Spring Semester Of College: Uc Berkeley | Vlog

good morning friends I’m quite tired still it is not in the 28 right now I woke up at about 8:30 and I couldn’t get out of bed till now I’m just making oatmeal the go to alright hello everybody I am much more awake now great things are going to happen today I just got ready and I need to head to class right now we’re actually having class at the Berkeley Art & Music Berkeley Art Museum it’s called the bantha I don’t really know what it totally stands for. I think that’s cool I’m not sure if we’re meeting there for class every week or if it’s just today we shall see Oh Oh Dee Dee I’m wearing the sweater that I got from boohoo last year and then I’m also wearing this corduroy jacket that I got from closet just a couple weeks ago. freaking cute I’ve got on black Lululemon leggings and my Tim’s I’m feeling really cozy right now okay I also made this PB&J sandwich for myself. I can eat at school because I end class today at 6:30 p.m. and I start class at 12 it’s 11:30 I want to leave early.

I can maybe get a Starbucks also see all that stuff right there Jane is actually moving out she’s going to be moving in with some of her sorority sisters. yeah that’s happening this week she’ll be moving out I don’t know I guess I’ll still see her sometimes but no she won’t be living here anymore someone else will okay let’s go before I’m late okay Google day and drinks aren’t allowed. I can’t get Starbucks oh maybe I’ll get it I have like 10 minutes before I have to start walking through my second class of the day class was good it’s really cool that it’s in the museum it’s like in an auditorium it’s really nice put on okay. I finished claps it was really great I’m really excited about plant bio I’m in the student store right now because I have a coupon and I’ve been wanting this jacket I’ll show you right now here’s the jacket I am obsessed with furry fuzzy jackets and this is like the jacket of my dreams plus it’s got a little cat logo which I love yeah this is it I think hello I am back from class I got back about 30 minutes ago and I’ve been chillin I actually posted a mini little Philippines travel diary on Instagram. go check it out and like it if you haven’t seen it I want to make a full version but I put half of the footage on a separate memory card and I don’t know where that memory card is I think it’s somewhere at home I know it’s not outside of my home it must be at home or somewhere in my stuff. I’m not sure if I’m gonna finish that travel diary yet because I want to have all the footage in it I really hope it’s not lost the footage that I had on there is really important. know also I did vlog 1 or 2 more days while I was in the Philippines but that footage is also on that memory card. possibly there will be late Philippine vlogs in the future I’m not sure right now I think I’m going to make chicken I bought boneless chicken thighs the other day. I might try to bake those and then I’m going to heat up some broccoli while we’re here I’ll just talk about my day my day was great I’m taking a ethics class and it is. interesting. far.

I’m really excited about that the annoying thing though is that there are five required readings and it’s and they have like quizzes on them. it’s not really something I can just yes my way out of I kind of do have to get all the books somehow. I’m gonna look for that online and hopefully I can find a good prices for those um what else did I have today I’m taking a Poli Sci class which was really interesting every week there’s going to be new speakers like governor’s senators people in politics really and. I’m super excited about that plus the professor is really funny and interesting I’m taking plant biology I had a class for that today it seems really interesting good day oh I also had another class um the one at the Museum that is about Digital Media I believe media and arts. that should be interesting as well uh uh yeah overall a great day I’m excited about most of my classes which is really good actually I would say all of them okay here is dinner we’ve got the chicken and broccoli I was too lazy to make quinoa. broccoli it is low-key worried that the chicken isn’t fully cooked I don’t know but I’m not trying to get food poisoning. okay say bye you didn’t even say bye bye that was Karen’s little brother he watches my videos and he’s subscribed to my channel and you wanted a FaceTime meme hello friends it is 1012 right now and I’ve been watching an episode of orange is the new black it’s almost over I’m on season 3 episode 1 right now in case any of you have watched it before I am going to end this vlog here I have an 8 a.m. tomorrow. yo girl needs to get to bed soon I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you did give it a thumbs up subscribe if you have not already comment down below great things are going to happen tomorrow I will see you in my next video

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