Bridging Dance And Research: Yale Dance Theater

hello dance theater is an arts research laboratory this means that we experiment with practice as research and the elaborate process of learning and the choreographers work to guide our questions besides being a performance based – it’s also research based initiatives. it means in the different choreographers and bigger residency here the students reflect on the experience who work in the process of an online love during the semester the research component into the blog post has also been a way to think about how rather than just doing it and forgetting about it as the semester 2013 project began with Reggie Wilson and his dancers from this company Vista neo performance group he came in mid-january to begin the process of teaching the students excerpts of his graphene I think there were a couple of things that I really wanted to share about my work with the Yale Dance Theater dancers I wanted them to get a sense of Arc of the history of the work I wanted them to get a stronger sense of different ways that their bodies could move including ways that were familiar to them and ways that were very foreign to them there are a lot of physics involved in executing Reggie’s choreography learning kung really fall if there is a weight shift not simply to mimic elation we present work with the audience theater in the lecture demonstration in the format which means that the audience gets to see plenty of dancing they also get to learn a little bit about dance theater dancers interacting with us as well as being reflective in writing about it made for a multi-layered interaction in the second half of the project we will work with two dancers from the African dance company Eulalia a running Spain injunction kid from Korea we met many times accompanied by that’s the first time that we are teaching at Concordia University for professional basis also it’s very hard with you to get and I was. surprised about the focus that there is with the class and how much willing there is. I am very very happy after one week we and I agree or severe life they are. good ingredients and they are dearly focusing to learn something heck they dearly we need to do something that was like okay let’s do that that makes us like okay we can make it you can make with this student they are. into that now just by impressed you know you can’t quite see into the studio and then the first performance you see all the work the hard work that’s gone into it call me why did he is actually ministry to influential as perennial experience just because it’s unite impact us and theory and since I step in our history initially can be a leading I wouldn’t necessarily look at dance critically I might do it for fun but I wasn’t thinking that I would be actually bringing it into my sentence when in fact things to both my duty and speculum superman’ i’ma need to do just that means dance from all other areas of the university I nearly lost to you them with undergraduates and other grad students it’s really nice to unite those different disciplines everyone has a different academic interests but we all have this comment artistic interests events as someone who’s looking to doing the instrument being able to work with the people face to face incredible and now coming together to be able to study prayer dance reminds me how much joy isn’t me and and also have us continue your cancers who are really dedicated and really talented paths make me feel at home in a way that I could not live without dance without us here in particular you

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