How I Got Into Uc Berkeley | Stats And Extracurriculars

yo lot of guys Bobby here and welcome to this week’s video today we are talking about how I got into UC Berkeley. the first thing is my grades in high school at the time when I was applying to UC Berkeley I think I had I’m blanking haha during the time when I was applying to UC Berkeley I had a GPA of 3.8 nine out of a possible four yeah. that’s my unweighted and my weighted GPA I got no fucking clue I think I got to seize and then the rest were ace yeah I screwed up freshman year. I took the city three times first one I got a 1320 and then I took it again a few months later and I got the same exact score okay next one three months later a few months later a ticket again I study over by Denver Stein who studies in the summer that you guys should you guys should you got shit you got your study um don’t be like me ha ha ha I got a 1400 not bad that’s what I got and a CT I gotta see have you thinking well thing that I did goes here because I didn’t take it. I took a total of 12 AP classes starting with sophomore year I took AP environmental science and I got three not bad not bad in sophomore year in junior year I took three AP classes calculus a B chemistry and AP US history I got a five in AP calculus five in chemistry and I got a one a push I honestly chew on the test. okay. classes we’re just gonna focus on sophomore to senior year okay my sophomore year I took English regular English I took AP environmental science precalculus world history and VIP class and PE symbol symbol. let’s move on to junior year I took AP Calculus AP chemistry AP US history English three regular and aa Vietnamese speaker 2 in sophomore year well in June senior year I took ap bio chemist maybe vial maybe lit AP AP macroeconomics maybe stats AP government and Vietnamese speaker 3 oh I almost forgot. I took a class my local community college I took calculus to an analytic geometry which is basically Calculus BC I’m actually taking it this year oh my god I’m feeling stupid I’m repeating the same class and I Awards okay the first thing is AP Scholar just regular AP Scholar next one I got I put 11 blinking coffee you’re not working throughout high school I was a target recipient of the principal list certificate which is basically having a 3.5 GPA I also put recipient of East Side Union High School District award for exemplary Vietnamese students with a GPA of 3.0 or above yeah. that’s 4 Awards and I get my camera died okay take two extracurriculars. the main ones were I was volunteering as a youth leader for an organization called Vietnamese Eucharistic youth movement I basically just like I did it throughout all four years and then I also put that for a club called acts of random kindness or arts in short I was public relations officer in my junior then I was a vice president in senior year ex-army of this I put that I was a member of a club called interact and then in senior year I was a treasurer for that I put that I was in varsity track and field from sophomore to senior year I put that I was in cross-country in my junior year I put that I was volunteering at my local church as a uh sure and altar server for my tire high school career and then next I put amplify expressions which is basically a multimedia program not someone else what in relevé should do like play everything okay. that concludes my video I just want to thank you guys for watching to the very end and if you guys enjoyed this hit that like button subscribe and leave a comment down below what you guys want to see next it really helps a lot and yeah I’ll see you guys I’ll see you guys next week later