University Of Wisconsin Madison On Campus – Collegemeister

University Of Wisconsin Madison On Campus - Collegemeister

my favorite thing about the University of Wisconsin is that the canvas is integrated within the city. you can have a short walk up to the Capitol and be in the city life and also be on campus probably the people there’s. many people here this is wide diversity of people and it’s just a really great place to be the city that was it a great place to be the quality faculty and colleagues around me that’s just a constant place where you can learn all the time and have a really fun time doing it I love how diverse it is in the campus everyone’s very welcoming I like living on the lake and State strange or the positive environment everyone’s I was in a good mood the amount of smart people that know how to have fun everybody thinks that the university is. big and you never see people like once or twice. if you meet someone out at night or if you need someone to library you meet someone in the class you’re like oh whatever I’m never going to see them again you 100% see them again like passing theories came to small going somewhere else like you’ll you will never be alone and everything is connected like I was once in a place that we’re all sitting at a booth and I knew four people there in four different ways. you definitely meet tons of people but it’s brought together in a more like small way that you feel like you’re all like in a small area if that makes sense like the traffic and just the long walks to class probably the construction there’s like always construction on like every Street every like $100 to get anywhere the construction is definitely the worst because of try to be walk into class and then you have to take a detour probably to say the recent run-ins of UW police with students of color has really it’s really upset me it’s not made me as proud as I usually have to go to this University. we can turn that around to be 100% the snow it gets really cold and biking in the snow is not fun I got lost one time my first day. that was rough all in one ways the construction that’s going on lately our Terrace is gone which kind of sucks but it’ll come back is the greasy smell of college library third floor with classes there’s comes like what’s on the syllabus isn’t necessarily what’s always going to be in the class. when the teacher says okay you do have to know this exam you have to know that and beyond you have no absolutely every single detail every single thing and. it can be extremely extremely frustrating for people that have been what is it called valedictorians at their school where we’re all but valedictorian to now we’re all fighting against each other it’s very very competitive and very hard you