How To Write The School Specific Essay: “Why Do You Want To Attend Our School?”

so when we say school-specific ese we mean the essay that asks you why do you want to attend our school there are two main goals of the school specific essay first the admissions council wants to see what you know about their school they want to see that your decision to apply is well thought out and you’re serious about attending their school second they want to see if you’re the right fit for their school and if your academic and social interests align with their school environment they want to be able to picture you being a positive force and contributor to the student community. the goal of this essay is to put this picture in their minds to help you achieve these goals here’s some tips to write an effective school specific essay note we’re assuming you’ve already seen our five basic tips to write your best college essays video if you haven’t yet click on the link in the description if you apply those tips as well as these you should be in great shape to write a great essay. first research your school go to their website and digest as much information about your school as possible click on every link every tab read everything can find out about that school and all aspects about it academics social life history etc this is gonna help a lot because it’s going to give you some material to write about in your essay and it’ll help you a lot during college interview second try to Center your essay around some aspect of the school that draws you to it maybe they have an academic program that you really like because it aligns. well with your academic goals maybe there’s a social aspect or Club you really want to be a part of or maybe there’s a certain academic subject or social issue that you really want to study or learn more about under a specific professor that teaches at that school this is going to give you a sense of direction when writing your essay and will also allow you to incorporate your own personal experiences into a third relating to the last point be specific when talking about your interests mention specific academic programs specific clubs you want to join specific professors you want to study under and specific classes you want to take this is. important because a lot of applicants are very general when answering why they want to attend a certain school they often say the school has good academics this school is a great social life or great location but a lot of other schools also have those things and the admissions counselor is going to ask. what makes our school different from all the others being specific will answer this question and make you stand out from the crowd thanks for watching if you liked the video hit that like button hit that subscribe button and check out our channel rags-to-riches media for more content check us out on social media or if you want to check out some of the supplies that i personally use to get into Harvard click on the links below thanks for watching and as always stay hungry stay humble stay positive and stay focused my friend

How To Write The School Specific Essay:
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