Stats That Got Me Into Ivy League: Princeton, Brown, Upenn + Stats, Ecs And Actually Helpful Advice

Okay listen. College is not that important All right don’t get yourself wrapped up in this elitism game I don’t know who started it but it’s a pretty big game now and everyone’s in it but don’t get too caught up in it okay It does not matter that much. And I know if you’ve seen my reactions and you like you’ve seen my decisions like you’re saying oh of course you’re gonna say that but every time someone said that to me I thought it was the cringiest thing like shut the fuck up like I’ve heard it. many times now. But you get to a point where you realize it’s actually true. You just need to break yourself out of that mentality. It’s gonna help you in the long run, it’s gonna make you not feel sad when you get rejected it’s just help a more helpful healthy mentality overall Anyways I’m just gonna talk about what you guys want to hear which is basically like my profile my stats my extracurriculars how I got into the Ivy League. I’m gonna be straightforward and honest with you I don’t know.

I don’t think anyone truly knows why or how they got into a schoo. The process itself is very random, it’s heavily dependent on who reads it. In some cases it’s like it’s at most two or three people deciding your fate of whether you get into your dream school or not. All I can talk about is my experience and hopefully it helps you guys out and throughout this video I’m just gonna be dropping like study tips and stuff. okay. basically I am a huge nerd.. basically the first time I took the SAT was in August of 2018 which was my sophomore year.

I got a 1530 that was a 7:0 English 800 Math 22 out of 24 on the writing portion. Tips for the SAT there’s a lot of online material and resources. Use Khan Academy that’s that’s basically what I did for prepping. Read books read magazines read newspapers especially for English that helps a lot like with comprehension it also helps with vocabulary, building your familiarity with words. For the math I think is very important that you practice problems. Every time okay every time you get a math problem wrong write it down on like a note pad or something or like and just redo it every day when you get the one problem wrong you’re gonna do it every day for a week Just gonna keep doing it. If you don’t understand that problem conceptually- Okay look up that topic. Look up practice problems and do like five everyday for a week. And for writing the essay is not that important honestly I’ve heard someone saying that if you write a lot like if you write four pages in the time span they give you they basically give you free points I don’t if that’s true but I also I wrote a lot and I got a 22 out of 24 and my analysis was pretty ass. yeah. Also sophomore year I took APUSH.

That was like the one AP class that were allowed to take at my school and I scored a 5 on that and later during the summer I took the SAT math 2 subject test and US history subject test math – I got a 740 Math and on US history I got 720 Next year which is my junior year I took the PSAT in October. I got a 1440 which did not qualify me as a semifinalist That’s a pretty big deal I think you guys should definitely study prepare for that because it helps with scholarships. I know that USC has like a half off tuition scholarship for the PSAT finalists. it’s a pretty big deal Prepare for that that’s something I wish I could have sort of known ahead of time After Spring Break I took the ACT I got a 35. that was 35 reading- no sorry 36 reading 35 writing 36 math 34 science. I’ve heard generally that the ACT is easier to get a better score on, just try taking it It’s honestly worth a shot okay.

One important thing about SATs and ACTs Don’t take them more than three times I’m sure you’ve heard that tip Unless you’re consistently improving and you’re showing that you’re able to bring up your score significantly then it’s okay to keep taking it but if you’re getting like the same scores over and over, don’t keep taking them because you’re just wasting your time first of all and it’s not that important. Another thing for SAT ACT if you get reduced lunch at school you can take these tests for free if your family is making an income that is you can qualify to get reduced lunch at school just reduced lunch not even free you can ask for a reduced lunch fee waiver for the SAT and ACT and you can basically take these tests as well as SAT Subject Tests for free. Just talk to your counselor hopefully they can hook you up with some free tests. Later that year in May I took a few more AP tests I was taking AP Calc BC AP Lang AP Bio AP Psych for my junior year and took all AP tests for those classes and I got fives on all of them.

Yeah it’s just a grind honestly. If you’re struggling with like science and history I know that those subjects for me they were particularly challenging There’s like this memorization study hack tip thing. once you learn something new, eight hours later relearn it and that’ll help you retain the information and then 16 hours after that learn it again and then 24 hours after that relearn it.. learn it, eight hours later relearn it, 16 hours later to relearn it, and then 24 hours relearn it. Try to study before falling asleep because it’s been shown that it helps you retain more information also Anyways back to my stats I retook the SAT one more time at the end of junior year I got the same score I got a 1530 but this time it was 750 English and 780 math.. superscore which is basically they take the highest score of the English and math section superscore I got a 1550 which only applied to some of the schools because some schools don’t superscore I know that UCs do not superscore just check and make sure that if you want that to apply in your application check that your school does do super score. I also took the Math II subject test again I got an 800 and I took the Bio M subject test I got a 780 and just like I said before there’s a lot of online resources check reddit you can find a ton of free practice tests online. Oh yeah tips for the math SAT Subject Tests. There’s a calculator function if you have a graphing calculator you can basically download this and it’ll solve like six five or six problems for you for literally it’s legal LEGAL and it solves problems for you like trigonometry and there’s some other I can’t really remember it’s basically like free money for your points okay yeah okay. Back to my stats okay we’re gonna move on talking about my awards and stuff. these are the ones I put on my application. The most notable thing I did was the National Spanish Exam it’s basically just testing on your Spanish knowledge for there’s like certain levels the first time I think that was sophomore year I was taking Spanish 2. I took the level 2 exam and I was placed in the 99th percentile which is a gold. Also for like exams and stuff if your school doesn’t offer them you can actually ask to see if you can start a club and actually fund the testing. Anyways I keep going off sidetrack Yeah 99th percentile. I got a gold for level 2. The next year I took the level 3 exam I was placed in the 94th percentile which is 1% off the the gold award. I got a silver.

And then other awards I got an award for tennis well not an award but like I just put it. I was the Junior Pacific Coast League doubles quarter finalist which is literally nothing it’s like kind of it’s kind of sad I put it on my application I was desperate. Anyways I attended the Young Leaders Summit held by UChicago and Youth Leader… Youth Leadership…

Stats That Got Me Into Ivy League: Princeton, Brown, Upenn + Stats, Ecs And Actually Helpful Advice

I don’t know YLC or something um it’s UChicago, Wells Fargo and the YLC they held this Young Leader Summit it was a pretty cool event for low-income students. It just helps you out with college apps and it was a little it was pretty competitive it was a 10% acceptance rate. Okay for summer programs start planning ahead of time. If you’re a freshman sophomore start planning now because there are deadlines and start looking them up okay just search up like um if you’re interested in writing search up writing summer programs for high school students and you’ll see like a bunch of then come up and you can just see which one’s apply to you which ones you you’re interested in there’s other competitions and like summer programs that cost money but if you qualify you can ask for scholarships and get everything paid for. I know there’s a National Geographic photography summer program you could basically apply for that and ask for a scholarship and you would have traveled around the world and gone to take photos for free. Don’t get deterred by money make sure you apply first at least and then you can ask for money you can ask for scholarships. don’t let that deter you and like I said plan ahead have something you’re interested in don’t scatter yourself around too much I’ll talk about that later for extracurriculars. Ok back to my awrds I was also a Questbridge finalist Questbridge is like this application process for low-income students I was one of the five thousand students selected out of fifteen thousand. about a thirty three percent acceptance rate for that if you want to know more about Questbridge check out the website they have a lot of useful information if your household income is 65,000 or under generally you should be eligible financially to apply. check that out it’s a pretty cool opportunity but it’s also- I wouldn’t say it’s easier to get into schools this way I know plenty of students who just got flat-out rejected and they were very qualified students One guy he did quest bridge one year and he didn’t get to any schools like flat-out rejected and he just um whatcha call it take a gap year. basically he after senior year he waited another year to apply again because he just got screwed over by questbridge.. don’t think it’s like a just a free money opportunity it’s definitely- the application is a lot of work.

The deadline to submit it is like September 26th. you have to like start working ahead of time. Yeah. Anyways Oh yeah this semester. basically after I finished college applications I was also selected as a Jack Kent Cooke semifinalist which is a scholarship they selected 477 students out of 5,300. a little less than 10% and that’s basically it for my like awards and prestige level.. we’re gonna move on to my extracurriculars. Okay the two most important things in your application: extracurriculars and essays Okay I think it’s very nice to have a sort of solid theme that you structure around, I did not structure anything that I did in high school this way but it still worked out but um I think that’s the thing I most regret. It doesn’t mean don’t do other things but try to have like a peak of interest.. like if you’re really interested in marine biology try volunteering at like your aquarium or try doing research for your local community college or you can even go deeper than that like deep sea marine life you can study that you can try finding competitions I know there’s Ocean Science Bowl you can try funding a club for that there’s a tons of things that you can do and that’s just like one example. try to find something you’re really interested in and narrow down on that and like sort of niche down.

I think it’ll help a lot especially if you can show a lot of passion for that subject okay. we’re going into my stat my my extracurriculars first thing I did I played tennis all four years of high school. I am currently on varsity bench I have never played a varsity game and I never will because schools closed. Our team won CIF championships which is like a state championship thing I also played violin all four years of high school I was in the Philharmonic Orchestra and for our school the Philharmonic is the second highest level. I also volunteered as a mentor for the Community Youth Orchestra I just taught little kids how to play the violin. oh yeah I also did peer tutoring at my school for all four years I basically stayed after school four days of the week and this year I was the president of that Club. I volunteered at a hospital I delivered patient records there. Oh yeah Spanish club I was in Spanish club for all four years and I was vice president for the last two years. Ummm What did I do? Oh yeah I was the historian for the astronomy club. I just put that as a joke literally as a joke That’s basically it overall I had a strong application but I don’t think it was the strongest like even at my school alone there are many more competitive students that just goes to show your stats and extracurriculars and your application isn’t everything. earlier I said that extracurriculars were one of the most important things number two is essays okay wait switch that around #1 is essays, essays are the most important thing in your application they are what’s going to get you in if you have like crappy SAT scores there’s always a chance if your essays are like super good.

Spend your time finding out essays thinking of ideas okay. how do you think of ideas? Just make a timeline of your life okay just a timeline when you’re born when you first started remembering shit I don’t know when I was little my dad made me drink soju for the first time which is basically like rice wine basically alcohol when I was three years old (nervous laugh) I didn’t write about that but I remember watching Barbie movies as a kid okay but you get my point like that’s how you start making up ideas and start thinking about which of those events memories kind of most impacted you trying to craft this story from your memories your identity and writing that into your essay. That doesn’t mean you should 100% right about that, you can write about what you want whatever you think will interest the application readers the most, whatever you think speaks to you the most and also don’t- If you’re a boring person or like you have a boring story to tell, don’t write about it Don’t be boring that’s another huge tip for essays, because imagine like you’re reading- Okay try going online look up practice essays and start reading like for an hour straight you’re gonna get sick and tired of like seeing the same pattern just people’s essays they all sound the same. There just not that interesting. you gotta be able to figure out how you can express your identity as a person while also capturing interest.

The number one thing is capturing interest it’s basically essays in a compressed version I’m trying to explain anyways Sorry about that um my phone died and I closed that door because I realized it looked creepy as fuck and yeah anyways back to what I was saying I’m gonna tell you guys a story I am a teacher’s assistant for my AP Bio teacher basically there’s a group of TAs who sit in the back of the science room if you seen my reaction video and this is us just chilling and whenever I went back there to talk to them I would get depressed as fuck cuz these guys are very very smart one of them is a national chemistry Olympiad he’s nationally ranked he also went to the Summer Science Program which is one of like the most competitive and prestigious summer programs for science This other guy- Nationals for National Science Bowl and like that’s just scratching the surface of what they’ve done they’ve done like research at UCI I don’t even know okay because it goes deep. Their application their resume is stacked I was getting depressed just listening to them because they’re. smart answering questions about freaking chemistry and physics okay but like- they were depressed too like we were in it together even even though their application was strong they were still worried okay having strong stats having strong extracurriculars it’s not what’s gonna determine whether you’re getting to college. The moral of the story is don’t cause yourself don’t put yourself to self-harm, depression. Don’t genuinely make yourself depressed over this it’s not worth it it’s not worth it for you for your family if you get hurt if you hurt yourself it’s not worth it for the college if they’re missing out on someone like you okay like. I want to say this too: try to do what you want to do but I know there’s people whose parents push them to do one thing like you can’t determine what you want to do There’s a lot more I want to talk about but this is gonna be a long video anyways your essays- essays are very important okay essays are very important and like my name is in summary try to do what you really like doing look ahead of time, research, be prepared, don’t apply things last-minute, essays essays essays spend time on those the most especially if you’re junior right now it’s quarantine spend time on those planning it out okay your events are canceled just do essays right now okay that’s what’s gonna get you in: essays.

I might read my own essay but it’s very personal I’ve only showed it to one person that was my English teacher because just for grammar checking but that would that would require some- some amount of money yeah I don’t know how it’s gonna work out other quick tips and advice apply for fly-ins if you’re a junior you’ll be able to visit their campus it’s pretty fun and it’s just you just get to get a feel of the campus oh one more thing for essays when you’re writing them if you’re if you’re getting stuck writing something, you have an idea but you get stuck try writing on paper instead of typing it up try typing it on your phone try um calligraphy. That’s it that’s uh that’s the video make sure you subscribe cuz you’re gonna miss out on that juicy essay and