Afternoon Tea! | Boston University Cgs London Program Week 2

hi VIN breakfast yes delicious delicious okay no we are here for a wine tasting I’ll sell this video one day yes okay. beautiful and here we have the gentleman the only two gentlemen yes it’s different we have class there we go very Steve is gonna demonstrate thank you Steve of the scene by demonstration is gonna teach you how to open a bottle of wine oh yes [Applause] [Applause] one I would get great fantastic oh yeah you’re ready for the fashion show what rope should I get [Laughter] we just got out of class and more walking to Sainsbury’s to the grocery store around here because we need to get a lot of snacks and we also have some movie night meals planned yeah we’re gonna pick up yes we desperately need it we tried to watch a movie last night we only got halfway there but I slept through some of it. I probably got like Alicia was awake nobody else was here we are stranded with our grocery bags on the floor we thought that we could walk with two and a pack of water bottles to groceries and pack water bottles and we also forgot the ones that we already bought. we headed by two more grocery bags for no reason but we thought we could take a 15-minute walk with them and we were sadly mistaken. we called an uber and here we are waiting for it I forgot I forgot to she made tacos and they were wrong no it’s literally it’s a personal blog Oh more people care before it but somebody’s getting rich keeps getting something and then eat the left she I see homework they all see everybody we all – a doob everybody ate that’s what’s important how’s that going oh it’s not we’ll do this again just got a class second time making this just got a class we tried to work on their essays Elisha finish I did not some responsible but I’m motivating myself to finish because we’re gonna go to afternoon tea at 3:30. I have to be done at 3:00. I have an hour to get like half a page done in finish my bibliography. we’ll see how that goes I don’t know okay I’m an idiot I almost got hit but we’re going to afternoon tea we’re ready we’re talking to you okay. first thing we’re having I’ve put mine into the reef.

I can do better I mean that was stuff I they may be great I know that’s like like egg the mail now we’re getting excited [Applause] okay we’re going to the rooftop let’s go to roof that we’re going to the rooftop we’re going to radio rooftop on an adventure is this way and I’m leading the way I guess the views on anyways the room didn’t work out. we’re eating food. it’s actually eight o’clock it was a pretty chill day today I just did a bunch of homework I tried to write an essay as obvious a bunch of people went to houses of parliament today that was one of two field trips that were a lottery basically because it was high demand in them but I ended up getting stonehedge which is next Saturday. I didn’t go to this one. since pretty much everyone was gone I just signed it – I had some hot chocolate and yeah just got some work done which was super nice because that essay is due tomorrow midnight and I hadn’t started it yet but we got two out of three pages done. okay the same thing we’re back we are back we just got out the police they’re gonna know that we’re no we’re not whatever it’s helped no I’m not gonna think in Italy surrogates we’re actually just trying to get home okay wait the lighting is gold scare dangerous crossing the street

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