Meet The New Dean Of Stanford Gsb

Hi, I’m Jonathan Levin. I’m the incoming Dean of

the Stanford Graduate School of Business. I can’t wait to get started

in this new position. I’m going to do. later this summer, by

meeting with members of the GSP community. And hearing about what they perceive

to be the opportunities and the challenges facing the school. Some of our students

already have questions. Let’s get started. >> What are you most

excited about in this role? >> There’s. many reasons to be

excited about this new position. First of all, the GSB is just unparalleled

in the excellence of its faculty, students, staff, and alumni. The faculty here are exceptional

intellectual thought leaders. The students at the GSB bring. much passion and energy and

talent to the university. I’m really impressed by the dedication and

the commitment of the alumni. The alumni are a tremendous

asset to the GSB. I’ve had the opportunity at Stanford

to be a researcher, to be a teacher. And to be an advisor and a consultant to companies here

in Silicon Valley and elsewhere. I’m. excited to be in a position

where I get to bring all these different experiences together. And get to work with members

of the GSB community and the larger university,

who I admire. much. >> What role do you see the GSB playing

in the larger Stanford University? >> Stanford has enjoyed such

an extraordinary 15 years under the leadership of John Hennessy and

John Etchemendy. I’m really excited to work with Stanford’s

new president Marc Tessier-Lavigne. Yo find ways for the GSP to cooperate

with the larger university and to make the entire campus even stronger. GSB already has connections with

all of Stanford’s other schools. I experienced it myself when I

was in the economics department. We had close partnerships with many of

the students and faculty here at the GSB. I’m confident we can find so

many more of those opportunities. >> What is the legacy you hope to leave

behind as Dean of the Stanford GSB? >> What is remarkable about the GSB is,

that it excels in both the educational experience that it offers to its students

and in the scholarship of its faculty. And these two things come together to

help the school achieve its mission of changing lives. Changing organizations and

changing the world. If I could choose one thing to leave

behind as my legacy at the GSB, it would be to strengthen the school

in both of these dimensions. >> What does diversity mean to you, and how do you intend on growing

diversity at the GSB? >> The GSB already is making strides

to become a more diverse place >> The current graduating class of MBAs is over 40% women, that’s up from

the mid 30s just a few years ago. The current graduating class

also has over 40% international students and 23% US minorities. GSB also has launched a Research Dallas

program with a goal of preparing limited minority students To

be graduate researchers and eventually scholars and academics. You also need to make sure that students, after they leave

the university are supported.. that our women and

minority students can be successful. All the way from the classroom

into boardrooms and other positions of leadership. >> What’s your favorite

place in the world? >> I really love being out in

the outdoors and in the wilderness. When I first moved to California, one of my favorite things to do

was to go out on the weekends. Drive up to the Sierra Nevada’s and go out

climbing or hiking or whitewater kayaking. I once carried my kayak up to

the top of Mount Whitney and kayaked down the west side of

the mountain on the Kern river. Nowadays, we have three kids, most of our

adventures are a little bit more local. >> What matters most to you and why? >> It matters to me to be

part of an institution that is having a positive

impact on people’s lives. Stanford is such a remarkable

place in its innovation and in its contribution to educating

the world’s future leaders. It’s such a privilege to be

part of this community and to have this leadership opportunity.