it takes getting to do like service learning project is very different from things that I’m doing in creative writing classes just because I’m dealing with people that are not in my major it’s just a very different experience it’s a really good experience currently we have students from kinesiology engineering chemistry as an environmental science major we learned a lot about how the world works but not very much about how to talk about it I sort of made my own path I did a lot of visual rhetoric I focused on graphic design infographics you need to have these different forms of rhetoric to get across scientific ideas and many audiences. rhetoric is not necessarily something that you’re like oh it’s a concept that I now understand rhetoric is a performance and in that way you’re never gonna understand it you’re gonna do it our job as people studying rhetoric and technical writing and visual communication is to sort of break those barriers down we get presented with a lot of huge problems you sort of figure out which of those problems matter more to you because you get to try things that you don’t normally get to try I was. adrift before I found this minor I just I came to Western and I do you know I wanted to be writer if you can find like a class or a track or a program that doesn’t make every day feel like work then I think that’s that speaks to something you know I didn’t really feel like my education was preparing me for the professional world until I got into writing studies and now I feel a lot more confident networking and trying to figure out what I wanted my career it feels like something that I can take with me beyond just this one quarter beyond this one school year beyond college I’ve also been able to build a really strong portfolios with my work basically mundane documents only sometimes called technical writing make things happen writing studies is production everything from video to podcasting to editing and splicing images like how you actually design posters websites all the way to what we might call a more traditional sa given engineers have to think about the way they’re putting their projects together has to be communicated elsewhere I don’t see how you can get away anymore in the 21st century without being a good writer and kind of that’s what we’re up to today’s grinders are marketing themselves online they’re actually going out self-publishing or creating their own paths within the program I’ve learned to write better resumes and cover letters and to really understand audience and tailoring that to a job. nice to have a resume that i felt that is bed with when i taught a class last spring on proposals and grants i interviewed all these nonprofits and i brought that information into the classroom and teaching writing studies allows is to have one foot in academia and the other looking into the outside world and bridging that i find it. hard to believe that a minor can be. major you

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