Ioannis Miaoulis Addresses Boston University College Of Engineering Convocation – Part 2

in middle school you spend one month learning how I volcano works and you spend no time learning how a car works how many times are you going to find yourself in a volcano compared to a car. that’s my life passion to introduce engineering into schools and when I was sitting in your seats as a graduating senior that’s the last thing I thought I would ever be doing trying to introduce engineering into the lives of young children advice number two your life is the performance not a rehearsal live it love it and enjoy it too not just continue preparing for it it is happening now and i have three hints that support this advice hit number one combine your work with things you enjoy now as a professor of mechanical engineering my teaching assignments were to teach fluid mechanics and heat transfer now my personal hobbies are fishing and cooking. how on earth do you combine teaching heat transfer and fluid mechanics with fishing and cooking well you can I develop two courses my fishing course was called life in moving fluids which was fluid mechanics but for the point of view of a fish. you could do all sorts of studies and experiments of fluid mechanics and combine it with how fish think how fish live how fish have evolved and that way I improved my fishing through teaching fluid mechanics now the cooking course was of course he transferred when you cook you transfer heat through conduction convection radiation from a source to a sink. the heat transfer course had a lecture component where you teach all the way I thought all the traditional stuff that came his enemies among you have taken and and then we had to go to the laboratory to do the experiments the laboratory was a state-of-the-art kitchen laboratory or you would do all sorts of experiments and think actually was the only laboratory I think in the Boston area that you get to eat the experiment at the end hint number to question the norm and the expected let your life passion the term in your direction no parents colleagues spouse and friends now i have three degrees from tarts I met my wife Beth adults I got married at Tufts had worked only at Tufts and our two golden retrievers are named after Tufts buildings Baloo and Anderson. no one no one attacks had ever thought I would possibly leave that at least until the dogs died. the museum opportunity came out of nowhere the phone rang it was a search firm they told me I have been nominated for the president of Museum and it was totally not what people would expect for me to do now I love the museum of science that was actually the first institution I visited during my orientation week attacks as an 18 year old and actually my wife and I had our first date at the Museum of Science on March thirteen nineteen eighty-two night was her choice not my choice. I had proposed the hong kong in harvard square with the scorpion bowl. i guess the museum was it was a safer spot for a first for a first date but when this opportunity came I immediately realized of my life passion to introduce engineering into the lives of children would have been a better chance to becoming a reality than if I had stayed atop. I gave up my position I gave up my tenure and I picked up and left in two weeks and I was right hit number three most of the fun is out of your comfort zone question the norm and the expected in your professional life most of the excitement is not in your traditional discipline it is hidden in the crevices between your discipline and other disciplines use your engineering knowledge and problem-solving skills to discover biology that biologists cannot and invent new drug delivery mechanism that doctors never imagined in your personal life have children because you really want to not because it is what people do or they expect you to do travel to areas that will make your friends think you are crazy and when you travel to big popular cities visit the food markets where the natives buy their food and tastes foods you never thought would belong on a plate and always remember you’re not too young or too old for anything advice number three p a true ambassador of your engineering profession now this is very important folks because we have a problem in the United States in China general in Asia in Europe everybody understands what engineers do and engineering is very highly valued in the United States there is general confusion about when engineers are and what they do people think that folks that drive trains are engineers folks that repair radio station equipment when something goes on the DJ if you listen to my tea in the morning always calls for the engineer and not too long ago I was with my wife and children in a hotel in California we checked in my daughter went to use the toilet was clogged my wife called and they said we’ll send the engineer right up don’t claim I was like haha engineer is going to come and do the toilet for you now. you know and this is all funny and stuff but I went to a high school tour in Massachusetts brand new school and as you’re giving me the tour I noticed that the door next to Career Guidance was the janitor’s closet which had a big blue sign saying engineering on it next to career guidance and if you think that’s bad if you go to the National Academy of Engineering in DC they’re building the old building their janitor closet says engineering outside. why is this a problem it’s a problem because seventy two percent of us engineers have had the relative that’s an engineer and a father and mother and aunt and uncle and grandparent or a close family friend how many of you that the graduating class have had the relative that’s an engineer or somebody that influenced you see it’s exactly seventy-two percent now and actually in your case it’s about eighty-five percent it actually is higher than normal now here’s the problem you are the lucky ones but how about the others that have not had the relative that’s an engineer and if you look at different ethnic groups in ethnic groups are traditionally do not choose engineering there is no family mentorship toward engineering and the only way to do that is Ethan to introduce engineering in schools or have popular TV programs that promote engineering as a profession that is a problem was problem with medical schools medical school applications were going down until ER showed up and medical school applications when up law school applications were going down until practice in LA Law showed up and applications came up what’s the most popular science now forensic science because of CSI because kids watch the shows and the thing you could be worrying a micro mini skirt and a tank top and working the dark with hot people you know solving crime mysteries now there is only one hero in primetime network TV that’s an engineer Homer Simpson a NASA the most preeminent and i sat on their board. i can but mountain. NASA the most preeminent engineering entity in the world the most preeminent cheering entity the messages they sent out when the Mars rover made it to Mars they called it a science miracle when something went wrong with the two years later they call it an engineering error. be proud of your profession take your own wrong turn while driving to work and get involved with your neighborhood high school or elementary school or middle school change the life of a child or the life of thousands of children by introducing them into engineering and if you are wondering what happened to this little girl with a frizzy hair that started all that that’s responsible for me being here today well of course you want first prize at the science fair that year and what was wonderful that in the subsequent five years girls won first prize which was never happening in that school then she graduated with honors from the regional high school and she got accepted by Haverford College one of the best liberal arts schools in Pennsylvania graduated with honors in biology and history and then went to Tanzania and she started her own or for-profit foundation to fundraise and design a build science laboratories for the children there and three years ago the foundation reached the level well it was self running. she moved back she’s finishing her PhD in international education at Stanford and she got married in August. thank you and good luck to you you

Ioannis Miaoulis Addresses Boston University College Of Engineering Convocation - Part 2
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