Mike Cernovich Podcast | Episode #002 | Personal Finance For Men

hey welcome back to the danger pay danger and play podcast this is a podcast number two and today we’re gonna be talking about personal finance for men we have a lot of great questions submitted by readers thank you for those today I have my friend Jay in the studio and we’re gonna get his take on personal finance for men as well as mine some of our ideas are the same some are different I’ve known Jay for a long time and I’ve watched him go from a guy who just had a regular wage-slave job to a guy who hit a million dollars net worth by the time was 32 a guy who lost a bunch of that in some unusual circumstances to guide his back on his feet now. he can talk about him his personal life as much as he wants to or as little as he wants to but he is somebody who has been there and done that. what he says has credibility with that I’m going to turn the mic over to him hey welcome back everybody Mike thanks for having me on the show yeah danger and play folks as Mike said I’ve kind of run the gamut I’ve been at the top of the mountain at 30 31 years old with like a net worth of over two million dollars down to where I was when I was about 40 which was a basically flat broke moved out of a 4,000 square-foot house and downsized into a 420 foot studio apartment in Sherman Oaks California. I definitely can say to Mike and to the listening audience and I have been at the top of the mountain and at the lowest point of the ocean yep that’s how life is man one minute you’re out one minute you’re down and you know maybe one time we’ll talk about how he had that run up and run down because that in itself is a good story but it’s a long story. right now we’ll take a few questions and then if you guys like it you have more questions maybe we’ll do a sequel to this maybe we’ll talk about how how I made my money and maybe we’ll talk about how he made and then lost it and then made and lost it and then how he’s making it again. let’s take a question which i think is a pretty good one’s a little bit broad it’s a little bit philosophical but well we’ll see how we can handle it and that is can you tell me about the mindset you need to be self-employed I know in my situation it’s hard to walk away from the wages of a professional job what do you think. that’s a great question. for from my perspective you know I was a wage slave when I graduated I’m not graduating from college but about two years after graduating college I became a wage slave and I was actually fully full on a wage slave until I was 41 years old. about 21 – almost 20 years as being a wage slave it’s not easy to walk away from a professional job you know especially if you have a four-year degree or even an MBA or you know even a paraprofessional beyond that you know where you have the comfort ability of somebody paying you a six-figure income you know plus a bonus a yearly bonus plus obviously the benefits that it entails but I can tell you that once you have the mindset to walk away from being a w-2 wage slave job your life completely changes and you know Mike’s written about on the blog before you know the most important thing about being successful in life is having freedom the freedom to do this the freedom to not wake up early in the morning the freedom to not have to get into some dumbass commute you know back and forth in the morning at night because you have to work as a wage slave I mean once you have freedom you have everything I don’t really care it doesn’t really come down to how much money you make I mean obviously you want to have the finer things in life and you do need you know a certain level of money to have those things but beyond that you know and a lot of you guys are younger some of the younger listeners in your 20s you know you think I’m crazy when you say all I want to get paid you know I want to be a bull or a public law trust me I’ve been a baller I’ve been that guy in the club with a ten thousand dollar table you know in the corner with all the girls coming up all the bottle rides blah blah blah I’ve been that guy and I can tell you that you will get to a phase at a point in your life where it doesn’t matter the money doesn’t matter because as Mike said money comes and goes what matters is freedom and when you have ultimate freedom the ability to not be a w-2 wage slave I mean you would never once you make it and have freedom outside of being a wage slave you’ll never go back yeah I agree with what he said and for me too it’s of mine said if I want to write things off you know like I have a I have a fucking cool car you know well that’s a tax deduction if I Drive somewhere that’s a fifty-two cent per mile deduction I write off part of my rent if you’re self-employed when you buy a new computer that’s the write-off when you’re you know your cell phone can be a write-off. if your wage slave you still have to have a car and you’re not gonna get any tax advantages for having that car. what he said is true and also the tax advantages to me are what really sell the self-employed lifestyle yeah just to add to that the really crazy thing that you don’t realize about being self-employed and not working as a wage slave anymore is that when you do do your taxes let’s say you have a very successful year and I’ve been blessed and fortunate that the last two years I’ve been I’ve done very well working in the sales capacity that I work in and it’s funny because when you meet with your accountant when you’re doing well enough that you have to have you know obviously a professional accountants advice and stuff like that it’s. amazing to see how much as Mike just said you can actually write off I mean you know you can gross X and and and and basically pay taxes like you made 80 grand okay I mean when I say X I’m talking you know a seven-figure income you know or seven-figure gross. it’s like it’s crazy to understand that let’s I guess the May easiest for you wage slaves right now let’s say you make 200 grand right let’s say you’re 29 year old guy and you’re a VP for your company and you’re making 200 grand and that includes your salary and your bonus well guess what motherfucking IRS is taking probably $100,000 if not more if you live in New York City you live in LA you live in Miami you live in a big coastal population center you’re getting fucked not only you’re getting fucked by the feds you’re getting fucked by the state right. that money that you don’t see because they take it out of every fuckin check guess what buddy you’ve got that money when you’re not a w-2 wage slave that money is literally coming to you and you have to be responsible enough to pay taxes on it put some aside and do what you want with it but as Mike said I mean you can deduct. much stuff that but you know by the time you have realized what you can and can’t deduct you sit there and you scratch your head and saying holy fuck how could I have been a wage slave this long not knowing these things right people want to talk about how much they want to make but it isn’t how much you make is how much you keep right and if you make a lot of money well great you have a higher salary but how much of that are actually keeping you can work less hard and actually have more money at the end of the day once it all washes out because it cuz after you have your deductions and everything else that you work not as hard and you make the same or more money once you figure out how to do it of course yeah the only thing to add to that is is like don’t think that once you not a wage slave that you know because you’re you know making more money have more deductions blah blah blah that you’re not working as hard because the disconnect is you will be working harder it’s just you have again the freedom to work when you want to work okay there’s no grind of waking up at 5 o’clock in the morning alarm goes off you hit snooze I mean that bullshit that’s gone from your life but you’re still gonna be working just as hard if not harder but again it comes down to the freedom of when to choose to work yeah yeah and that’s that’s a good point like I don’t it’s not work if you like what you’re doing it’s not work if you work for yourself like imagine you go into the office and they make you work another five hours you’re not getting paid more for those five hours but if you work for yourself every hour you work every dollar you make the company well you are the company. you’re not thinking oh god I got to go in and I gotta take my weekend off instead you’re thinking we’ll fuck dude how can I get more money into my pocket. you’re gonna make yourself rich instead of making someone else rich and when you’re doing that you actually feel inspired you feel motivated you you want to work. the the work is no longer a four-letter word exactly that’s another question okay question number two is going to be I’m not sure we’re gonna do ten specific things but well it lists a few assume an income of 40 to 80 K what are 10 specific things that 25 year old man can do to maximize his net worth at 35 well that’s a that’s a that’s a that’s a deep question you know maybe I’ll tackle three or four things and Mike will add three or four things I mean you know ten things I don’t know we don’t really have time but we do this impromptu but at 25 if you’re making 80 K as a wage slave you should definitely definitely definitely again depending on your job you should definitely and again depending on where you live you should you should you should you know have a rent factor or you know hopefully you’re in whether you own or rent doesn’t really matter but your your housing factor should probably be no more than a fourth to a fifth of your actual take-home income and if you can do that you know you’re gonna the money that you’re gonna save from what you don’t pay in taxes is going to be used for other life necessities you know which we can get into later and other stuff like that number two you should definitely have a slush fund you know I’m assuming that this is we’re making recommendations for a single person who’s not married he doesn’t have kids even doesn’t have a girlfriend or significant other or whatever but you should definitely be saving money at least in my opinion somewhere in the neighborhood you know as much as you can put away but at least four hundred to five hundred dollars a week and literally putting in a new slush fund I mean maybe you can’t afford that much maybe you can only do two two hundred two fifty but you want to have a slush fund number three obviously you have to be you have to be healthy you have to be putting money you know into some form of thickness you know that’s not really essential to your question or like you know what four things we can do to have maximize my net worth at 35 but if you’re not healthy by the time you’re 35 who fucking cares about your net worth. you definitely should be going to a gym you should be paying for a good gym membership some other stuff you want to add yeah um great stuff there I would add that the general principle you need to keep costs down and the way you keep costs down are you make your own meals you don’t go out you don’t eat you don’t wait for lunch and you learn to eat the same foods every day that we can make food and bulk. even me I you know I can eat whatever I want to eat but I’ve been eating chili and what I do is I take dried lentils and actually soak them overnight because you can buy a 10 pound bag of lentils at Costco for like fuck-all money and I soak them overnight and I put them in a crock pot with like a really lean roast and I have maybe three days worth of food that doesn’t cost me hardly anything. you shouldn’t be eating out you can’t afford to eat out even even if you can pay for it doesn’t mean can afford it and well that’s one way to keep your costs low yeah what he said about housing is perfect I’m have a roommate the arm or live in a studio yeah live beneath the house for four people yeah yeah I would totally live live if you can live at home and you get along with your parents live at home there’s no shame in living at home at 25 I would I would totally do it if I got along well with my parents and have the opportunity and you’re still gonna meet girls they don’t care by the time you bring them home to your place it isn’t gonna be a deal breaker um if you have a 401k match through your company then you have to do that because that’s essentially free money you should also stash away like he said as much as you can at least 10% 20% if you can and another thing that he would agree with is when you’re 25 you want to thank how am I gonna work for myself at 35 what’s my hustlers gonna be is there gonna be a blog is it is it gonna be a personal training business is it gonna be a consulting business I don’t know what it is but you need to start putting aside money for that right you need to have money set aside. that you can end up start working for yourself that way when you’re 35 you’re not going in and clocking in and a job for somebody else you’re actually working for yourself listen the most and for sure everything Mike says is 100% OnPoint you can’t leverage yourself okay at 25 it’s easy to get a credit card or two or a fucking best buy car or any of that bullshit cuz listen man I lived all those you know I went through you know when I was when I was 24 25 I had about $130,000 your job and I had a girlfriend that was technically my fiancee making another 75 grand as a teacher. we were no kids living in Southern California making $225,000 gia we had easy this is in the early to mid 90s and we started leveraging ourselves not not crazy but you know a little bit too much and I can definitely say now looking back that if I was 25 and the money that I was using to leverage myself which I never got out of control I wish I would have put that into cash. back to what Mike says is you want to have a cash flow when you can save and literally within a year have 25 or 30 grand you know again at 25 or 30 years old on an $80,000 your salary in cash you know you’re doing right you know that what you’re doing you’re living within your means you’re not outside your means right and and actually that point relates to the first point of the self-employed mindset if you’ve saved a bunch of cash well then you’re not walking away from a job you’re you have all this money saved away that you can live off of that is how they keep you as a slave let’s say you make 200 grand and you let paycheck to paycheck right well you to get them in better off if you die made 50 grand and actually saved your money. if you want to work for yourself you start saving money when you’re 25 and then when you’re 35 or 40 or 45 you have that money stashed away you have that security and then you can go on to something else the only thing we didn’t talk about you know Mike mentioned 401 K you know the stock market you know we could go there could be an entire blog of itself but you know as Mike says the bank’s want people to be in the markets the equity markets run the world or the reco maybe the world is run by the equity markets I don’t know but the reality is is that it’s a tough game aim to try to play the markets as Michael say him and I have talked about this for almost probably – almost 20 years is like if you’re gonna be smart in the equity markets you have the dollar cost average and you have to be an index money you can meet a couple index funds you know maybe they’re know Lou no-load mutual fund index bonds or whatever and you don’t pay any fees but at the end of the day you’re not going to beat the market you’re not gonna trick buck the market yeah I’ll give you an example like I’m in these 3d printing stocks and I’ve been in 3d printing stocks for the last two years you know before the 3d printing stocks it was fucking Apple and there was Yahoo and it was Google and all the other tech stocks back in the late 90s and early 2000 I made a fortune Mike knows my investment of $5,700 it turned into 130 grand over two year period okay and that was just my stock picking you know there’s no genius I just you know pick companies that I followed and then I liked and I figured had a future well now it’s with 3d printing and I have I own a stock called omnia on both are on both systems and they literally I’ve made like 80 grand in like a year on that’s not from like a four thousand dollar investment I haven’t even sold it because I just kind of like throw away money to me but the reality is is that you’re not going to pick stocks long term and win okay you will have ups and you have serious doubts and most people have way work more downs and have us. you know point is is like don’t think that you’re gonna get ahead in the stock market you know it’s good to have a stock market strategy a dollar cost averaging strategy but don’t go pick a bunch of individual stocks and put two grand in each one and close your eyes because you’re gonna lose money right right the way the way he did it he didn’t explicitly spell out but that’s what he does and that’s what I do and what people should do is the bulking our money’s in index funds say 80% and then you have 20% that you that’s how old money yeah that’s house money maybe maybe maybe one big maybe you don’t but you have to be disciplined and say okay it’s just like if you go to Vegas and then you’re gonna gamble you know you you have a setting a set amount of money and and play the stock market is gambling don’t let anybody tell you otherwise and you have a set amount of money and if you spend it you don’t go tap into your real money you say this is what I’m gonna spend. I might vary based on an individual maybe 8020 80% goes into index funds just index market funds and then 20% of your money that’s where you can go pretend you’re fucking Gordon Gekko and you’re gonna be a date traitor and what yeah and you watch your Jim Cramer and that’s fine and that way maybe that 20% blows up if you lose it oh well you go back to zero but if it blows up big blows up big. good for you the truth is as Jim Cramer always says and Jim Cramer is a fucking moron I mean he’s that guy’s caused more people to lose money than probably any guy in history but you know he’s still got a show he’s entertaining he’s obviously more of an entertainer than he is a stock picker but you know pigs get fat hogs get slaughtered it’s absolutely his greatest statement it’s totally true even if you have a big way if you have a big winner in the stock market on a name out of your 20% portfolio and you have a big winner sell the motherfucker ok you can dollar-cost averaging if you really want but fuck that if you double or triple your money sell it and put it back into your dollar cost average fund because you’re not gonna get it back thinking that you’re gonna oh it’s gonna keep going it’s gonna be a home run I’m gonna get a hundred time it’s not gonna happen and then the only other thing I would say is don’t be that dumbass in his 20% account that does margin shit ok y’all fuck with that the only thing I would say that you could get into and this is requires discipline in intelligence and obviously some form of training is options there’s a lot of money to be made in options you have to know what you’re doing but you definitely can make money and options when you’re in your 20% fun but that’s maybe another blog for another day yeah yeah a lot of good points if you guys have any more questions post a comment and we’ll do a sequel and we’ll move on to the next question which is how much should we expect to spend on food to see for a quality diet that we can get big off of and I would J and I’m sure gonna say the same thing it’s not that expensive no it’s it’s it’s actually nothing if you’re 25 years old you’re still growing physically you’re not growing height wise but neurologically your body’s growing your muscles are growing you’re really a sponge depending on your genetics but really simple you know basic foodstuffs you know don’t I wouldn’t go for milk or lactate or any of that shit I used to drink lactate but you know Mike and I both drank almond milk now but you want to have almond milk you want to have a really good you know multispectrum protein powder which isn’t gonna cost you much you can go to Costco and for 40 bucks get yourself a month and a half to two months supply from like combat muscle combat or muscle form or whatever they’re called combat powder you want to have some essential fatty acids you know you can go on Amazon and order or a medium chain triglyceride oil and easily one of those bottles is like 30 bucks in the last two months if you take four tablespoons a day okay and then maybe you know wherever you go you know Trader Joe’s Whole Foods any grocery store and buy sweet potatoes buy brown rice but packs of cans of tuna you know buy as many as you can and then buy like turkey meatballs or turkey burgers or something like that in egg whites you can you know there you go are online there’s a million companies that sell egg whites now and you know buy the bulk in bulk. you have those staple foods honestly you could easily survive off $200 to $250 a month easily with all that stuff no problem yeah absolutely especially if you’re you’re smart and you shop at Costco that’s buy things in bulk you can buy huge bags of lentils you can buy huge bags of de-feet almonds you buy you know two and a half pound Dreiser almonds you buy eggs 36 eggs at a time you buy you buy everything involving milks there yeah almond milk is in box everything you could possibly have is there in bulk and then you shop intelligently the weight the way people spend a lot of money on food is they just sort of wake up and then they go eat and then you go have a solid for 11 bucks well I can eat a whole day on eleven bucks and I can eat like a king on eleven bucks now that doesn’t mean never go out to lunch never go out to dinner nobody’s saying that but the question is do you need to spend out on it no you could probably eat 2 2 to 5 bucks a day and you could get plenty of protein plenty of nutrients and you would kill it in the gym this this goes back to the first question that we were answering you know what can you do at 25 that builds a foundation at 35 financially well I guess what you become you make Sunday afternoon or Sunday evening a ritual of three hours of meal prep okay you prepare your meals as Mike was talking about in Tupperware you get you put them all on a frigerator and you fucking eat those during the week I mean you’re gonna save. much money you know not going out to lunch with the guys even on weekends you have ready instant food that you prepare it’s as simple as like mike says lentils and some form of meat you know I like to have brown rice and turkey meatballs you know if you if you’re if you’re carb sensitive and you don’t want as many carbs or whatever just have green beans or asparagus or broccoli and in some form of protein but just pre pre prepare your meals on Sunday make that a Sunday night lifestyle habit I guarantee you the worth in weight the worth and weighted gold over time by the time you’re 35 oh my god because that’s going to be a core foundational life principle that you’re gonna now adhere to and you know over 1012 years you’re gonna always have food ready and you’re not gonna be eating like shit and it’s gonna help you in. many other ways you’re gonna obviously be healthy you’re gonna probably be leaner in shape and constantly have access to food that you can’t beat that man yeah yep. we’ll do our next question which is this is this is interesting what kind of money should you expect to make to live a high quality lifestyle that is impressive or passable to women and I would say that I know the guy who posted it and I like him a lot and we’ve met he’s a cool guy but I would say the question is flawed you can be a fucking broke dirtbag and if you’re in good shape and you have a nice body and you have a little bit of swag they’ll be spending money on you can you dominate oh yeah you don’t need to make shit yeah yeah no no no I mean like that’s that’s kind of a weird flawed question but if I was gonna answer it I honestly think it really depends on where you live right you live in New York City there’s no fucking way you can live a good life unless you’re making 200 grand I don’t give a shit how you know thrifty you are I mean if you’re making 200 grand and you’re 25 years old living with five people in a house maybe but let’s say you’re a thirty year old guy and you you know you’re answering the question you want to have a place to bring your wife your girlfriend back I mean you can’t do that in our house with five other guys right but um you got to make at least $100,000 if I was gonna just do a gross number in North America if you were making a hundred grand and you were a saver you can live an amazing life and you could live anywhere now if you’re living in New York City are you living in Los Angeles or San Francisco you got to make probably double that and that’s just that’s just again just all things being equal a gross number how do you have a good life saving all the things that we’re already talking about applying you can easily live an amazing life at 200 grand in those cities and a hundred grand anywhere else yeah yeah definitely it is really where you live you can live in Las Vegas and you can make 50 grand and there’s no state and be a presence and you live a very very you can rent a cool you can rent a cool apartment Lane Green Valley for eight hundred bucks which is nice with a hot tub stare at the stars at night party with all the like on tour day club senator yeah yeah and probability MW series yeah exactly and live a very nice life off of 50 grand. if you want to impress women by making money I would say if you have marketable skills because they’re in short supply in Vegas move your ass to Vegas and you will live a lot better life than you’re living now in every way imaginable yeah Mike and I talk about all the time it’s. weird and I lived in Vegas for almost three years that’s another story for another day but like Vegas has the seedy reputation you know the strip because most people do go to Vegas they don’t really know any life about outside of the strip you know and then nonsense they see on the clubs on the strip itself and in the the strip clubs and everywhere else all the seediest of Vegas but honest to god the city of Las Vegas like north or south and Mike and I are much more in favor of the northern part which is the Summerlin the northwestern part of Vegas it’s really I call it the Southwest but on a map it’s the northwest it’s an amazing place there may not be any better place in North America because you have the whole entire culture of Vegas you have all the restaurants you have all the nightlife you have all the theaters all the shows all the shit that you would get in LA or New York City at one fucking tenth the cost that’s not an exaggeration you literally can live in a 5,000 square foot house in Las Vegas in Summerland and pay $2,800 a month rent. again think about that with five guys and literally in 18 minutes or less drive down to the strip and be in the middle of the action yep and another myth about Vegas we’re this is ID aggression but I don’t know I love Vegas and another thing is people will say well I’m not cool enough to live in Vegas but actually if you’re like a normal guy you will be able to date out of your league if you live in Vegas because the so-called cool guys with the faux hawks and the tattoos are fucking douches dime-a-dozen yeah and then the girls of a run through them and they’re actually looking for a quality decent normal guy. you’ll actually be able to date those girls that you thought were previously unattainable yeah I mean like it’s funny cuz Vegas only has about of milf I’ve you know in the whole city but I mean God as Mike said I mean you know it’s a city run by entertainment and then quote unquote industry. almost all the girls in Vegas are hot I mean it’s just as simple as that you know they may be dumber than a fucking box of rocks but they’re hot. if you want you know to date and bang you know hot ass I mean sir I can’t imagine you have a better chance that what he just said to me in there yeah and it’s all off the strip though the so-called locals yep it isn’t like you go to V if you live in Vegas you don’t actually go to Vegas and try to meet girls on the strip you meet the people who work at the bars the people that everybody spends all that money on to have come Bringham bottles of vodka well those people have a life too and they actually don’t want to hang out with party douchebags they actually want like a fucking decent normal guy who isn’t gonna be a total degenerate scumbag and doesn’t have a drug problem it doesn’t have a gambling problem. again think about it well. next question is a roommates more trouble than the savings and depends on the roommates right I live with Jay it was great we lived with another guy and it was an awesome time it’s awesome when you can just hit up your roommate say let’s go hit the gym right it’s awesome when you share values it’s awesome when you can talk to somebody who inspires you in ways that you aren’t as good as. like me and Jay we work because you know he he’s got a font of training knowledge and he’s very dedicated discipline and that inspires me to be more disciplined and what he likes about me is that I’m very like philosophical introspective and I kind of have a big-picture thinking and I know how to get out of a lot of the cognitive traps a lot of us fall into. if you live with somebody like that who creates this energy it’s fucking awesome if you live with an idiot well then you just bring your own average down yeah I mean it’s not easy I mean we told mike says you know it’s not easy I mean you know depending on your financial situation I mean I think the most basic thing though over remote situation is make sure you have at least some space right you have a bedroom that you close the fucking door right you’re gonna bring a chick back you want to bang her you got to have something right you can’t be living on a fucking couch in a living room somebody’s house but yeah I mean the more common the more commonality that you have between your roommate or roommates I mean easier it’s gonna be on you I just think that there has to be a place like every man has to have his mancave at some point in time. as long as you have a room that you can close the door you’re good yep okay last two questions but they kind of relate to the same subject when is it too late or is it a bad decision to make a career change and we’ll couple that with this question how do you start over when you’re broke in your 30s okay I can answer these questions well a it’s never fucking to eat too late to have a career change repeat that a hundred times never I know people in ever 60 58 60 years old who have wet left wage-slave jobs and was in three years whatever it is they’re doing making double the money and working essentially half the time though again you work different hours.

I say half the time you’re not in the you know the Monday through Friday grind anymore but you’re you’re still working but you you can absolutely positively change your life change your change your message choice change your medium change everything about it your paradigm your thought process is anything at any time it’s never ever too late and there was the other question about you’re broke and okay. I mean let me tell you guys this man I was at the top of the mountain when I was 31 32 years old I went to divorce I wrote a huge fucking check to my first ex-wife who now lives happily ever after on the eastern part of the United States and you know more props to her I’m glad she’s happy I met another chick that I fell head-over-heels in love with I had a good life I still had a lot of money saved off I lived a life for the next seven or eight years and that woman put me in jail and basically ground me to a nub where I was not penniless but pretty close to it you know I lost a huge house I had a badass you know $100,000 car I mean I pretty much had it all and lost it all at that point in time of my life and now three and a half years later you know grossed over a million dollars last year and have an amazing life again with an up with an amazing partner and I can you know it’s the point is is that it’s never it’s never ever ever too late to leave a dead-end job and just start over and to make money you you can do it you just have to have vision you have to have obviously values and you have to be you know steadfast in your resolve to be successful I mean that’s what it is it’s basically just waking up that house shitty your life is or what’s coming you’ve come across and just putting one step forward further the next day yeah one of the best things I ever heard was a guy said hey you know I’m thinking about going to college but I’m 30 and you know I don’t know is it too late to go to college and the other guy said well look at it this way and four and four years from now you’re gonna be 34 you can either be 34 with a college degree or it could be 34 without one right. oh I’m 40 do I change careers well in 10 years you’re gonna be 50 buddy. you can either be 50 with the new career or you can be 50 in the same shitty career that you hate and you’re probably gonna be downsized and outsourced anyway you know and the whole idea that it’s too late to change careers guys I hate to break the news to you but you’re gonna be forced to change careers right people your fucking boss doesn’t like you they want to outsource your jobs the minute that some bean counter can eliminate your position he will. the whole idea that that is a choice to change careers it might be a false choice it isn’t you might have to do it anyway listen mykes can’t be more right if you’re a sales guy okay and I’m sure a lot of you guys out there are sales guys you know your hunters you’re doing a good job you make an armor ground hundred fifty grand whatever you’re trying to climb the ladder let me fucking tell you something right now you are nothing more than an employee ID number okay you are nothing more than that your name your rank your status in that company you’re just you’re nothing bro as Mike said I’ll fucking bean character come in tomorrow and say I’ll get three monkeys to do what you do and I’ll pay them a third each of what I’m paying you and then you’re done. you know your book of business your relationships let me tell you something that doesn’t mean shit okay because at one time in my life I was that guy I was you and I believe that it did and I learned very very hard lessons man chasing a title as a wage slave there’s nothing a good good that comes out of that you know because all you end up doing is the more money you make the more money they fucking take Uncle Sam continues to come after you you know the state comes after you you have to honestly you literally have to become an entrepreneur you should your goal every day if you’re 40 or 30 and you are contemplating a career change you’re not changing a career to get another job to work for the man you’re contemplating how the fuck am I going to become an entrepreneur and sustain myself at a level commensurate or better hopefully better than what you’re doing right now that should be your only goal honestly shouldn’t be anything else and I am saying that as a guy who did change at 41 and is now almost 43 and will never look back yeah yeah I just remember a funny story with involving Jay when I was younger not even Jay was telling me how he was up and a beef with the CFO and I was like well why he said well because I made 400 last year in the see I’ve only made 375. now it’s making my life hell and I said well why would he care you get paid on Commission. if you making 400 K that means you bring in four million an L into the company and of course I was a fucking naive child at the time you know but it was like well as a logical how could he how could he be mad and and Jay literally fucking got blown out of his job for making too much money now some people especially the really fucking autistic people who think that business is rational company’s irrational say well why would why would you ever fire high-performing sales persons oh yeah they’ll fucking blow you out. you can even think man I made 400 grand I brought in four million of the company I can justify my existence nope doesn’t matter some motherfucker gets jealous and you’re gone dude on yeah he Mike’s absolutely right and believe me man that’s how corporations are run it’s a fucking good old boy network it doesn’t matter you know where it’s at you know whether it’s women or men I mean they sound they surround themselves with their cronies and they all you know they’re their systems and processes and procedures last three to four years until somebody else comes in and everybody changes again it’s like a fucking circle jerk you know whoever’s the EVP or whoever’s the CFO is gonna be gone in three or four years I mean it’s just as simple as that you know they may take another job or whatever or they may get pushed out or they may just get bought up but when you’re a wage slave you are nothing more than an employee ID number do not forget that all right and that is a good note to end on. this is a little bit shorter than the last one because we’ve covered a lot of material if you want a sequel on personal financed and maybe we will do one go ahead and post your questions in the comments thank you very much awesome thanks for having me Mike