5 Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing A College | The Princeton Review

from the Princeton Review hi Rob hey good to be back what should we look for in deciding which schools to apply to one and we say this is prinster of you again and again it’s all about finding fit and that fit has to be a great academic fit a campus culture fit of financial aid fit a career services fit if basically an environment that you’re gonna be happy and academically as well as outside the classroom you actually have a list of five mistakes that we shouldn’t make and choosing a school what’s the first mistake number one and this might never happen for folks that were broadcasting to here but we’ve seen this happen for many of the students that are going through our queue number one the biggest mistake applying to a school because my boyfriend or girlfriend goes to that school there’s the old saying birds of a feather flock together but you advised that would be a mistake yes the second biggest mistake is that idea of a feeder school from your high school because all of your friends are going from your high school to a particular college or lots and lots of other students from your school or going to a particular college remember same thing with your boyfriend or girlfriend this has to be a fit for you not for somebody else that you like or that you go to school with remember that idea of fit is a very personal exchange and it’s very personal finding that connection between you and a college or university that are gonna be happy what about name recognition aren’t the best known schools also the best schools it is a question that comes up again and again but here’s the thing that we tell our students just because they’re great name recognition or a brand perception of a particular school doesn’t mean that school is gonna be a great environment for you academically or otherwise and even more importantly than that it doesn’t guarantee you a successful future the stuff that you all are doing right now which is in the trenches and doing your research on colleges visiting schools asking those questions around fit or exactly what you should be doing to avoid those common mistakes of saying just because the school has a good brand means I’m gonna be a great fit there what’s the fourth mistake students might make the fourth mistake is applying to a school only because it’s easy ticket into now remember that when we say at the Princeton Review that there’s probably a correct number of applications that you should be submitting in the next year or years and then for us is probably nine three of those schools should be reach schools three schools match schools and three school safety schools and just to give some definition those reach schools should be schools that your academics are just a little bit below what they’re reporting as their average same format schools you’re right in the middle. you’re perfectly matched with them academically and for safety schools you’re a bit above the average of what they’re reporting out for those schools. my point when thinking about that fourth biggest mistake but plying with schools only because it’s easy to get into you should be smart about the spectrum of schools that you’re applying to never apply to you know nine out of the ten schools that you’re applying to that would be those easy schools to get into some of us take the opposite approach and apply to a school simply because it’s not easy to get into but that’s your fifth mistake isn’t it it is the fifth mistake you’re applying was school simply because it’s hard to get into in the same logic applies with easy schools you want to make sure that you have that great cross-section of different applications nine being a good working number of that three matched three reach and three safety schools. that same logic applies for hardest schools to get into just to understand that there are again twenty six hundred schools out there and those are four-year colleges in the US alone lots more if we’re thinking of going that Community College route as well folks there’s no excuse that those nine or ten or eleven schools that were going to be applying to in the next year and years years should not be great fits for us academically campus culture financial aid career services all of the parts of fit they’re out there and you’re in the process of researching them. you can find them got it thanks for talking with us Rob good to be here thanks again even if you follow