Meet The Leaders Of Bu Questrom’S Cohort Q

I’m Cathy I am the director of marketing and communications for cohort Q which is LGBT group of BU I’m sy also from question Boston University and I identify myself as part of the LGBTQ community I serve as the vice president for finance for gorky the LGBTQ LGBTQ Club at Boston University’s Colcord Q and we have approximately about 22 members at this point in time and it is a pretty significant increase in the last couple of years we’ve started reaching out to a lot of prospective students including hosting a happy hour here at rambha this year to reach out to them and tell them that cluster is a great and inclusive and diverse space for them to pursue their BA the purpose of the club is to educate the future leaders of tomorrow or there be students in diversity and inclusion values. we want to make sure that future leaders of tomorrow are aware of the issues that are faced by ovq candidates and other diversity counties psy is actually put together a really exciting career panel where we have representatives from major tech companies coming in to talk about their experiences as people at their industry we’re also trying to increase our social presence on campus and be kind of more of a voice in the school and connect more with allies. we’re hosting a 10th anniversary of that of covert queue next week where we’re taking covert cue members and a bunch of allies to Jack’s cabaret and pasta especially at one time. we also have diego the president of the club reaching out to alumni showcase the end of my or an important part of our network. we want to bring them back to campus and bring them back to social events. they get to interact with the card students and tell them what it’s like for them you know outgoing question students do work a ministry and be themselves and that’s I think an important part of that conversation as well the question community is pretty small and tight-knit or a smaller program than a lot of others which I think really helps build a strong community both within cowork q and within the larger mba program. i think you know students that are looking for a really like social experience could find a lot a lot of us drum also just being situated in fosston here we have. many resources both professionally and socially. it’s a great place to go to school it’s a great place to be out. we also have a lot of issues like we talked about just now but question was actually one of the few business schools in the country to actually have a director of diversity and inclusion on in house and that gives us a lot of strength and power and the authority to actually go ahead and create all of these initiatives. we receive enormous support from the community you know the professor’s the academic advisors everybody is on board for activities in fact even a drama this year we have the admissions team down here talking to the prospective students. all of these things just resonate with all the students at Quest room and it gives us a sense of community and we’re also one of the first schools to have an all gender bathroom and these kind of initiatives are she spearheaded by the staff themselves and even students you know even if the students will kick start this staff or support

Meet The Leaders Of Bu Questrom'S Cohort Q
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