Bu Cas Fy101 Video

Bu Cas Fy101 Video

Hey. Welcome to BU! Hi, I’m Maise and I’m from Lexington, Massachusetts.

Hi, my name is Jun and I’m from New Jersey. Hi, I’m Shivangi and I’m from India. I’m Pooja and I’m from Long Island, New York. I’m Sarah and I’m from Barrington, Rhode Island. I wasn’t really sure exactly what FY101 was, it like looked interesting and they said like you got to go around Boston and like go around campus and learn different things and I just thought it would be a good opportunity. It helps freshman transition from you know high school life to college life. Coming to BU I knew it was a bigger school and I didn’t really know where I would find my niche here or my community. I thought FY101 would be a really great place to meet some people. I think I was most nervous about the schoolwork, you know the load.

High school, at the time, it was pretty difficult and. I couldn’t really imagine how college would be. I was definitely kind of nervous about how big BU seemed, but through FY101 I know that my world became a little bit smaller. It was pretty cool to just come to that class and just, it was taking a load off my shoulders. I just got to talk about how I felt, what my high’s and low’s were. Well, FY101, it wasn’t as academic based, it was more. just a place where freshman can, you know, come together. It was a chance where we could just talk about how we were feeling. And it was kind of a nice break in the middle of the week. Well it was definitely a unique class that was super informative by showing us all the resources, like the Career Center for Development, the Educational Resource Center, the BUPD department. It provided at least me with more security that like how safe I felt like on campus. One of the best things about FY101 is that it allows you to get to know Boston really well.

We went on a DuckTour. It’s an amphibian vehicle which runs on the road as well as on the water. Shiver Me Timbers! I got to drive the duck boat and that was my first experience at driving.. that went well, considering I’m still alive today!. our class took a night trip to the North End and they allowed us to go out to dinner and it was a really great bonding experience. I got to make a lot of better friendships and bonds with the people in my class and it was just a really really great time!.

Sarah and I actually met walking to FY101. Which was pretty funny because we were just walking and I was like "Hey, Sarah your backpack is open!" And she was like "Great, thanks!" and then little did I know we were in the elevator going up to our first FY101 class. My peer mentor was really light-hearted and he was just. funny.. all the time he kept cracking jokes. My advisor was. helpful, and. nice, just because she took the time to get to know every single person on an individual level. I said like I felt like I knew everyone in the class. and my instructor knew me and I knew my instructor. And every week he always said "Is there anything I can do to make your anything easier? Is there anything you’re struggling with?" FY101 was such a life changing experience and I know thats a big thing to say but I 100% believe it! You should take FY101, it’s wonderful! You know take FY101. I don’t see why not, Its a great time and you will definitely not regret it.

Just do it!