Tpr On Weekend Express: The Best 385 Colleges, 2020 Edition | The Princeton Review

oh the results are in the Princeton Review is out with its list of the best 385 colleges across the country whether you were applying now we’re just getting ready allow us to do your research joining us now is the author of the Princeton Review Rob Franek Rob good morning thanks for joining it’s fun wine to be here absolutely 385 colleges out of how many was about 3,000 four-year colleges in the country. 13% of these awesome schools are in the best hundred eighty-five colleges this year okay cool let’s go over some of the rankings what sticks out most to you um I think you know our best financial aid rating is one because it’s such a concern for college bound students and their parents you know just how much money are they’re actually gonna pay and how indebted they’re gonna be but Bowdoin College is number one on the list as well sixty-eight thousand five hundred dollars but on average forty eight thousand dollars in gift aid free money you don’t have to pay back okay food oh my gosh yeah at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst they have 23,000 students on campus they make forty-five thousand meals a day for dining halls eight cafes two food trucks and delivery service but they take the whole idea of you know sort of creating this wonderful community for their students that just smells freshman 15 what about best-run college overall you’re Elon University is yeah it took eight spots this this year and I used to produce pots one for best run. it hats off to the administration and making kind of that seamless connection students faculty and administrators on campus. obviously this is important because we want this information base it but you know every student’s different. maybe you know good fit for you may not be a best fit for me even though it’s a top-ranked school you had your advice on that well and it’s all about finding fitting I’m. glad that you brought this every week all fit for things at the Princeton Review academic fit campus culture fit financial aid Career Services. it’s all about finding that school that’s gonna be academically rigorous but then are you gonna be happy outside the classroom as well okay I’m curious to know to with the whole academic scan going on how does that hack down these schools it is despicable first first of all and the real victims are the students that didn’t get accepted stood out to those who lovely but here’s their solace in my mind there are three million college bound students in the next in the next year the vast majority of whom are going to get into their colleges based on their academic Marit i said t and a CT scores high school GPA those biggest factors what are some tips when you’re searching first school you know you have your heart set on you know I want to go to this school but you know maybe have a back-up plan absolutely you know on average students are applying to between let’s call it six and eight schools out of the 3,000 four-year colleges in the country you should be just pleased to go to any of those schools but you have to dig down you have to talk to students and that’s what we’re doing here a hundred and forty thousand students we talked to well we we surveyed for this edition of the book you have to get in there and ask what is their academic experience campus culture financially do you live – left – right politically religious not really just all the stuff that you want to know when you’re in your student all right before I leave you the biggest question of the day of course number one party school number one absolutely it was number one in 2014 back in 2019 – Syracuse University there’s nine thousand students work hard play hard school ok 26 fraternities on campus 22 sororities 65 percent of all students participate in Greek law is a great school definitely a great academics absolutely I appreciate you