Weekly Vlog #43 | 2019 | Essay Writing & Health Updates

Weekly Vlog #43 | 2019 | Essay Writing & Health Updates

this is a good start to a Monday. my car has got several issues with it and one of those issues is that oil is just pouring out of it and I’m currently trying to take my car to the garage to get these issues fixed and turns out I don’t think there was enough oil to actually get me to the garage left in the car because all of a sudden my temperature gauge just shot up and I felt like I could smell something funny and I was like oh my god I’m pulling over and switching the engine off. my dad is bringing me some oil and hopefully that will allow me to actually get to the garage one nightmare everyone I am absolutely sure that you are sick of seeing me in this spot in my living room looking like this with this same hairstyle with my hair all scraped back and bare but I’m just. tired all the time I’m off out to the hospital it’s Wednesday I can’t remember if I mentioned that it’s Wednesday I haven’t filmed since Monday my car went into the garage I think I’ve filmed a bit of that in the morning when I was like basically broken down on the side of the road and my car went into the garage and ended up costing 350 pounds to fix which I definitely could have done without but at least those two issues are fixed on my car now yeah. that was Monday and I spent the day with my mum while I was waiting for my car to be fixed and then on Tuesday yesterday I just spent the whole morning working on my essay one of my two essays and then I took Archie to agility which I really didn’t want to do I was just. tired like I just can’t describe how tired I am all the time but I dragged myself out because I thought it might improve my mood and it did because he had another really good session which is nice because I think I said last week he normally just ignores me yeah and does whatever he wants this is a lady but the last two weeks he’s actually been really good. that’s nice. I did that and then when I came home I was just exhausted. I just veg Don the couch and I tried to do a little bit more reading for this essay and you can kind of see the stack of books I’ve got here my eye it looks like I’ve got a really lazy eye this eye I think it’s where I’ve been putting like medicine into it for like six weeks now my eyelid just seems to be like drooping all the time it looks like I’ve got a lazy eye um but yeah. I managed to finish all the reading for that essay which means today I can actually start writing it and I had an email that my lecture was canceled for this evening. I’m actually very happy about that because I was gonna force myself to go because I hate missing it I was gonna force myself despite feeling rubbish but now I don’t have to because it’s canceled. I’m gonna go to my hospital appointment come home and start right. my hospital appointment is for my eyes because I personally don’t feel that they’re getting any better I can’t remember if I’ve actually like spoken about it in detail but basically some of some of it has definitely improved but when I’m not wearing my glasses if I shut my left eye my right eye is. blurry I can barely see a thing and if it’s more than about 3 meters away it’s completely blurry which it wasn’t you know it wasn’t that way before nothing feels right and my depth perception is all off my spacial awareness is all off because my right eye is completely different to my left eye and reading is really really hard which is why it has taken me weeks to do the research for this essay because whenever I try to read the words are all just sort of like swimming on the page and if I try to look at my phone I normally have to shut my right eye and just use my left eye but obviously I can’t really do that for hours on end when I’m trying to do some research I’ve tried using a patch but that it just doesn’t work I I’m getting really scared about my eyesight being totally honest with you I’ve had a couple of days where I’ve gotten really upset over it oh look my eyes are starting to water now I don’t want to cry but I am getting very concerned over it because I love to read and at the moment I basically can’t it’s it’s really really difficult. I want them to reassure me that maybe I’m experiencing this because there’s still some inflammation in this eye and we can fix it hello everyone I’m at my mama’s house my eyes look a little bit crazy because I went to the hospital to the eye clinic and they’ve dilated my peoples.

I look a bit like an alien and I didn’t really get good news at the hospital sadly a good news and bad news the good news is that they do think that the uveitis is healing they can’t really see much like inflammation in the eye anymore sorry my parents Ducks are quacking yeah they can’t see much inflammation in the eye anymore they sent me for scans as well to sort of doubly make sure because I said to them I was really concerned about the fact that it was. sore all the time and that I couldn’t see properly and I can’t read properly and everything. that’s the good news that they think the uveitis is healing the bad news is that that means there’s another reason why I can’t see properly and I can’t read properly and they think that reason is because during the course of me having uveitis some of the pigmentation from my eye has got stuck to my lens and the dilation drops that I was using was supposed to prevent that however I stopped using them a week earlier than I normally would because the doctors told me to stop using them and I questioned them and questioned them about it and they assured me it was fine but it turns out it probably wasn’t fine because they reckon that some of the pigmentation has stuck to my lens and that is probably what has caused the sight damage and in that case it is probably permanent. I’ve had a bit of a cries my mum because my sight right now is really bad I want to go upset I just keep getting upset every time we talk about it my sight right now is really bad and it’s very very difficult to read it’s taking me weeks to get anything done for you and I haven’t read anything just for the fun of reading since like January. I’m really upset that this is potentially just gonna be it now and I need to once I finished now the dogs are barking once I’ve finished this course of eyedrops I need to go to an optician and have my eyes officially tested again to see if they can give me a different prescription for my glasses to help with close-up work I’ve never needed glasses for close-up work before but now I probably do it’s why I’m struggling. much with reading but I’m really upset and I just feel rubbish it’s just really not what I wanted to hear but at least the uveitis is healing and hopefully I won’t have any more problems with it and it won’t get any worse she had a lump removed and she had a dental and she’s got her little t-shirt on to stop herself she seemed absolutely fine though hi guys I have quickly shoved on the clothes that I had on yesterday because I really need some paper for my printer and I need to go out to Sainsbury’s and see if they have any paper there but it’s not a very big Sainsbury’s. I’m not hopeful but they do have an Argos in there and I used to work at Argos and I have a feeling that they sell printer paper it might be really expensive but I need paper because I need to print out my essay notes I have done. well today I have completely finished the research for one essay and I have written a quarter of the other one. the one that I finished all the research I really want to just get on and write that today and get it finished like a first draft finish today but in order to do that I really need to print off all my notes and be able to have them like around me properly. I can make a proper plan and to do that I need paper for my printer. if I go I managed to get paper and it was really cheap and I picked up some cheap fibers as well because this is all I write with guys cheap black Pyro’s I thought it would be a little update on this crappy kekeke a situation I really don’t like the whole name and shame culture like blasting a company on social media like that’s just not it’s not what I like to do but I’m really really really mad about this situation. when I’m like just showing you the planner in this light you can’t really see any of the things that wrong with it but trust me I showed you in my last vlog there are several things wrong with this planner and I’m not happy to keep it basically and it is faulty however they don’t believe that it is faulty despite the fact that I’ve seen several people in the planner groups receiving refunds for their planners and being told to keep the planner when they have less things wrong with their planet than is wrong with mine and I’m really annoyed I think I told you at the end of my last vlog that I emailed them just listing all the things that was wrong with it and I sent pictures as well sorry about my yellow hands by the way and my yellow nails I accidentally spilled some of the printer ink on me when I was like piercing the thing that’s that’s an aside I’ve got printer ink on my hands I’m sorry yeah. I emailed them listing all the things that was wrong with it I sent pictures and they emailed me back the next day it was a man and he was very patronizing and he basically said none of those things affect the use of the planner if you’ve got any more questions let us know and I was like well actually two of the things do really affect the use of the planner the you can barely close the clasp and the Rings literally feel like they’re gonna fall out and my best friend is on the planet insider’s team and I’ve seen hers. I know that the planners not meant to be like that but anyway I emailed back and I said no I’m not happy with that the planner is faulty like don’t try and fob me off basically and I got an over and I said I want to return it for a refund if you’re not going to give me an exchange I want a refund and I got no reply. two days later I sent another email just like I forwarded the original email on to the customer service email address again and I said I want to speak to a different customer service representative I feel that I’ve not been taken seriously at all explained that I felt that he had been very rude explained the whole situation again and I didn’t hear anything back until yesterday. that was another two days and then finally I heard back from them and it was him again which I’m really cross at because I specifically said I did not want to speak to him and I feel like they have more than one person working there. whoever received that email clearly just thought it would be funny to forward it on to him and get him to reply to me again and he’s left me waiting days for a response and then email back again saying oh yeah if you want a refund you’ll have to take it in to store to get a refund or you can pay to post it back to us no it’s faulty send me a free returns label I’m really really mad like really mad and.

I’ve sent them a Facebook message now I don’t know what’s gonna come of it I do not want to speak to that man again I’m not gonna reply to his email I’m really cross I don’t understand why I’ve been treated. differently when the planet is clearly faulty and. many other people have been receiving refunds for purely aesthetic things whereas there’s two design faults wrong with this planner and they won’t refund me unless I pay to send it back to them or I travel into London to return it I’m really cross. as it stands right now I have 40 pounds worth of planner that I can’t use and I’m really really angry about it to be honest totally tainted it for me even if they offered me an exchange now I don’t think I would take one I don’t want it anymore I’m it has ruined the whole thing for me which is such a shame but yes I’ve still got that just sat here. because I really thought that I was gonna get a refund for that without any issues I then ordered this off of ebay which is another key Quique it’s a five size they call it large size and it is their wedding planner now I’m not engaged yet but will and I do talk about getting married all the time I’m pretty sure it’s on the cards for this year I’d like to think. anyway we’ve been together six years this year and like I say we talk about it all the time we pretty much already know who we want for our wedding and I knew that once we got engaged I would buy this planner this is the planner I wanted to plan our wedding and then it’s still on the kekeke a website for 51 pounds. that’s quite a lot of money but as like an engagement present to myself when we eventually got engaged that is the planner that I was going to buy and then I found it on eBay for fifteen pounds and I started watching it and I told wil that I was gonna buy it and he sort of laughed at me and said well you’re getting yourself a bargain if you were gonna buy it full price and. yeah for ages it was fifteen pounds and then right down at the last minute somebody bid 20. I quickly bid 21 and I managed to get it. I got it for 21 pounds it’s still 51 pounds on the website and it has got all of the inserts and it is in like immaculate mint condition it’s still got the ring protectors in and everything. I’m really happy with this one and it just goes to show like this is what a key key key planner is meant to be like not that. it hasn’t ruined the brand for me there’s still one of my favorite planner brands but it’s the whole experience with that particular customer service rep has definitely ruined the B 6 planner for me and I just don’t anymore. I’m really hoping that they’ll come back to me on Facebook with a fair conclusion please excuse the fact that my kitchen is an absolute tip and that there’s washing up on the side that needs doing and a baking tray that needs to go away and it’s all just a mess but I just came out here to get a drink and look how beautiful the sunshine works coming through the window it’s. lovely spring is coming and after hours sat in the living room writing my essay it was. nice to turn around and see this it’s just such a nice sunny day and apparently it’s gonna be sunny for the next week and I’m just. happy about it when you just can’t be bothered leg up in the air why does this face look. scared what’s up little nugget excuse all of the mess I’m having another essay-writing day today it is 25 past 11 I’ve already written another 800 words Oh yawning I’ve already written another 800 words which means I have about 1,200 words to go until this essay is finished and then I can print off this first draft of it editor and hopefully hopefully get it all finished. that I can actually submit it today because I would really like to have one of them just out of my hair however I am meeting some of my friends for dinner at half past five because I haven’t seen any of them in ages and my best friend is visiting from pool and I haven’t seen her in. long. I’m meeting them for dinner a half five it’s just coming up to half 11 and I still need to have a shower and wash my hair and do something with my hair and for me that takes a good couple of hours. I really do need to crack on with this now and get as much of it done as possible because I would really want to finish it today hello everyone just your daily dose of reality with Chloe today this is the state of me currently I was in hospital yesterday and my health is definitely taken a bit of a nosedive again over the last couple of days and my pain levels have been really bad and I’m just feeling really really grouchy. sorry about this but I just wanted to update you because I can’t remember the last time I actually filmed but yet. I finally submitted one of my essays I was working really hard on that last week and on Saturday I managed to get that submitted finally I’m not certain that it’s gonna get any sort of decent grade but as long as I pass I’m happy with that because I just wanted it submitted the other one is due tomorrow because I had another one as well and I’m trying to work on it today but I’m struggling because a lot of the books that I needed are in my university library and I just haven’t been well enough to get to the library to collect the books. there’s a lot of stuff like research missing basically and I’m just I don’t know I don’t really know where I’m going with it. that’s a bit of a worry I don’t know like what I’m doing at all I had a general anaesthetic yesterday and I had some exploratory procedures done. that my doctor could see exactly where my Crohn’s is active in my digestive system at the moment I won’t bore you with all the gory details but the preparation before was pretty awful the procedure itself was okay because I was asleep and I got myself into a right state beforehand but the guy the anesthetist who put me to sleep he was absolutely brilliant I had to have a cannula in my hand and there is just the tiniest little dot on my hand not even a bruise or anything whereas if you heard me talk about my MRI and my last vlog I fainted when she did my cannula she messed it up. badly. this was a very different experience and falling asleep was actually okay like I always get. scared about it beforehand but actually it was fine and recovery and everything was fine I was just very tired yesterday and I’m very tired today and I feel like my voice feels a little bit croaky and funny I feel tired and they said that might happen because they put like a breathing tube in your throat. yeah plus I still have this cold that I’ve had for like six weeks. yeah I’m already ranting okay I’m rambling even going on the good news is that I don’t need any surgery which I’m. happy about I mean to my knowledge I don’t anyway it’s definitely sounded like from what he said I didn’t need any surgery the bad news is that the ulceration in my digestive system is quite extensive and it is pretty bad but I already knew that because of how ill I am but yeah I’m just relieved but I don’t need any surgery because the ulceration is quite extensive there’s a treatment that they would like me to try which I’m currently researching because I’m not really sure it’s the route I want to go down but I’m definitely gonna research it and you have to have testing to make sure you’re suitable for that treatment because if you’ve had exposure to any like certain infections in the past you’re not suitable for the treatment. while I was in hospital they thought it’d be a good idea for me to have that screening done.

I had to go and have a chest x-ray and I had to have blood tests as well and now I’m just freaked out about the results of those because it’s stuff that I’ve never thought to get screened for before because again touch word I’ve always figured it didn’t it just wasn’t applicable to me but now I’m like oh my god what if I do have that oh my god what if I have been exposed to that and it’s just like I was. relieved when I woke up from the anaesthetic and like I just thought everything’s over it’s all done and then they through this whole next round of testing on I’m like now I have to worry about the results of those. I just want everything to be done and to move on to some treatment now but I just thought I would update you and now I need to go back to trying to somehow write this essay this morning I start at 560 words and now at 788 and it’s 10 past 2. I’ve really not made much progress at all they’ve got some scribbled notes next to me I really don’t know what I’m doing with this essay I literally have no idea I’ve decided I’m probably not going to go to uni tonight because I just feel dreadful and yeah I’m feeling quite frustrated to be honest I’ve got my little constant companion with me people probably wonder where on earth Winnie is but she’s just always in her bed like that is her favorite spot she’s in there if I call her she’ll probably pop up Winnie Winnie Winnie she can’t go she’s in there I promise right guys excuse the dishwasher in the background but it’s now Thursday morning and I can’t remember when I last showed you my progress but I’m now at just over 1500 words and I’ve got one last section to write and I’ve made myself a little plan now I’ve got my stack of books next to me. that I can pick out a few relevant quotations and I’m nearly done I made the decision not to go to work today because I woke up in a lot of pain still and I’ve still got a really upset tummy from the bowel preparation that I had to drink and that was way back on Monday and it’s now Thursday. I wasn’t expecting to still have such an upset stomach but I really do and obviously you don’t really want to go to work when you’re feeling like that do you. I called in sick and I told them that I would take today and tomorrow off and try again on Monday hey I really do hate doing that especially because I’ve had. much time off already since Christmas but this flare-up has been one of the worst I’ve ever had and if it’s taught me anything it’s that I have to put myself first.

I’m putting myself first and I’m taking the time off that I need and if I need more time off I’ll take that off as well his people like hearing about my masters I thought I would show you some of the books that I’m looking at. my dissertation is on the changing perceptions of Henry the eighth’s wives throughout popular culture in comparison to contemporary representations of them. portraits contemporary eyewitness accounts that sort of thing in comparison to later popular culture and I’m looking all six wives instead of just one of them and I’m going to be using a form of a series of case studies. each chapter is going to be a case study. it might be on a selection of novels or plays or films or television adaptations and. I’ve got a few biographies on just some of the wives here but I want to mention in my research proposal and also I’m gonna have to engage with some theoretical works on adapting history for film or adapting history for the historical novel that sort of thing and I haven’t read all of these in full yet but I would recommend this one the six wives of Henry the eighth by Antonia Fraser I really enjoyed that one and I think she has quite a balanced approach retha Warneke is also really good and this biography of Catherine of Aragon by Garrett Garrett Mattingly is quite like thora as well I haven’t read this one yet about Catherine Howard which is called young and damned unfair and I can’t wait to read that one because I just find Catherine Howard like fascinating but yeah those are some books I’m looking at this morning determined to get this done in the next few hours and I will speak to you when I do I finished my essay and I’m still not gonna show myself because I really do look awful but I get it three hours before the deadline and I managed to submit it please ignore the state of our bathroom we are getting it done eventually I know it’s disgusting and old but it’s done. now I’m having a bath I’ve got some planner dreams bath dust in the water and it’s completely dissolved because I didn’t put that much in but the bath water smells amazing and yeah I’m just going to enjoy this bath I’m going to read a book that I actually just want to read for the first time in months I’ve got a cup of tea and I’m gonna put on some music and I just cannot wait