How To Cram Essays, Projects, And Test Prep: Uchicago Finals Week + My Tips

always editing I’m gonna try to get this one up real fast and then yeah waiting for my video to export and in the meantime I’m gonna use this front camera to do my eyebrows I haven’t even had the time to even see my eyebrows for the past few days Namie bilayer Hotel fedosya one wise man was asked the question how many guys does it take to put a lab together apparently it takes three okay guys we did it no it’s. proud he’s like yes I got light it’s also taller than me happy hello everyone we just studied at the rag until it closed at least a Louisville Weaver on was closed and look outside there’s some like trees of lights you know I think the school thinks sometimes that you know create decorations will make our spirits get lifted and maybe we won’t be known as the school where fun comes to die but I think that’s a total fail because no matter how pretty this campuses everyone is in the same boat during finals week I saw Sony people other Hague even when it’s 12 a.m. in the morning would it really be college if you didn’t have midnight ramen at 1:00 a.m. in the morning I don’t think though unless you’re Yahoo’s trying to control his ramen ha ha – yeah the non-dairy yogurt not – cake oh the project – Seol Gong suicide again coconut. I said doctor sends out with a project I’m here also on Marco it’s you know why don’t you tell you got sue yeah the paper boy Ishmael Jethro Susie oh you guys also catch it. so yeah just want me. we’re sure – ooh [Laughter] that was fun just out food quite hot shoes I should soon blow a hole just oh my gosh yeah hi des El Gallo the Panchala paper draw me you gonna die oh yeah Lee uses blue tile oh that’s what I mean you have a cop shoot our tail I dropped cookie Pepin inches let’s know what’s our game you man – show yourself course it favors ding me sir what it can sit flypaper is you being Michelle gently hug this alpha zunisha Cheech and Chong Guang Ming upon us yet aho he chants all the sources patricians fresh off the practice on high for the user should he should eat can imagine bullshitting hi-oh a peon and yoshio two paper trays knowledge of yoyo self-control darshan self-motivation he went all approval and swirler Integra have legs. you need no monster sausages all kinda tease me memorize it such easy did not your horse inside all sunbathing if you’re kinda 51 in a culture let me hear you call these agencies brothers – I’ll eat you and cram leaf to the highway or even a gym battle somatic the Tamaki base our leisure Machado de cachoeira eagle-eyed. its own queries on gender connection remember Russian and to the TV section action now Hawks now I’m Tony Jones was you guys he sank aha Gigi Mao patella and I mean exactly near touch each thought what’s going on dr. Jimenez I basis here shoujo bizarro finals week the sub-point. see you haha this yummy tart is from giggle mondo oh my god time titles and now I’m going to return a bunch of stuff because I think about one of the best ways to actually save yourself some money is to return things that you think that you’re not gonna wear that often and things that are not that’s it over you. that’s why but today today I’m out it’s Olaf feel like a domestic girl going into a city for the first time ever get this Christmas tree oh god let’s think I take a zillion comu North Michigan Pamela Yager area well I teach I got you

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