Why Consider Millsaps College?

my question is really about Millsaps and what are the three things that that I how to remember that any student who comes in here any family that comes in here ought to remember amount Millsaps that makes it distinctive as a liberal arts institution well I think first of all and this is a bit more broad then I get detailed on specific programs that would make us unique but generally this is going to be a place where students who are interested in engaging in something bigger than just their degree program this would be a good place for them I mean the central ethos of campus here is one of service and. I don’t run into a lot of students who don’t have that as a part of their resume coming in as a part of their experience of who they are as a person and. that’s that’s one thing there be an expectation here that students are going to be interested in something that’s bigger than just their own personal cause that they’re going to impact people around them not just in the Jackson community but when they go back home and certainly when they graduate after four years and. that’s that’s a bit broad but we think that makes us somewhat unique now it’s very specifically we’ve got programs here that we know that other institutions don’t do in a way that we do them for instance there are about 80 schools out there that God endowments from the lily foundation and we used our money to structure something called the faith and work initiative and it very intentionally very purposely links students in terms of who they are their motivation what they feel sort of called to do and attempts to ask them questions and have them take a class called the meaning of work go through very interactive learning that in essence helps them connect the dots between who they are and their vocation and oftentimes those two those two things are disconnected in just sort of a standard educational process right get your degree go get a job and sort of figure out who you are in the process well we hope that happens every but we think the reality of it is that it doesn’t happen everywhere and. we provide this opportunity for students to bridge that gap and to connect the dots and say oh I can be interested in global warming or horses or accounting or whatever diverse of things that sort of light their fire you know they get them really jazzed up about things and by the way that will lead to not just you know a career where I can make a living and raise a family but something that’s very fulfilling and. we sort of tackle the fulfilling issue of who you are and the world of work and we do that in a number of ways classes internships fellowships and that’s something that makes us unique that’s the faith and work initiative on and. and. the other one other thing that might make us very unique to is going to be the hour yucatan program. we’ve got about a four thousand acre biocultural reserve in Yucatan Mexico where students go and study and live on the grounds it’s among active Mayan ruins and digs that are going that are going on around those those ruins. that’s a really unique opportunities great for our students yes because I think those are those are some things that are very very unique to us and Millsaps is one of just a couple dozen or. liberal arts colleges that are both Phi Beta Kappa and fully accredited in the School of Business and. we have that it’s really unique niche as well that’s great